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Behind Those Eyes

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Rose Sterling, a normal girl, who loves books and chocolates, who treats the school library as her own little home, and helps people as much as she can. But is there more? Or she's just the goodie two shoes as people presume? Edward Simmons, who tries to stay in rules but mischief doesn't give him a break, is known as the bad boy of their school. But is he really? What if there's more than he shows? What if he needs help but no one cares enough to notice? What happens these two meet on a bridge? Especially while saving the other or as she thinks?

Adventure / Romance
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No one deserves sadness, and while we can help others, we should.

The soft breeze ruffled his hair, as he walked to the bridge, passing the people who were happy with their own world, he wished if he could be happy like them. Also passing the people who had fake smiles on but beneath their fake facade, there was the darkness, the unnoticed warriors who were tired of fighting their own demons, he walked passing by them glancing now and then, he knew the feeling very well.

How could he see through their facade?

Because he was one of them.

A bruised warrior fighting the inner demons, gasping for air, searching for help, crying, and screaming but no one noticed. Sometimes he wondered if he was really a good actor or they just didn’t bother to notice. He sighed and kept walking to the wooden bridge.

He stood beside the wooden railing which by then looked so old, actually, the whole wooden bridge was old, when it was established he didn’t know, he sighed again taking in the small details of this bridge, the fading golden exterior, and the lines here and there.

Even it was tired of making way for the passers-by and getting nothing in return, it was tired because no one appreciated it’s beauty, it was tired because people kept dirtying the surface of the wooden glory, it was tired because it had been the number one witness of so many people’s last words, their last wishes, their last try for being alive. He frowned at the thought looking at the shining still water, how many bodies had it consume and bury their deepest secrets in it’s heart?

“Hey, don’t do that.” A high-pitched yet normal girly voice caused him to look behind.

“Do what?” He asked the light brown-haired girl who interrupted his thoughts not even bothering to ask his permission.

“Jump from the bridge.”

He stared at the brown-haired girl confusedly, then said, “I was not going to jump.” The light brown-haired girl came in front of him, ” Look, whatever is eating you, everything is going to be fine, trust me, just don’t take any horrible decision, please.”

" I told you I was not going to jump, which part you don’t understand?” he snapped at the girl although he didn’t want to, it was just he was going through a lot.

She jumped under her skin then looked at her feet embarrassed then she again looked at him, that was the first time she noticed how beautiful his eyes were, chocolate brown, like a chocolate pool inside his eyes, afraid maybe the pool is going to drown her, suddenly she snapped back at the boy who was staring at her with an unreadable expression.

That time he also noticed her light golden brown eyes, just looking at those eyes, he didn’t know how but he understood her eyes spoke more than she tend to.

“I know but you seem sad, and you should never believe a sad person with glassy eyes standing next to a bridge, which unfortunately is famous for suicide.” He closed his eyes not knowing how to reply, he was sad but he was not going to jump he was sure about that. He never liked the idea of suicide. Instead, he hated the idea of suicide. Suicide was never the solution, he knew, it just passed the hurt from one to another, not solving any problem.

“I was...” He started,” Not going to jump, I’ve heard that so many times by now, but really I don’t believe now,” the girl said cutting him off.

He sighed and looked at the sun, it was about to set, it was so beautiful like some gold was spread into the cover of light blueness at the same time there was some greyish color too.

“Can I hug you?” his head snapped at the figure of the girl, “What?” he whispered still not believing if he heard it right or not.

“You know I don’t believe you still, okay, pretend that I didn’t say anything but can you step aside from the railing? I feel scared, please.” She mumbled looking at her feet, internally scolding herself to become this stupid.

He frowned and then sighed deeply stepping aside from the railing, now he was in front of her, he was taller than her, she looked at her feet, “By the way, I just told that to draw your attention, I was not going to hug you, as you don’t know me, you might feel uncomfortable, and I would feel so,” she laughed embarrassingly.

“Actually I know you, you go to the same school with me,” he explained looking at her amusedly. The corner of his mouth formed a smile.

“Do I? Then why I didn’t see you ever although you are that tall,” She said smiling, hearing this, he chuckled, “Oh, am I that tall? Seriously? In my whole life, no one told me that, I feel great.” He was with the average height, not that tall but not so short too.

She smiled again, “See? I made you chuckle, so can we kick out the sadness, now?”

He chuckled again, ” Why are you wanting me to be happy that bad ?”

“um... No one deserves sadness, and while we can help others, we should and if you did something stupid today, it would take away my peaceful sleep.” She mumbled again.

“You helped me because you want to sleep peacefully?” He said narrowing his eyes.

“What? No, I just said, it would remind me every day that I couldn’t help you,” She again just stared at her feet, he understood by then it was her habit, especially to avoid embarrassment.

“So, do you help everyone who crosses your path?” He asked.

“I try to,” she mumbled. He just stared at her with admiration. Anyone, who has a beautiful heart like her deserves the world.

“By the way, I’m Rose.” She said looking at him.

He stared at the girl intensely, which made the girl wonder if he had listened to her.

“My name is Rose. Rose Sterling.” The brown-haired girl smiled at the boy, the boy returned the smile, “Jack, Jack Dawson.”

With her big light brown eyes, she squealed, “Really? What a coincidence, my name’s Rose and you’re Jack. Just don’t die please, I hate the ending of Titanic.” She smiled sadly, she had never been a fan of Titanic, such a tragedy, and not to mention the things they do.

Suddenly she frowned, “Seriously? Like Jack Dawson? Why you’re named exactly after this handsome but hopeless character?”

She scrunched her eyebrows once again seeing the boy laughing holding his stomach, although he was laughing at her, her mood was immediately lifted up, at least he was laughing, that was the thing she was trying to do for the last hour.

“You..really...thought...my name ...was...Jack...Dawson?” he managed between laughs, she should’ve felt bad at his stupid prank, but she didn’t know why she felt warm and bubbly inside, he had a good laugh, she smiled.

“Okay, sorry,” after he calmed down, he introduced himself, “The name is Edward Simmons, my lady,” he said in a British accent, and he was good at that. She frowned, why she hadn’t noticed it earlier? Because she was too busy saving him. And he just emphasized now.

“Where are you from?” before she knew it, she asked the question.

“Glasgow,” replied the curly-headed boy.

“Okay, so not-Jack-but-Edward, can we head home? It’s getting dark,” said the girl, fidgeting with her fingers.

“Yes, love.”

Her eyes snapped at the boy whose gaze was already on her, was she imagining things or just he really called her love?

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