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The Strange & Magical adventures of Ash Mindfull

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Ash Mindfull is a young girl living in a closed off time called Knotwood, her parents own the town farm, her life isnt ordinary compared to us but to the people around her she seems like a kind young girl however, something happens, and this spirals her into a new life, a new story and new friends.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Hello! My Name is Ash Mindfull

Hello! My name is Ash Mindfull and I'm a witch!

You see, I live in a small town called Knotwood, we live quite isolated, we are quite self-sufficient, my family owns the main farm! people come and help us out! but of course, I'm feeling a bit.. left out? I'm not sure, you see, a few days ago, something happened... I don't know what... but I know that I'm meant for great things! Magic is taboo in my town but either way, I can keep a secret tehee.

if I remember correctly, the day everything changed went something like...

The day was bright, the air was fresh, a light breeze made the trees ruffle in unison, Ash walked underneath the branches, the beautiful display of rainbow leaves left Ash smiling, her blonde hair blowing into her face she giggled as she pulled it away, looking forward she sees two younger kids walking down the same path, Ash calls out as she picks up her pace.

"Brown! Shovel!" Ash cried out while waving her arms high in the air.

The younger of the two, Brown, looked over to her, his silver eyes blinked in her direction, he takes a step back in shock, however, he trips on his long grey scarf, as he trips Shovel, a taller kid, black hair, wearing overalls caught him.

"Hey Ash!" Shovel shouts back, waving as he pulls Brown back to his feet and patting him.

Ash reaches them at a full sprint, she jumps, launching herself onto the two boys, the force sends them both flying back, Brown and Shovel slam into the ground with some force, Shovel laughs while Brown wheezes for air.

"Careful with me Ash! you know what my dad said!" Brown cries.

"Come on Brown, we all know your dad overreacts" Ash laughs as she pulls them both to their feet, she smiles sweetly as she pats them on their shoulders before continuing on her walk

"Where are you heading to Ash?" Shovel asked, spinning around and following her.

"Just down to town, I have some things I have to collect for my mom's special stew" Ash said as she picked a leaf from a nearby tree, she examined it for a bit before putting it in her satchel.

"Aww, jealous! Your mom's stew is awesome! I wish I could have some" Shovel pouted, lowering his head.

Ash chuckles and ruffles Shovel's head.

"You know I always save some for you, silly" Ash says as she pulls Shovel towards her, she nuzzles up with him before pushing him away.

"Hehe, I know" Shovel says as he spins away, he trips and falls into a bush, Ash and Brown giggle as they pass him.

"I'm fine" Shovel mumbles as he sticks out a thumbs up.

"I know you are, anyway, I'll see you boys later ok? I have to get to town, I'm already late hehe" Ash said, hugging Brown before turning around and skipping away.

"Ok Ash! see you later!" Shovel shouts after her as he jolts from the bush.

Brown turns and glares at Shovel.

"What!?" Shovel asks defensively.

"My god you're pathetic" Brown sighs as he turns and keeps walking.

"What do you mean by that!? BROWN!?" Shovel shouts after Brown, but he ignores him.

Ash keeps skipping down the path, the dirt road although uneven was quite easy to run across, a few stray pebbles threatened to trip her up but Ash didn't mind, she kicked a few out of her way as she went, the beautiful rainbow trees started appearing less frequently, now broken up with some more average trees, pines, bushes and a few small houses.

Ash looks around, ash she skips, the day seems so bright, a sparrow flies by her and yet... something... feels... off.

Ash shrugs, he pays no mind to the feeling, pretty soon she turns the corner and is now on the main street of Knotwood, the streets were filled with stalls, a large crowd filled the street, the air was filled with ambient voices and shouts, Ash sighs and pauses before walking into the crowd, someone shouted right next to her ear.

"NEW FRESH FISH! GET HERE FOR A FEW COPPER!" the man shouted, Ash flinched away, she put her hands to her ears as she moved through the crowd, looking for the stall she needed eventually she managed to squeeze past a wall of people and spotted a smaller stall reading "Gran's checkpoint" Ash smiled as she ran over.

"Hey Granny!" Ash called as she reached the stall, the woman who sat behind the desk was a small older woman, her hair as white as snow, she also had a pair of glasses bigger than her head that magnified her eyes, Ash giggled.

"Hello dear! My most loyal customer! The usual?" Granny asks, smiling as she reaches for a basket.

"Hehe, I can't be your MOST loyal Granny" Ash said as she took the basket from Granny.

"You're right, you're my only customer hehe" Granny said, chuckling heartily.

