Dreams in reality

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The Last chapter

Elaine had a strange dream..as she was in her car far from a bridge..then the bridge split in half...
Suddenly I woke up
Elaine: Bridge!!! Omg
Jack: Good morning..today is a holiday, we are going to a new camp
Elaine: Really.. I'm excited
Jack: Get in the car!
Elaine: stop...Jack
Jack: What's up!!
Elaine: This is a bridge!!!
Jack: Yes
Elaine: Ok, stop for a bit
Jack: Why??
Elaine: This bridge will break
Jack: Is this a new dream..are you crazy that it's so solid
Elaine: Won't you believe me...I...
And people started screaming hard, but something broke in the bridge
Elaine: Go back!
Jack: Ok
"Part of the bridge has already fallen."
Jack: I didn't understand you..
Elaine: What are you saying, I am not responsible for this.
Jack: Really?
Elaine: I won't go anywhere with you..go to hell
Elaine went home..and told her mother everything and hugged her tightly..and Elaine started crying hard..she said she would never sleep..but the opposite happened, she fell asleep without knowing.
In the new dream, a message came to her that said, “You are fine, but tired.”
I woke up to the sound of the door...
Jack: I'm sorry.. I was really a big fanatic
Elaine: Never mind, I'm fine
Jack: Did you have a new dream?
Elaine: Yeah... I got a letter that said...
"The doorbell rang"
Elaine found a letter on the floor and looked at Jack
Jack: What is the message? In the dream !
Elaine: I don't know..open it
Jack opened it and read: You are fine but tired!!! ..What is that !!!
Elaine: That's the same thing...
Jack: What are we doing??!
Elaine: There is no solution but to live with this
Jack: Give up!!! We are not going to see a psychiatrist
Elaine: I'm tired..let's go tomorrow
Jack: Well..bye
Elaine went to her room and fell asleep.
In the dream..there is only a person playing with a little girl..and suddenly the child is kidnapped and screaming so hard
"Two days later, at the psychiatrist."
Elaine: Everything I dream about becomes a reality. I thought about suicide a lot to get rid of these dreams.. I'm so scared
Doctor: Elaine...every dream you have does not mean that...
Elaine: No... the last dream... didn't come true
Doctor: How! Well today try to sleep again and dream..and tell me after two days what happened!
Elaine: ok
Elaine dreamed that someone ignorant of her had the same message.
Two days passed until I went to the doctor
The Doctor: Something happened to you
Elaine: Someone told me the same message...that's crazy?
Doctor: You're fine, but you're tired, Elaine
Elaine: Well..me..what!!!!! .What did you say ?? This is the same message
Doctor: I don't have a cure so I don't understand you

Then Elaine.. she realized that when she tells everything that happens to her, and when she doesn't talk, it doesn't happen to her
Here Elaine realized that the reason behind the tongue..why does a person tell everything that revolves in his mind..everything does not need treatment..but needs a conscious thought..and you don't care about people who don't believe you ignore them..and your scary dreams don't tell, not even beautiful.. do not go away
Leave everything for tomorrow
Elaine: Well, I'm ready to dream.
By: Sara Al_ansari
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