Dreams in reality

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Dreams in reality

The next day at university

Elaine: Well, Jack, I'm talking to you seriously
Jack: I can't believe it, how can a fly make you bleed??
Elaine: I don't know
Jack: Elaine..go home and sleep well, these could be your fantasies
Elaine: Alright.
Jack: I'm going to my dad.
Elaine: Well..bye

"In Elaine's room"
Elaine: Well these are my fantasies..it's never real. I'm going to sleep now and nothing will happen
"After a quarter of an hour from Elaine's sleep, in the dream"

Elaine in a dark room
Elaine: What is this... where am I!!! Is anyone here
Then a black crow entered the room and looked at her and went away
“I woke up in the morning terrified.”
Jack was calling her.
Elaine: Jack!!!
Jack: Aren't you coming to university? It's 8 o'clock
Elaine: OK, coming

At the university in the lecture room
Elaine: Believe me, I dreamed of this and the crow looked very scary
Jack: Come on, let's go have breakfast
"He left her in the room, as she was going to the door, the light went out, and the room became very dark."
Elaine: These are my fantasies..yes, fantasies
Then a crow came in and stood at the door of the window.. and Elaine screamed in fright and ran out of the room quickly.
Jack: What are you crying about!!!
Elaine: Jack, I've seen the crow.. I'm scared.
Jack: I'll go in and see
Jack entered and did not see anything. He went to the window and saw a crow standing on a tree far away.
Jack: Unbelievable..what is this!!!
Elaine: You believe me, don't you!!!
Jack: Let's go to a doctor to understand what's going on with you
Elaine: Doctor!!

Doctor: I don't know what you have I'm sorry
Jack: This is the third doctor who says the same thing
Elaine: Never mind.. I'm fine..bye
Jack: Elaine!!! I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
Elaine: ok

"In Elaine's room"
Elaine "Well today I am very welcome to my bad dreams
And Elaine fell into a very deep sleep
To be continued
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