"Aww, don't say that Granny!" Ash placed a small tower of copper coins on the desk.

"Well it's true isn't it?" Granny says giggling, Ash takes out a handful of copper coins and places them in Grannys hand.

"Oh dear, this is too much, please don't overpay again!" Granny said trying to push the copper coins back into Ash's hand, Ash shakes her head as she smiles.

"Think of it as a tip for being so nice!" Ash says in a cheery tone, she smiled and gave Grannys hand a kiss before skipping away, heading back into the crowd, she waved goodbye, Granny waved back.

Ash made her way through the crowd, only bumping into seven people this time, she began her way back up her road, she began skipping, swinging the basket as she did, after she got out of earshot of the loud market, the silence began to calm her, birds sand in the distance and the low rustle from the wind brushing up against the trees gave her mind peace, she slowed her pace, enjoying her surroundings.

Ash eventually made her way back home, she walked through the open gate, she looked out to her house, from first appearance, the house was small, it had a round entrance, the top and sides were covered in grass, a single big round door in the middle with some surrounding windows, Ash looked up, the small mound grows into a tower, tall and wooden, many vines grew from the top, that was Ash's room.

Around the house was a lovely farm, filled with fruit trees, potato fields and every kind of food you could think of, right next to the house was an empty stable from when Ash's parents kept horses, Ash walked up to the front door, the rainbow trees ruffled in unison, the wind slightly picked up blowing cold air down Ash's neck as she opened the door.

The house was dark, most of the windows were closed, she opened them back up, she placed the basket on the counter and set some furniture back into place, she closed the door behind her and took off her shoes, she then began her way upstairs.

She climbed, the stairs were steep but were fashioned from some opal wood from the nearby forest, so it gleamed in the dim light, shining like the rainbow, Ash loved running up the stairs, halfway she slipped, landing on her hands so she continued up the rest of the stairs on all fours, eventually, she reached the top, a tall, deep green door stood in front of her, she pushed it open.

Her room was incredibly messy, clothes, books, papers, all spread across the floor, across her ceiling long pieces of cloth that she used to practice some gymnastics, her bed took up a good quarter of her little tower, being multiple mattresses large and flooded with stuffed animals and duvets, her room was also filled to the brim with potted plants, of all varieties, most stuck to the roof with vines flowing down.

Ash walked to the window, she sat at her desk which looked out over the farm, she quickly took out some of her paper and pencils, she began to sketch, her favorite pastime was to sketch the outside world, in fact, one day she wanted to be a famous artist.

Ash sketched for hours, as she used paper after paper practicing making the picture look perfect, she fell asleep, her head gently resting on her arms, she began to snore as her parents walked in, they made a few jokes before her dad picked her up and put her back into bed, they kissed her on the forehead and headed back down, Ash smiled sweetly as she rolled over, grabbing onto one of her stuffed animals.

Ash awoke to a strange sound, a strange green glow lit up her room.

"Wha-?" Ash said, half asleep and drooling slightly, she sat up, the first thing she noticed is that her room was dark, the second thing she noticed should have probably been the first.

A large wolf-like creature with large, complex antlers stood on her desk, its bright green-blue glow lit up the room, strange energy spun around it, Ash's eyes widened.

"Oh hello there" Ash said, dumbfounded, she shifted slightly, getting into a more comfortable position as she tried to slowly stand.

"How did you get in here?" Ash asked, her voice course.

The creature didn't move, it simply continued staring, its strange, glowing eyes made Ash feel odd, almost cold, no, definitely cold.

Ash stood, slowly, she pushed her hair from her eyes, she put her hands up as she took a petite step forward, the creature shifted slightly.

"It's ok, I won't hurt you" Ash whispered, she took another step.

The creature simply tilted its head, Ash smiled as she took a bigger step forward, now on the cold wooden floor, the creature moved backward slightly, the hair on the back of its neck stood up on end, as this happened, all of Ash's potted plants in her room glowed a bright green, strange particles appeared in the air, Ash's jaw dropped.

"What are you?" Ash asked, a bit louder.

The creature tilted its head sideways and paused, before spinning on its heels and jumped out her window, correction, through her window, it passed through the glass leaving nothing but a strange green outline.

"WAIT!" Ash shouted out, she jumped for the creature but it had already hit the ground, she watched as the creature began to sprint at full speed into the farm, she watched as it jumped from field to field, eventually reaching the top of a small hill, but then it stopped, again it turned and looked directly at Ash, it stood there, still.

"You want me to... follow you?" Ash whispered under her breath.

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