Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Broken promise

The following days had been rather quiet, Renata and Z were by themselves in the Klyuv, the only thing lighting the room was the sunlight from outside, Z looked better than when Renata first found him, but he was visibly tired, too tired to talk more than simple sentences. Renata watched over him worriedly as she wrapped him up with gauze,

“You left me” He spoke out weakly, looking away from her,

she felt guilt creep up on her, she softened and placed a hand on his shoulder

“Z, something happened was all, I didn’t leave you..” She explained, He looked back at her with a pained glare

She softened and took his hand in hers, bringing it up to her lips and kissing his knuckles gently

“You promised..” He muttered out

“Z, I-I’m here now aren’t I?” She spoke softly, continuing to care for his wounds

“What was so important?” He questioned

“Haven’t you heard?” She asked quizzically, Z simply shook his head

“A new girl came in, badly hurt, She doesn’t look like you or I...She almost looks like a real dragon” She mumbled, Z immediately shot up looking at Renata

“What??” He questioned

“Yeah I know, she has a big horn and scales, but she looks human enough, but she looks more of a Hybrid than the rest of us” She explained

“Where is she now??” He questioned

“I’m not sure? probably back at the Serdtse with my brother-” She explained

Z softened and slumped down a bit, thinking to himself, almost plotting,

“Renata I want to run away together” He turned to her

“That’s a little sudden,” She said skeptically

“Think about it! No Black Swan Bay, no secrets, no lies, just us-” He grabbed her hand

“Z you’re not making sense-” She said worriedly

“I’m making complete sense, run away with me, and we can go, go far away!” He pleaded

“Z where would we even go? We're on an Island-” She rolled her eyes

“We can take the fighter jet on top of the mountain!” He pressured

“What? No! That’s the professor’s Plane!” She argued

“Screw the professor-!” He argued back

“Enough Z!” She pulled her hand back from his grasp, she was visibly upset “Look this is my home Z! I’m not just gonna run away from my brother, from my home- my friends- No Z.” She states firmly

“Renata-” He started

“No- Final answer, this is a hard line we will not cross, Look I know you’re scared but we can’t just abandon ship when things get tough!” She sighed, walking over towards Z, placing a hand on his cheek, he turned away, hurt by her decision

“Look, be angry all you want, but I’m here for you, which means I’m also here to keep you on your feet, you’re not thinking clearly..” She mumbled taking his hand. He shoved it away.

She furrowed her brow and packed her materials up and sighed, lightly flicking him on the head

“You’ll thank me later, I have to go now” She huffed, walking out and heading back towards the Serdtse, She set her things down and got dressed for training. She makes her way and takes her anger out on the training dummies, using the metal around her she makes a pistol, loading it and shooting each target, due to her frustration, her aim was sloppy, but still hit the general targets. The other students just observed, Asen included, He knew something was up.

After training everyone was starting to pack up, Asen let out a call, the tune the two of them use to get the other’s attention. She glanced over towards Asen who was beckoning her over,

“What?” She grumbled once she made it over

“You...Okay?“ He awkwardly shoved his hands in his pockets

“Peachy,” She said sarcastically

Asen sighed and walked with her up the trail back to the orphanage, “Did something happen between you and Z?” He questioned,

“I can’t talk about it Asen, it’s his secret” she explained

Asen sighed slinging his training gear over his shoulder. “Well…how about you, maybe talk about what you feel?” He looked towards her

“Why, aren't you still mad at me?” She said begrudgingly

“A little…but. I know when you’re upset. I can put it aside to hear you, Ren,” he nudged her with his arm still in the coat pocket

She swayed a little upon impact and let a heavy sigh out

“Z is speaking nonsense and wants me to do this crazy idea with him but I don’t want to, he’s so hurt Asen, you’d never believe it was him if you saw him now…” Her eyes welled up with the warm saltwater. She kept her head down as she walked with her little brother.

Asen watched her carefully and let out a sigh “And he won’t tell you what’s going on?” He asked

Renata simply shook her head, trudging through the snow.

“Well…sounds like...he may need a wake-up call, if you enable him he probably will get too dependent, it’s alright to help him through whatever it is, but he needs to get out…” Asen mumbled out, looking up to the sky the sun stared right back at him, causing him to wince.

“Well, you know how he is, he’s very stubborn” Renata mumbled, fumbling with her sleeves

“Renata so are you, I know you, you don’t let anyone push you around, so why are you letting him?” He asked

“Because it’s my fault he got hurt. I left for Kizana and now he’s in pain-“ she stammered, her hands now shaking. Although it was hard to tell if it was due to the cold or her guilt.

“Well, he's a big boy he’s got it, Kizana’s a kid, she brushed death, it’s a hard choice yeah but it’s not like it was permanent” Asen huffed, looking back towards her

Renata nods softly and lets her gaze travel upwards

“Just tell him, come outside be social if he’s surrounded by others I'm sure he won’t be alone to be hurt” he explained

Renata thought about it for a moment before nodding “that sounds good” she replied.

The two made it back to the orphanage, unpacking all of their gear into the cabin before Renata made her way towards the Klyuv, when she opened the door Z was still there, brooding and feeling sorry for himself

She walked over and knelt beside him, “Look, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I’m very proud of you for trying as best as you can to go on day after day, but you need to pull your weight a little, come to the hall with us tomorrow, predators don’t hunt prey that is in numbers.” She kissed the top of his head before walking out and back to her cabin, praying for Z to take her advice

Z was once again left alone to his thoughts

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