Dreams in reality

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This is a surprise Three chapters

Sara Al_ansari
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Dreams in reality

At the psychiatrist's clinic
Doctor: Elaine?
Elaine: Yes
Doctor: What's going on with you?
Elaine: Everything I dream about becomes a reality. I thought about suicide a lot to get rid of these dreams.. I'm so scared
"At the beginning of the new year 2020"
Um Elaine: Elaine!!!
Elaine: Ok mom
Um Elaine: Breakfast is ready
Elaine: I'm not going to college today
Umm Elaine: Why!!?
Elaine: I want to sleep hard and not break my fast..Good night mom
Then Elaine went to bed and fell into a deep sleep and a dream came to her.
" In the dream "
Elaine: Hey fly, you're bleeding a lot.
And then the fly pinched Elaine's hand and bled.
"Yen fell asleep in terror."
Elaine: What is this!!! Aww, what a foolish dream
Umm Elaine: Where are you going?
Elaine: I'm going to college
Elaine: Jack, I had a very strange dream
Jack: Well; Elaine I'm your friend from high school and your dreams are all western just like you
Elaine: What!!! I was bitten by a fly and bled
Jack: I won't tell you..your dreams are just as weird as you..a fly makes you bleed..are you ok
Elaine: Well...me!!
Jack: Let's go to the lecture
Elaine: Oh wow!!!!!
"After the lecture"
Jack: Elaine..go home and go to sleep and come early tomorrow okay!!!
Elaine: ok
Jack: Bye
"In Elaine's room"
Elaine: Well, Jack is speaking right.
I went to shut the window door.
Elaine: What is this?! Trapped fly..come on fly, what are you crying?
"She stood on Elaine's hand and flew."
Elaine: An annoying fly..what is this!!!
"So Elaine found blood on her hands in the place of a fly."
To be continued
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