Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The next day looked rather sad, even compared to yesterday, the day was cloudy, almost as if it was going to rain, most of the orphanage stayed indoors, even if their was no rain it was rather cold.

Most of the kids were in the hall, all except Asen, Kizana and Z,

Z was to be expected, but the others, weren’t known to be absent.

The hall was filled with the other kids, most were either quiet or talking amongst themselves, Hertzog seemed to also be missing from the Hall, most likely preoccupied by other things.

Asen eventually made his way in, holding Kizana’s hand. The young child looked rather nervous around the other people, the hall fell quiet, this is the first time they met Kizana. She tucked behind Asen nervously. He leaned down and whispered to her “it’s alright, I got you, remember?” She meekly nodded and slowly walked towards the benches.

Kizana brushed the platinum hair out of her face and waved shyly “h-hello, my name is Kizana..” she stammered

The room was silent before Anton spoke up

“I’m Anton- this is my girlfriend Khorkina” he points to her. In which she also waved

Kizana’s golden eyes met The bubblegum haired girl, she looked her up and down,

“You’re very pretty..” she mumbled out

Khorkina, visibly taken back blinks for a few moments before a small smirk forms on her face “I like her~“ she flips her hair before offering a seat for the new kid. Kizana looked up to Asen, almost asking for approval

“You don’t need my permission, go on” he encouraged.

Kizana happily skipped her way to sit in between the two sisters, Kyndall and Khorkina. Asen then took his seat beside Ivan, He and HJ piped down but the blonde girl seemed visibly upset, Asen, unsure what he just walked in on meekly sat down

“Am I...Interrupting anything?” Asen awkwardly asked

HJ let out a huff and stood up “Nope- were done here-”

“HJ-” Ivan protested, but HJ ignored his pleas and marched over to sit by Vera. Asen followed her with his gaze until it landed on Vera, the two shared a worried look before turning to their respective friends, it seems they were gonna tag team this.

“Ivan what happened?” Asen questioned, He simply sighed, placing his crossed arms over the table, allowing his head to drop in the new cushion he made with his body.

“She’s mad at me because I won’t move forward..” Ivan grumbled out’

“In what?” He interrogated

“Our relationship..” Ivan sighed

“Well, why not I thought you liked HJ?” Asen tilted his head

“Because what happens when one of us goes to the capital, Asen, we’ll be split up, no communication, then what? I’m pining, never to see her again...If I were to leave her, when we were in a relationship, she-..who knows how long she’ll wait for me..” Ivan confessed. Asen fell quiet at that, he looked back at Vera and softened, he could see HJ arguing with her friend, struggling to see a solution, although Vera simply just was providing a gentle comfort.

Asen turned back to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder “You were the one egging me on to go after my girl? So what if you go to the capital, there’s always letters, and you can call her, I’m sure the capital has plenty of phones..”

“That’s true...” He said with the coat muffling his voice,

“I just can’t bare seeing her hurt...the thought of her crying, because of a dope like me...”

“Don’t think like that, think of all the joy you can create with supporting and cherishing her, how do you think she’ll feel when she doesn’t even get a chance to try to love you...”

“I mean I guess...I just worry..” the dirty blonde just buried his face in his crossed arms, falling silent

the whole Hall’s atmosphere could be felt, everyone just seemed rather, glum.

Khorkina scanned the room, with one feel of the atmosphere she huffed, standing up and placing her hands on her hips, with a snarky voice she spoke,

“Hey! Hello??” She snapped her fingers

“You all look pathetic! why’s everyone so depressed? I swear you guys we have a new member and you all go into bickering, arguing, crying, whatever crap-” She crossed her arms

“You guys need to get a damn grip--You know what we need! We need a- uh...uhm- Anton help me out here-” She turned to the blonde boaster

“uh...what about a group party?” He suggested, Kizana’s eyes lit up at the idea

“A party what?” She turned to him, dismissing the idea. Although the room seemed rather intrigued at the idea.

“Oh...Oh! I mean yes! a party!! A festival even! Renata can cook the food, Anton and I can decorate, Music by Asen!, Just a whole down festival!” She hyped

“What would it even be for?” Solace intervened

“Who needs a damn reason! Just because! We set up for next week, do our training, and after, we just go crazy! Who’s with me??” She shouted

The Hall instantly lit up, like Khorkina let the light in, everyone was now talking about ideas, plans and overall getting rather excited

“Tell us where to start” He offered a shy smile.

The pink haired teen instantly lit up, grinning proudly “Alright! Lets have a Festival!!” She Shouted, the Hall erupted in cheers, the children were off scrambling to set up for the Festival. Khorkina looked back proudly, hands on her hips

“Good Idea, Dorogaya" She turned to Anton. He scoffed and adjusted his glasses

"Pfft- Yeah, well you know me!" He boasted, Khorkina rolled her eyes and let out a small sigh, with a kiss on his cheek, she linked her arm with her sisters,

"C'mon Kyndall, we have work to do!" She exclaimed, the two sisters were now out the door, Anton was left there to blush about the kiss he just received,

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