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The Strange & Magical adventures of Ash Mindfull

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The Wolf In The Woods

Ash full sprinted out of her room, she began to sprint down the steps, halfway down she slipped and began to tumble forward, but she grabbed the railing before she could faceplant, suddenly her father called out in his deep, velvet-smooth voice.

"ASH!? What's going on? I heard shouting! And FALLING?" he roared, a deep worry in his voice.

"I'm ok dad!! I just forgot something" Ash shouted back down as she slid down a few more steps, eventually she landed on the bottom, she tore open the door to reveal her dad standing in front of her.

Bruff Mindfull, a tall, strong man, usually wore overalls with skintight shirts, his muscles very clearly defined, he was about twice the size of Ash, his jaw clenched look sharp enough to chop wood, a piece of grass stuck from his teeth, he looked down at her, glaring.

Although he was quite scary looking, he was incredibly kind and caring, Ash peered around him.

"I forgot I have something tonight! I slept in! that's all haha" Ash laughed as she tried to squeeze past him, unfortunately for her his size was just perfect to fill the doorframe, he shook his head and patted her on the head.

"You usually leave us a note Ash, stop being so forgetful, you're a Mindfull after all!" he chuckled, he stepped back, letting her pass, she quickly made it to the main room, she slipped her shoes on and ran to the front door, she reached for the handle but was suddenly jerked back.

"Now now little lady, its deathly cold out there, you're not going anywhere without a coat!" her dad said strictly as he held her off the ground.

"Where are you heading off to anyways?" her mom asked as she slid into view, Ash's mom was smaller, she had bright white-gold hair, she was well built, although she appeared quite small, she was almost as strong as her dad.

"Umm... I'm going to Shovels!" Ash said in a panic as her dad put a coat over her, then a scarf, then another coat, and wrapped her up in a larger scarf, tying it in a bow.

"Shovels? You spend a lot of time with him these days, is something going on there?" Ash's mom says teasingly, she chuckles as she began to wash the dishes.

Ash's dad puts Ash down and takes a step back to examine his work, eventually, he nods and puts a thumb up, Ash grins.

"But you'll miss the rest of the stew if you leave now!" Ash's mom said as she dramatically poses like she's been shot with an arrow to the heart, Ash giggles.

"Don't worry, ill be back soon" Ash said through several scarfs as she waddles out the door.

"Ok then hon! Be safe!" Ash's dad shouts out as he turns to help her mom with the dishes, Ash nods as she jumps out the door, closing it behind her.

"Do you think somethings actually going on between those two?" Bruff asked as he put away a dish.

Ash's mom giggled.

"Who knows? It's a lot harder to tell than you think, using my motherly expertise? No, probably not"

Bruff pauses, then nods

"Makes sense" he goes back to doing the dishes.

The moment Ash left the house, all the extra layers fell to the floor, Ash spun towards the field and looked up, searching for the wolf, she spotted it, still standing on the hill, she bites her lip and prepared, she began her dash, jumping over fences and avoiding trampling crops.

Ash made it two fields over before a wild root tripped her, she flew forward, landing on her face quickly she stood back up, shook her head, and spat the dirt out, she continued the sprint, leaping over a few low walls.

It didn't take too long before she was finally out of the fields, she grabbed onto the grass and began pulling herself up the hill, although steep she made it to the top, she wheezed as she pulled her legs up onto the plateau, rolling onto her back, she reached towards the creature, her lungs completely empty.

The creature looked down at her, it seemed to chuckle before standing up again and dashing away, higher up the mountain, jumping from the mound and onto a cliff, it kept climbing, leaping huge distances until it eventually reached the top, where it sat and watched as Ash sighed.

"Man.. you're.... making... this... really hard" Ash wheezed as she stood, her arms and her legs felt like crap, multiple parts of her body felt like they were on fire including her lungs but she didn't very much mind, she grabbed onto the rock and began her climb.

It took her about 14 minutes, and a few close calls to falling, but eventually she made it to the top, he arms were screaming at her, her gut shot pains straight into her mind, she clenched her jaw as she pulled her lower body onto the tip, she didn't even try to reach for the creature, she simply laid down and attempted to breathe, which was a now difficult task.

The creature sat and waited, after a few minutes she shifted, managing to prop herself on her elbows, she blows the now ragged and dirty blonde hair from her eyes.

The creature watched her.

"I... have.. done.... so.... much... what.. did.. you want?" she growled.

The creature nodded and got back up, however, this time it slowly walked down a small sidetrack, Ash growled as she managed to push herself to her feet, her feet, arms, neck, head, legs, everything, screamed at her to stop moving but she managed to follow the creature stumbling behind them.

The creature leads her to a small ledge that overlooked a large drop into a gorge, Ash tilted her head and raised an eyebrow, the creature gestured to a small pile of wool, Ash stumbled over to it, she reached for it and realized it was moving, she paused.

The creature nudged her hand onto it, it was warm, as she touched it, it unfurled, it wasn't a pile of wool, its..

"A baby?" Ash gasped under her breath.

A small, baby wolf looked up at her, its big eyes glowed a strange sea green, small little nubs poked from its forehead, Ash turned around.

"Is, this... your baby?" Ash asked, the creature paused, and then nodded.

"Then.." Ash trailed off, she peeked off the ledge, below her she saw something, a small speck, suddenly her eyes shot open, she turned round to face the large creature again.

"You... im.. sorry" Ash said, she hung her head, the creature walked up to her and licked her, Ash looked up, their eyes met, after a pause, Ash nodded.

"Come here little one" Ash said as she picked up the small little wolf, its tail long and fluffy, wrapping around her, she feels the heat and she smiles sweetly, the creature then turns and walks into a small cave that sits next to them, Ash tilts her head.

The creature sits in the center and looks up, its eyes glow bright before, in a flash, the creature evaporated, leaving behind glowing particles, the particles light up something, Ash bends over and crawls half into it, she puts her hand on something soft and smooth, she put the baby wolf down and dug the dirt away, revealing a hat and a book, Ash takes out the hat and book.

"Wow" Ash whispered under her breath.

In her hands, a witch hat and in her other a small book with the title "Spells" the author's name has been scratched out, Ash looked down at the little wolf, her eyebrow raised.

"Huh... this.. is.. interesting"

The little wolf yipped in excitement, Ash smiled as she patted it.

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