Midnight snuggles feat kaito

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Midnight snuggles feat kaito

it was 10 pm i was currently waist deep thinking of kaito alot tonight. I wanted to go to his room but ii didnt wanna disturb him in case he was sleeping. He did have work in the morning.

I lied in bed watching videos of kaito for a few minutes then i started screaming in my pillow from all the intense thoughts i was having of kaito.. I just couldn’t get him out of my mind tonight...

I slowly got up and went out of my rooom,went downstars and knocked gently on kaito’s doordoor. “Kai kai? Are you up?” I could hear the shakiness in my voice.

“yeah im up. Do you need something master?,”

“is it okay if i come in? And hang out?”

“yeah sure im just playing pokemon swordsword”

I smiled softly and opened the door. I slowly made my way in his room and lied down beside him..placing my head on his arm “hey sweetie... Are you alright? Do you need anything?”

Kaito shook his head “im good. Hey what pokemon is good against charizard? ”

I thought for a few minutes “uh.. I use to use blastoise or a legendary that new an eletric type. Why? Are you winning son?” I giggled softly and stroked his arm

“Uh not really i dont think ii trained- and im dead. ” kaito looked at me then stretched ” did you wanna sleep with me to- m-masuta....why are you crying...?”

Kaito had noticed i was crying. It wasnt because i was upset. Its because i was filled with so much emotion over kaito for some reason. I buried my face in kaito’s arm crying softly “i love you so much honey.... ” i squeezed my eyes shut as i nuzzled his arm

“ahh...are you having one of your little kaito moments? =w=”

I nodded as i kept hugging kaito tightly “iive been thinking of you all niiiiight!” I hug his scarf and look up at him..

Kaito sighed and smiled “well is there anything i can do?”

“just keep existing please!!” I lied still on kaitokaito’s chest...listening to his soft heart beat “kai kai....you mean so much to me..you have no idea.....”

Kaito reached his arm over me and stroked the side of my face ” im glad i mean alot to you... Im grateful that you have supported me for such a long time... Through the good and bad.....thank you master.... You and cathy are such good masters to me i- ” kaito’s voice broke “i dont know what id do without you two or keito...!” Kaito bit his lip as he started crying softly then pulled me in for a hug

“......ka-kaito...!” I placed my face against his shoulder and hugged his back tightly as kaito sat up..i could hear him cry softly... “Kaito i dont ever plan on leaving you.... You know you mean so much to me....! ” i squeeze him tighter cuddling him in my arms ” i love you sweetie...”

Kaito whines and just nods

“aw honey im sorry i made you cry... I didnt mean for it to happen. I just cant keep ahold of my emotions sometimes ” i snuggled in kaito’s arms....as he kept holding me....“k-kaito...?”

“shhh.......just let me hold you a bit longer....okaa-san....im glad you came to me... I missed holding you in my arms like this.... It relaxes me and makes me feel at ease.....”

“Kaito...” I laugh softly “you have work in the morning dont you?”

“i dont care.....i wanna spend the whole day with you tomorrow. Ill take tomorrow off so i can hang out with you and cathy. If not her then you and master erika.”

Kaito rubbed my back as he kissed the side of my face

I nod “alright kai kai. Would you like me to read to you or sing?”

“actually.... Can you make me some tea and massage my back til i fall asleep...?”

I smile and nod ” of course kai kai...” I went to the kitchen,made his tea and went back in the room “here you go honey. I put some honey in it just the way you like it. ” i put it on his night table and sat on his bed “alright lie down”

Kaito lied on his stomach and played on his switch

I gently started rubbing his back up and down then applied alittle but of pressure “is that good kaito?”

Kaito nods and let out a content sigh

I kept massaging his back until i saw him drop his console and lied his head on his pillow. Then soft snoring noises

“Oyasumi kai kai......” I kissed his head and curled up next to him

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