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A story about a guy who died.

Adventure / Action
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**As I regain my consciousness, I hear a gentle voice speaking to me.**

“Hey, Where do you think a human ends up after they die?”, it said. It was a pretty soft voice with a hint of mischievous tone to it. My brain was still fuzzy and struggled to comprehend the speech directed at me but regardless of that it continued, “Do they go to heaven? Or, perhaps they go to hell? It would be pretty gruesome for everyone to go to hell, don’t you think? and I also think that we aren’t heartless enough to do that but What do you think? Where do you think you will go?”

“Where do you think you are now?”

Where am I….right. Where am I right now?

I open my eyes to see a man in a suit leaning down with his face inches away from mine. His golden eyes sparkled before my plain brown eyes and the contrast of the eyes alone was enough to clarify our relational hierarchy.

I look around to see nothing but never-ending light blinding my eyes. I also notice that my eyesight has gotten a lot better and that I am wearing a black coat similar to the man in front of me. The white environment makes his black coat stand out like a sheep among lions. That being said, or thought, I should probably head back to my original thought and ask him what this place is.

“Where the hell am I?”

“That’s right! That’s right. Where indeed?”, the man replied.


“This is where you fdcome! After you die. You DIED. You. are. DEAD. How does it feel to be DEAD?”, said the man putting extra emphasis on all of his “dead”s. That made it pretty clear to me that I was, indeed, dead. I thought I could have a small chance of living but I guess fate isn’t as generous as I thought it would be. Not generous to me, at least, and that’s unexpected.

“So, What is this place?”, I asked him.

“This place? Hmmmm…. I do not know either. It’s newly built and I don’t even know what they call it. I guess this is heaven? Is this what heaven looks like? I do not know.” He rubbed his chin as he got engulfed in his thoughts.

After several minutes of pondering, the man looked back up to me with a defeated look on his face.

“Oh it doesn’t matter now, does it? But I guess the concept of heaven and hell do come into picture with what we are supposed to be doing. HMM, but then again we aren’t doing what we are supposed to be doing right now are we? so I don’t think what we are doing or not doing can be taken as the basis for what matters or doesn’t.” He continued. “ I’m thinking this is neither hell nor heaven. This isn’t really Earth either so you’re actually nowhere so to speak and I am the manager of this place. It doesn’t really make me feel good that I manage ‘nowhere’ but it’s fine. You make do with what you get.” He had a distraught look on his face like the fact that he just arrived upon struck his heart to its core and had no hope of being fixed but he regained his energy seconds later.

That was a lot to take at a time though. This man will probably be a pain in the ass in the future but it’ll probably do me good to not show my annoyance. He doesn’t seem to be someone as important as god but my presence here does seem to be insignificant compared to his. I still need to muster up some respect towards this guy if I am to survive any longer, assuming I can reincarnate after I’m dead.

“I see, it’s good to meet you too......... sir.” I said, maintaining the respect.

Respecting others isn’t my thing. It was never my thing since the beginning. Being born in a family of nobles and as the child of the head too in addition to that. Respect has never been my thing, but I do realize that there are people who are of higher stature than me even if I’d never seen one in my entire life and I do know that I must address them with the same amount of respect everyone else shed towards me. With that said, it still feels a bit iffy for me to say “sir”.

“Hmmm? ‘Sir’?” He leaned closer to me again, this time his eyes sharper than before.

Okay. I do not like where this is heading.

“Heh. You’re a lot different than I thought you would be from what I heard of you. You’re pretty well mannered to be fitting of your description. Did I even get the right guy? I wouldn’t want to be fired on the first day now would I? Well, I did hear you came from a pretty well endowed family. I guess that could explain your eloquent form of speech earlier.”

Does he know who I am? He mentioned my name earlier too. I guess that’s to be expected from a godly entity. I do have some questions though.

“Right. You must have some questions. Of course you do. I’ll just tell you what I want to tell you for now and you can decide on asking me what you want to after I do so, alright? alright. So firstly, you are DEAD.“, he said. He inhaled deeply before continuing.

“You cannot go back to life unless the department of sending humans back to life or something allows you to. Secondly, you have been chosen as part of our spectacular experiment. We know about your past and how you had a record of driving people to kill themselves. Your futile attempts to suck up to me won’t really work so it’s best not to try and besides, I generally prefer to speak in a friendly manner too. Thirdly, I’m your boss. I guess that’s it. Do you still want to know something?”

I swallowed the block of information he mercilessly shoved up my throat. I do not like the fact that he boiled down my respect as me sucking up to him. That really hurt me even though I was trying my hardest to show respect to someone else for the first time there. I’m guessing that I’ll have to act friendly around him now. I wonder though, what was that talk about the experiment?

“You mentioned an experiment. Could you......clarify? I do not consent to be chopped up and operated on if you’re some kind of an alien civilization doctor guy. Just putting it out there.”

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