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Y/N the adopted child of the Mccall's came to live in Beacon Hills and not with her boring father. Meeting Scott and Stiles after a long time something felt different. Realizing her own brother was supernatural, she would only tell about her when he came clean to her.

Adventure / Mystery
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Y/N Mccall was never a Mccall by blood. When she was young her parents died leaving her to be an orphan. When Mellissa and Rafael split Rafael felt lonely, so he decided to adopt a daughter. She was the exact age as Scott but had a different birthday. Over the years, her and Scott met a couple of times, had a good time and became best friends. The first time she met Stiles she instantly fell in love with him. His witty sense of humor and loved his sarcastic remarks.


I was in the airplane about to land, I was excited to go to Beacon Hills, it has been a few years since I last saw Scott, Stiles and mom.

Dad: Text me when you get there be safe!

To dad: k bout to land

When the plane landed I put my y/h/c hair into a ponytail. I was going down the escalator trying to find mom. Until I saw her waving her hands like a lunatic. I chuckled to myself and went to her. "Oh my gosh you look so pretty" said mom. "Thank you, you don't even look a day over 20 mom" I said. Mom laughed. "Come on lets go you have to go to school and it is a 20 min car drive to home so we will reach there by 6." said mom. I groaned. "Why do I have to go to school I just came back" I said. "Oh honey but it's their first day as a junior there so you should start too." mom said. "fine" I said.

At Home

"SCOTT COME DOWN Y/N IS HERE" mom shouted. I started laughing. I heard heavy footsteps and realized it was 2 people coming down. Then I realized Stiles was here.

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