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Chapter 7: Dreamwalker has escaped

Julius’s POV

Oh… humbug… Even though I’ve rid myself of that woman… Quinn, was it? Well… he got away as in those meddling birds took him away from me when I had the both of them in my grasp. My master will have my hide, should—

“My lord…” My servant kneeled before me. “We can’t find Quinn and Angharad.”

“I know that, you twit!” I snarled at the man who DARES give me bad news! “I am in no mood for any more bad news right now… I am sure you have a solution to deal with this, hmm?” He is quaking with anticipation of what I will say next. “Because I would hate to be ‘disappointed’ at your lack of creativity.”

“No, my lord. We have found some mercenaries within the human lands who can hunt down, Mr.Dewalt.” Oh, humans, hmm?

“Why would I want to do that, my servant?” I grabbed the fool who made that suggestion. “You DARE offer me that suggestion?!” Suddenly, my servant got the ‘nerve’!

“Because my lord! I’m sure you wouldn’t to sully your hands on finding him yourself! I offer this to you, my suggestion! Humbly, my lord!” Argh… I don’t want to kill ANY MORE OF MY USELESS HENCHMAN TODAY. I thought I have sent those Lycan ‘Rogues’ to kill Angharad and young Quinn and that would be the end of that… Hmm… he is right! “My lord?”

“That is a wonderful idea, my loyal servant!” I kissed him for suggesting the wonderful idea. “Oh, how do we that, by the way?”

“I have contacted my connections to find the best mercenary that money can buy. The one that are above the typical human riff-raff.”

“The candidates?” I was waiting for him to present them to me. He handed a list of people. Oh... Samuel Aswanson? The Night Slayer? The Bane of Vampires? Hunter of Lycans? Killer of mages? Has a military service… Oh, ho… tasty…

“My lord?” Oh, now what?

“I am in a generous mood today. I will forgive your incompetence for this time. But…”

“Yes, my lord. Anything you say!”

“Double your search for Quinn Dewalt. Contact Mr. Aswanson and tell him to meet me at his local haunt.” My Servant bows. Before he can leave, and I had to get his attention. “One more thing, my servant!”

“Yes, Lord?”

“Do not approach me with bad news in the future. You are so far my favored and trusted servant. I would be furious if you simply cannot deliver the goods like the last servant...” I grabbed a skull, fiddling with it until I applied a ‘little,’ pressure. “Who disappoints me!” It snapped like a twig.

“Uh... Yes, my lord!”

“Where is excellent help where I need it?” My assassin returns… “Tell me, is Quinn…?” I walked up to her and I KNOW she has some bad news for me.

“He with a woman who carries a battle-ax!” I moved closer.

“What is the woman’s name and where are they going?”

“I… I don’t know…” I stabbed her in the heart… she explodes! Afterwards, I simply went to my aircraft to meet with this man. Perhaps he may succeed where I have failed...

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