Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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After a rough morning and a bittersweet lunch the two siblings, as the two made it to the Hall in silence they prepared the food for the day, Asen couldn't help but worry about how many times he'd cook before leaving...was he gonna leave? He wasn’t sure.

As they prepared food students started to liter in

Khorkina walked through with Anton, tossing her hair back as she sat down

“I can’t believe Z is still lying in bed! You’d think he’d be better after all the medication the Professor gave him” She crossed her arms over the bench table as Kizana sat next to her, Kyndall soon walked in with Anton continuing the conversation

“You probably shouldn’t be so harsh, I think he’s dealing with something right now, His pet’s missing” Kyndall sat down beside Kizana.

“It’s a waste” Anton huffed, plopping himself down beside Khorkina

“Not that I need them, but I would have met the evaluations quota with those kinds of medications” Anton scoffed

“You don't need those! You’ll do great today I know it” Khorkina kissed his cheek and smiled proudly

“You’ve been working hard that’s for sure” Kyndall added on

The three were left to their own indistinct conversation as Ivan and HJ walked in the two chit-chatting, mostly flirting, the two seemed to have patched up since the last time and are enjoying themselves, Solace was walking in with Vera, the two talking about art and other simple topics.

Vanessa and Z were the only ones not accounted for.

soon enough, the Romanova siblings set plates out for everyone for lunch before training, as Asen sat down beside Ivan he quietly ate his food, Asen didn’t have the heart to talk to anyone today.

Hertzog made his way in through the hall, greeting the students calmly, Asen and Renata shared a look, silently eating as he conversed with the other students about evaluations.

The hall continued the chatter, Asen tuned most of it out, he felt rather hollow at the moment, there was no way he could leave this, this was his family, what if something did happen?? Asen quickly shook the thought out of his head, no nothing will happen because Z was wrong, he just knew it.

Eventually, the Professor instructed everyone to meet on training grounds, Asen and Renata cleaned up the mess and packaged the leftovers. Once the two finished up they headed to the training grounds just like everyone else.

As they walked the siblings stayed in silence, both lost in their heavy thoughts. As they were walking Renata tripped in a hole, crashing straight into Khorkina, clearly bothered and in pain she whips her head around to Renata

“What the Hell Renata?!” She snapped

Renata, clearly out of it meekly apologizes, which falls flat

Anton, now bothered feels like Renata started something for nothing

“Hey, Ever learn to say I’m sorry?? Professor will never let you go to the capital like that” Anton glared

Khorkina sighed and grabbed Anton’s arm “Forget it, We need to go to the Professor” She grumbled

The two of them head off to ask about evaluations, Asen helped his sister up and looked over her worriedly

“You okay...?” He mumbled out

“Peachy...” She sighed, heading over towards the professor

As the two made it towards the evaluation he began to make a headcount upon seeing the Romanova siblings he offers a soft smile

“Hello my children” He greets

“Hello, Professor” She gave a soft nod, Hertzog went to ruffle Asen’s hair and without thinking Asen pulled away, Renata internally freaks and gives Asen a Snap out of it glare,

“Asen? What’s wrong?” Hertzog asked, noticing his injuries

“I-I got hurt in training yesterday, sorry professor...” he gave a soft nod

Hertzog sighed and smiled “My boy, working so hard, but that’s no right to hurt yourself, especially when evaluations are today, please be careful”

“-We will Professor, thank you” Renata spoke before Asen could say anything. After a quick scan of the field, he notices Z is missing. He furrowed his brow and turned to Renata

“Where is Z?” He asked

“He isn’t feeling well Professor-” Renata fibbed

“Really..? Yesterday he was just fine- Has something gone wrong with his dosage?” The professor questioned

“He’ll be just fine, he’s just resting is all” She reassured

“I see, Well it’s a good thing he’s got you to look out for him Renata” He smiled and clasped his hands together

“Alright everyone, It’s time for evaluations, Remember to do your best and don’t forget your training! Make sure to collect your gear and don’t move a muscle until you are given orders to!” Hertzog instructed everyone.

All the students began equipping their gear and working on their training, Asen went on standby to watch for any injuries, he was prepping a heal-source as he watched.

Each student worked hard as they practiced on the robotic dummies, one by one the Professor graded their progress, and based on his subtle expressions, Asen could tell no luck.

“Anton it’s your turn” He called out

With Khorkina and Kizana offering encouraging words the two egged him to do his best

“What a shame~ So much time for such a simple test-” Anton said smugly, his arrogance bleeding from every pore of his body.

