Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Once Renata had left Asen stayed put for a few minutes, mostly to calm himself, Comet soon emerged and sat in front of him, floating

“What?” He grumbled

“You are upset” Comet pointed out blatantly

“Yeah no shit” He huffed, crossing his arms tighter

“You are jealous” The Gemini tilted his head

Asen’s face turned red out of embarrassment “I’m not jealous..."

“You are jealous because you think Z is replacing you” It continued,

“Quit reading my thoughts Comet!” He argued, turning redder

“Your thoughts are my thoughts” Comet reminded, Asen just glared, it didn’t phase the ghost-like creature

“You know she loves you, and will always” Comet explained

“I know but, that guy gives me weird vibes,” Asen said softer

“You cannot know for sure, you never talk to him” the Gemini swirled around Asen before placing itself in front of his host again

“Yeah yeah...I know” Asen said, calmer now. He sighed and pushed his fingers through his hair, slicking it back before it fell back to its original placement.

“What’s done is done I guess” He stood up walking to the door before opening it and heading to the main room of the cabin, there Kizana watched him with tear-filled eyes, clutching the blanket she was sitting on

“H-Have I done something wrong Mr. Romanova--” She managed out, His eyes instantly gloss over with worry,

“What?? No no no- No Kizana not at all! I-I’m not mad at you!” He waved his hands quickly and shook his head

“You were yelling--” She pointed to the hall

“No- that was-” He sighed “Nothing- nothing about you I promise..” He walked over to her and smiled gently “May I sit?” He asked, she gave a soft nod. He scooped up the tail of his coat and sat down beside her, resting his forearms on his knees.

“Kizana siblings bicker, it’s normal, we're not mad- just, arguing I guess” He explained. She gave a gentle nod and placed a hand on Asen’s sympathetically. he gave a small breath in disbelief before smiling at her

“It’s okay, You did nothing wrong Kizana..” He looked over to her, her golden eyes gazing back at him, they almost had a pink tint to them, The two share a moment of quiet before Asen realized

“The curry--crap Anton can’t cook--” He shot up, he turned back to her and patted her head

“I-I’ll be right back-!” He comforted and quickly ran back, from the window Kizana could hear the faint cries of Asen pleading for Anton not to burn his curry,

Kizana placed a hand over her mouth to cover a laugh that escaped her. Comet was still there, looking back to Kizana curiously. Kizana looked back to it, tilting her head in bewilderment. Comet mimicked this. She then raised her hand, Comet did the same, it was mirroring her. Kizana smiled a bit and played around with this idea before speaking up,

“Hi..” She muttered out shyly

“Hello” It responded, floating towards her

“Y-You look like Mr. Romanova” She stated

“Because I am” Comet nods

“But you just-” She looked out the window

“I’m Asen’s soul. He can remove his soul to be an aid in his life,” Comet explained

“You aren’t him exactly then?” she questioned

“I am everything he feels and everything he thinks, and I am him, but I can think for myself too, and say what I feel” Comet smiled

“This is confusing” She held her head

“It is a hard concept, most people will never understand it” The Gemini explains

“Are you.. the only one?” She asked

“No, Kyndall also has a Gemini, Its name is Kiwi” it replied

Kizana just nodded “So Mr. Romanova-”

“Comet” it corrected


“You can call me Comet” It smiled, The soul had a gentle warm glow from it, although you couldn’t touch it, from a distance the gentle heat can be felt. Kizana smiled a bit and struggled to stand. After a few tries, she eventually did, Looking up to Comet curiously. It simply looked back to her. Once again the two were mirroring. Kizana was now playing around with the Gemini, laughing and following it happily, the two got along quite well,

Suddenly Asen was back, holding a bowl in his hands, using his sleeves to hold it. Due to the steam rising on it one could tell it was hot

“I saved it!” He smiled proudly. Comet went to be beside Asen once more,

“Saved what?” She questioned

“The curry!” He replied, walking to a table and dishing up plates

“What is curry?” She asked

“Curry- is an Indian dish, hard to make sometimes but it’s super good! Although it’s very hot and spicy, I got some water for you In case it's too much, I tried to keep it milder than I usually make it...Here” He hands a plate to her, the orange-colored curry looked hot and ready, the smell was fragrant, like a summer’s day.

She took a small bite and her eyes lit up, grinning ear to ear before eating more of it, practically wolfing it down

“Hey! s-slow down it’s not going anywhere” He laughed shyly,

She suddenly turned red and shut her eyes tightly, her mouth was now basically on fire, Asen chuckled and handed her the glass of water which she practically downed in one go

“I warned you” He sat beside her, eating from his plate

She refilled her glass and downed that one too, Comet was mimicking her once again, Asen furrowed his brow and pointed his fork at it

“Oi- don’t do that Comet that’s not nice” He scolded

Kizana, once she was cooled off shook Asen’s arm gently

“It’s okay- he and I were playing earlier” she defended

Asen looked back to Comet who nodded happily

“Ah- alright, well as long as you’re okay with it” He explained, she nodded happily and smiled.

“So, Are you ready to meet the others yet?” Asen questioned

“Not yet...The Professor said he wanted to see me later today before I met the others..” She mumbled sadly

Asen nods “Ah I see..” He took another bite

“Do you think They’ll like me?” she questioned

“Of course! Why wouldn't they?” He turned to her, she simply pointed to her horn and scales, frowning

“Oh..” he said softly

“Well...so what? Were all a little different here, If anyone gives you a problem you come to me! Okay?” he nudged her. She smiled and nodded happily before eating what was on the rest of her plate

Hertzog made his way into the Serdtse. The two greeted him as he gave a small wave to enter

"Good afternoon children, How are we feeling Kizana?" He hummed out

"Good..." She nods obediently, her smile fading

"That's wonderful, Asen it's nearly time for you to train, keep an eye on the others, please. Kizana, let's go and run our errand like we discussed alright?" He holds a hand out to her in which she takes,

"Where are you heading professor?" Asen piped up, still eating

"Kizana is going to retrace her steps for me so I can have an idea of what she went through" Hertzog explained

Asen nods and waved at them "Okay See you later" He smiled

Hertzog waved back at him and they both turn to leave, The two walked towards the forest and through the uncharted areas of the Island, walking cautiously the two embark on their journey

"And, Kizana, you said you're sure you found a Dragon?" He looked back to her, his Monocle gleamed in the light.

Kizana nods quietly and holds his hand tighter "Mhm.." She visibly seemed frightened by the forest

"Okay, I hope you're not lying to me my little Servitor" He walked

the two searched for a while, but eventually reached a cave, where she points, Hertzog glanced in curiously before seeing it. a giant dragon, perfectly preserved in Ice, It was a dark blue with gold and copper accents, it had injuries through its main abdomen, clearly dead, Hertzog's eyes widen in shock as he stepped closer, His eyes couldn't believe what he saw, his jaw nearly dropped at the discovery. The only words he could find the courage to say was,

"The Dark King..."

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