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Is Light just a ‘normal’ girl who Does everything a ‘normal’ girl does Well let me answer that question No.

Adventure / Fantasy
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3000 years ago there was 3 realms full of light
And love.
Each realm had a protector with certain
ability’s that correlated to there realm.
The realms were designed for living things on earth who had gone through a lot in there life
Experiences that traumatised them.
They could do a certain action or a Pacific word
That would teleport them to one of the realms.

But that was 3000 years ago.
The lands now have been intruded with
Humans who didn’t need the realms
As a safe place to come and Escape.
They were furious they took all the love and light and lost it around the realms and some on earth.
The guardians were searching for the love and light But couldn’t find it.
Eventually they gave up and decided to use the last of there power to make a perfect human with magical abilities that will eventually make the realms a safe place.

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