As Anton trained and practiced the dummies he could tell by the professor’s reactions that he wasn’t reaching his full potential, this aggravated him. Anton continued to work harder and harder, until,

A large pulse of energy surged, Anton’s eyes turned a bright golden color, the force around him turned to jelly as he levitated the area around him, picking up all the training dummies in a radius

Hertzog’s eyes widen at the never before seen transformation, he quickly wrote in his notes

“Finally-! A Breakthrough!!” He exclaimed

Anton heard this and smirked proudly, unaware of the wound forming on his torso, his body began to turn black at the hands, scales spawned throughout his fingers, growing weak he begins to crumble, the energy around him pushes an insane amount of pressure on the blonde

Hertzog turns to Asen “Out of the way Asen-!” He firmly orders

Asen quickly backs up upon request and ushers other students to do the same,

“Anton-!” Khorkina shouts, worried for her partner she is held back by Kyndall, watching in horror as Anton’s breakthrough backfires

Within a moment the Pushing force suddenly pulls back rapidly, the robots are flying everywhere, one comes barreling towards Asen at rapid speeds, Asen puts his hands up and shuts his eyes tightly to brace for impact,


He opens his eyes to see Renata, holding the force against Anton, she pushes against it for a few moments before diverting it in a clear area, once she releases it, the debris nicks her arm, causing a light cut over her sleeve and arms, it bleeds lightly as she trips on the ground. Asen quickly opens up a Heal-source to patch her up,

Anton’s breakthrough eventually stops and Khorkina rushes to his aid, helping him up,

Hertzog runs over towards the two siblings, helping her up frantically, his eyes laced with worry, as he checks her for any injuries

“Renata are you alright??” He said anxiously

“I-I’m fine I’m fine- It’s just a scratch...” She holds her arm,

“Let me see...” He says, gingerly holding her arm. Once she lets go there is a light wound but Asen’s heal source was patching it nicely.

Hertzog let out a sigh of relief, letting her go and running a hand through his grey hair, adjusting his monocle

“Good job Asen...” He sighed once again

“You two are my most precious treasures...Please be more careful...I can’t stand to lose you both-” He muttered

Renata looked away, trying to avoid that statement “W-What happened to Anton- Just now..?” She asked

“My dear, Anton had a breakthrough, he reached capabilities we have not foreseen, Its nothing short of a miracle” Hertzog explained,

He keeps taking glances over to Anton, Asen could see the eagerness in his father's face.

Asen softened and helped Renata stand “We should be heading back...” He mumbled, taking the chance to escape.

“Not so fast Asen, I have something for you both, You two did excellent today-” He pulls out two chocolate bars from his inner coat pocket, handing one to each of them, smiling warmly

“Chocolate straight from the capital, Thank you for working so hard children,”

“Thank you professor” Renata smiled weakly

“Don’t tell the others, our little secret okay?” He winked

“Thank you...” Asen muttered before taking Renata back to the Serdtse

As the two walked back Asen stared at the chocolate in disbelief, scoffing lightly

“What is it..?” Renata asked

“You really think Oppai is bad...” He muttered, fumbling with the chocolate bar curiously

“Look, I don’t know, but we can’t deny that He is hurting Z” Renata explained

“I know I just...He cares about us, I don’t think he’s faking it” Asen mumbled

“Maybe not, but we can’t be sure” She sighed

“I’m going to go get some rest, I’ll see you later,” She waved before heading inside the cabin. Asen sighed and looked at the chocolate before walking towards the Hall to search for Vera

He finds her standing outside the hall looking down at her book, upon seeing Asen she looks up happily

“H-Hi Asen” She smiled gently “How...How are you feeling?” She asked

“Better than this morning...Thank you by the way...I wanted to give you this-” He Holds out the chocolate bar to her,

Her eyes instantly lit up, grabbing the chocolate gently,

“Wow!! T-This is...chocolate! thank-...Thank you!! I’ll Cherish this with all my heart!” She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around Asen tightly

“I’m glad you like it Moya Dusha" He hugs her,

"I-I actually got you something too.." She mumbled, parting from his embrace

"I-it's not much but here- this flower is for you!" She hands the artic rose to him

"You found an Artic rose? But the season already passed??" Asen looks back at her

"I m-managed to find one by the forest!" She giggled

"Y-You can...press it in a book! and keep it!" She explained

"Thank you, that's awfully kind of you Vera"

"I hope it cheers you up..." The blonde Frenchie smiled, taking his hand

"It did...Thank you" He smiled back at her

The two walked into the hall after evaluations to sit with Ivan and HJ, conversing about training and evaluations for the day.

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