Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The following day was rather eventful, The whole orphanage was anxious to meet the new girl, Kizana that arrived at their doorstep, Hertzog cleaned out an empty room in the Serdtse for her, Asen and Renata were more than alright opening their cabin for another, especially since they have before for many temporary placements, the Serdtse had five rooms in total just like the other cabins, each one containing a room for a student, but for a while, only Asen and Renata lived there, so one of the rooms became a community room, where the siblings usually stored things or built projects. Kizana was rather quiet most of the time, ever since her talk with Hertzog, she seemed a little off, although no one knows what truly was said between them.

Asen was in the Hall, preparing food for the Serdtse, usually Lunch is a fend for yourself hour where the students can make themselves food to show independence for when they are released to the capital. Asen was quite the chef, he enjoyed cooking a lot, especially new things, his favorite thing to make recently was curry, an Indian dish Hertzog brought once for dinner many years ago, Asen loved it and it has always been his favorite dish, He usually has it in March for his birthday dinner.

He was humming to himself as he diced up the ingredients and prepared the food, Comet was wandering around the Hall, minding it’s business when Anton walked through the door, he gave a small nod to the Gemini before following the scent to Asen,

“What are you up to?” Anton asked

“Cooking for the new girl,” He explained curtly

“Right, right” Anton rubbed his chin in thought before speaking up again

“Do you, uh, happen to have a minute?” Anton asked, his demeanor seemed softer, it usually was whenever he wasn’t surrounded by people. Anton always felt the need to boast in large groups to become on top, but by himself, he’s rather plain.

Asen gave a small hum of approval, not taking his eyes off of the food “Go on then” he encouraged

“Well, it’s about Z” He rubbed his arm sheepishly “The guy keeps disappearing late at night and sometimes isn’t back until morning, but lately Renata has been over, and, I don’t know he seems- better” Anton explains

“But she stopped yesterday due to the new girl, He was gone again, and seemed pretty hurt” Anton explained, Asen cocked a brow in the blonde’s direction

Anton huffed and pushed up his glasses “Look he’s an ass, I don’t care for him but I think he’s harming himself, or someone’s harming him, I think it’s more a suicidal thing” Anton muttered, crossing his arms

“I just wanna make sure he doesn’t die- So if u need help with the new kid I can help, but Renata should continue to see him,” Anton looked back to the taller kid now

Asen seemed to halt what he was doing, processing everything Anton just said. The blonde looked rather embarrassed to even show sympathy at this point, he gripped his Copper colored jacket tightly as he hastily looked away

“You think Z is self harming?” Asen questioned

“I don’t know, it’s hard to say, it’s always at late hours, I don’t have my glasses on all the time, but, he seems to be in a lot of physical pain, every time he’s gone, he comes back looking pathetic, I don’t know what it is, but I know something’s up..”

“We should tell the Professor-” Asen perked up

“No- Are you kidding? he doesn’t even like having Renata over half of the time, the guy is too full of himself to let Hertzog know, If he don’t wanna talk about that’s his business, but he seems to trust your sister” Anton rambled

Asen quietly looked back to the food he was preparing and thought it over, Asen wasn’t fond of Z either, but that didn’t warrant him to wish harm on another student here, He pondered why she wouldn’t tell him, he’s a healer after all,

“Alright, I’ll talk to her, but I don’t need assistance, I can take care of Kizana myself” Asen replied

Anton gave a harsh nod and adjusted his glasses again

“Good, good...I’m glad at least Z has someone who likes him” Anton scoffed, Asen turned his head back towards the blonde

“What do you mean?” The brunette questioned

“I mean, I’m glad Z has a girl that is willing to take care of him despite his attitude” Anton sighed

“They’re not together??” Asen said quizzically

“Of course they are? What are you talking about? They’ve been together for like- a while-” Anton corrected. Asen furrowed his brow and immediately set his stuff down,

“You- finish cooking” He ordered, storming his way out on a mission to find his sister

“Hey! This isn’t even for...” Anton went to protest but Asen was already gone, “-Me...” He sighed and looked back to the curry and sighed, looking over Asen’s notes to work on the food begrudgingly. Anton didn’t like to cook.

Asen was marching his way through the Serdtse, visibly bothered, Inside Renata and Kizana were having a lovely chat as the blonde stitched up her old clothing, Kizana was wearing a new Black Swan Bay uniform, a blue coat with a nice warm blue dress. Asen burst through the door and startled the both of them, his eyes pierce daggers into Renata, the boy was visibly tilted.

"I need to talk to you. Now" He grumbled out, Renata now furrowed her brow and stood up,

"Give me a moment 'kay?" She smiled sweetly to Kizana and patted her head before following Asen into another room, he shut the door and then turned to her

"Z??? Really??" He argued, Renata immediately got defensive

"Asen-" She began

"Is it true??" He looked at her expectantly

"I-" Renata stammered

"Is it true Ren??" Asen asked again

she hesitated, trying to find the words

"Oh my god-" Asen turned to the wall, giving a frustrated sigh, swearing in Russian.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" He whipped his head back to her

"Because I knew you would freak out!" She argued

"I'm not freaking out!" Asen protested

"Oh yes you are-" She placed her hands on her hips,

Asen narrowed his eyes before giving a sharp exhale

"You're keeping secrets!" Asen huffed out

"I'm allowed to keep secrets, surely you don't tell me things either-" She defended, Asen hesitated and gave a low groan

"Why him? Literally, anyone else is better- Anton is even better!" He argued, Renata just sat down, patting the seat beside her

"Are you done being a baby? would you like to talk about this or not?" She gave him the glare. The glare that parents often use in disciplining children. Asen watched her and the seat she was patting before letting out a huff and plopping himself down, arms crossed. like a child

"Asen...Z and I have been close for a while, yes...we've been dating, but we keep it low because Z doesn't like the attention, I kept it low to avoid you throwing a fit" She explained

"Z right now is going through a lot, I'm trying to support him best I can" she added on

"Anton told me he's been hurt lately..."

Renata nods softly "He doesn't want anyone to know but it's getting harder to keep, I made a promise to keep this between him and me...for his sake.." She explains

Asen, now calmer, leans back with his arms crossed "Well.. you didn't see him yesterday, it happened again, according to Anton-" Asen muttered.

Renata's face fills with guilt and worry, she hastily stands up

"I need to go, will you be-" She was then cut off by Asen, waving his hand dismissively

"I get it, its not my business..." He mumbled. Renata gave a nod, thanking him for understanding, and rushed out, grabbing supplies and to find Z.

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