Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Grief is the first book of Six, Embark on a journey where our protagonist Asen, an orphan with Dragon-Hybrid powers looses everything he loves and is set with new people, new places in hopes to find his past and closure to his tragic tale.

Adventure / Romance
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EDIT: This story is currently under maintenance, you might notice a lot of updates/less chapters, Nothing is being deleted, just condensed

Hello! This Story is meant to be a spin-off of the Video game Dragon Raja, So if you're not sure what that is go ahead and look it up! It'll make more sense!

This novel is a Demo of the final release, which is currently in progress, it will be a while before the final thing is produced,

TW: This novel has mentions of Death, light gore, and mild Swearing,

If you end up liking it let me know by leaving a comment! this is the main character "Asen Romanova/Gen's" Origin story the fun stuff will come later ;)

Special thanks to YUMINIA! they have released an official song for this novel! If you're interested look up "Choking On Tears" on Spotify! They also have a ton of other great songs to listen to!!

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