Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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It was noon around Tokyo Japan, the squad was introduced to Caesar and Chisei’s plan to go into the town. It was clear to say it was a favorable one. Asen was in his room, getting into the green kimono, which was cleaned from last night. he glanced to the older kimono from before, the crab apple one Chisei let him borrow. He folded it neatly and clutched it to his chest, he walked out into the main room ready. He only now just realized he was the first to get ready. everyone else was still bustling about.

He skipped over to Luminous’ door and knocked lightly, peeking in thereafter. he saw luminous tying of the waist straps to his kimono, mostly struggling. The honey-eyed student looked up and spotted Asen, offering a meek wave

“Do you need help?” Asen signed

“No, I got it! I’ll have Solace help me” He reassured

Asen nods before adjusting the neat kimono in his arms

“I’m going to the Hall to meet up with Mr. Gen, I’ll meet you guys there?” Asen signed again, asking

“Mhm! We’ll be there soon!” Luminous gave a cheeky smile

And with that Asen was off, skipping down the trail calmly, kimono in hand, he was very excited to see Japan, his little chef heart was excited to try all the new food. He made it to the hall and spotted Chisei, although he looked different, He wore thin brimmed glasses, along with a tight-fit, navy kimono, much different than his normal Hydra garments, it looked friendlier and more inviting than before. He spotted Asen and flagged him down happily

“I brought back your kimono, thank you for letting me use it,” Asen wrote on the Tablet

Chisei’s expression was instantly relieved as he picked up the well-cared-for kimono “Thank you...I’m grateful for you returning it...” He thanked

Asen happily nods, gesturing to his new look, Chisei’s cheeks tinted red from embarrassment “Mr. Gattuso said it was wise to not dress in Hydra’s uniform...I feel a little foolish” He confessed

Asen promptly shook his head, offering a cheeky smile “You look happy” He wrote on his tablet, Chisei softened at the words

“I’m Humbled...Thank you” He said graciously

Soon enough the rest of the squad arrived in the Hall, meeting up with Chisei and Asen,

Caesar lit up at Chisei’s look smiling proudly “You look just grand Mr. Patriarch” He teased, slinging his arm over Chisei’s shoulders

“Woah! Yakuza boss to College model!” Luminous grinned happily

“It looks great Mr. Gen” Solace complimented, Johann, nodding in agreement

“You all are too kind...It’s just a kimono, really” Chisei felt flustered by all the attention, this was definitely out of his comfort zone, but not unwanted. a small part of him was happy to be out like this.

“Alright let’s head out!” Caesar instructed

Chisei promptly nods and begins to walk, “Yes, I will have Mr. Inuyama take us to Chizuru, I thought we can stroll the neighborhood, it's a popular town"

"Fine by us," Johann offered a kind smile, the rest agreeing on

Chisei nods and then went to Katsu who pulled a limo out for them, the six then boarded and drove the twenty minutes into the town, the whole car was filled with conversations, Chisei and Caesar talking about cars, Solace and Luminous talking about what they might see. And Johann seemed to be texting Suzie, probably to make amends. Asen was happy to see everyone so calm, it reminded him of Swan Hall,

"What are you excited to see Asen?" Luminous perked up,

Asen snapped out of his thought process, glancing to his friends, he hesitated before signing "I wanna see the food"

"Oh, the food!! I can't wait to try real poki!" Luminous grinned

"There's a lot of street markets in Chizuru, I'm sure you'll find something" Chisei piped in

Asen nods happily and listened as Luminous began babbling about food to Solace, who showed similar excitement

Eventually, katsu stopped the car just outside of Chizuru and let all of them hop off, the older man whistled for Chisei's attention, which he got. The brunette walked over to the driver's side and watched him roll down the window

"You sure you don't want backup? Chizuru is crawling with Monkeyface's bugs" Katsu warned

"I can handle myself just fine, plus, Cassell College is here, I doubt we will run into any real trouble if trouble at all..." Chisei reassured

"Alright...And your father is okay with you going out like this?" He gestured

Chisei nods, "I have all my tasks for today being taken care of, and this is not a normal outing, it won't be for a long time before it happens again I reassure you" Chisei nods

"Alright got it, just don't hang here too long...got it?" He murmured

"Understood" Chisei bowed. And with that Katsu drove off. Chisei softened, knowing his father will find out eventually, but right now he didn't have to worry. He just had to pray it will be fine. it was one time after all

"I booked us reservations to a great restaurant here but it won't be ready for at least twenty minutes, I figured that's plenty of time to explore the street and try out some things"

"That sounds great! you don't need to babysit us, we can just stroll around and we can regroup" Caesar reassured

"Alright, please be careful, Here's the address to the restaurant, we'll meet in twenty.

Everyone soon sprinkled out to the street. Johann and Caesar walked over to talk to some performers. Solace was scolding Luminous for jumping out into traffic without looking, Asen stayed by Chisei's side, watching his friends pan out

"What? You wanna stick with me..?" He murmured

Asen nods happily and linked arms with Chisei. He smiled a bit and offered a defeated sigh, "Alright, let's head to a flea market, I think you'd enjoy it there" Chisei suggested

The two walked down towards a local market not far, lots of people selling all sorts of things, produce, trinkets, and jewels. Asen had never been to a market before, everything piqued his curiosity as he scanned each booth. Chisei hung back and let Asen have his fun,

Asen stopped over to a bookstall, having all sorts of Japanese books, although some were English. a cookbook caught his eye, showing basic Japanese dishes and such, he flipped through it curiously before placing it back down. Asen didn't have Japanese currency, but he was happy to look.

Chisei noticed how his eyes kept locking with the book, He softened and pulled out some Yen from his pocket, handed it to the Merchant, and picked the book up. He placed it in Asen's hands. Asen stared at the book quizzically before his big blue eyes looked back up at Chisei

"Consider it a gift, for your kindness to me...I hear gifts are a good way to make friends" Chisei smiled

Asen lit up and wrapped his arms around Chisei happily to show his gratitude. the Asian was taken back by the sudden embrace, hugs weren't a common thing for him. He softened a bit and accepted it,

"You're welcome" He chortled out, rubbing Asen's back before letting him go.

Asen happily linked arms with Chisei and rushed down the market to look at other things there, happy to spend the time with his new friend.

Twenty minutes went by sooner than expected, Asen and Chisei made their way back to the Restaurant where the rest of the squad had already gotten a table, Caesar flagged them down, then scooted over to have the two sit down. it was a quiet restaurant, it didn't seem very busy despite it being lunchtime. the table was in front of a large flat grill where a chef was behind it, he was an older man, with tan skin and a scruffy beard, his eyes were almond colored, and the bridge of his nose was adorned with a fairly large scar. He had messy hair pulled back by his navy cap

"Welcome~ Please have a seat folks, I will have my lovely host introduce you to our menu, Makoto!" He hollered across the restaurant,

"Coming!" A young voice called out,

Soon enough a young woman came out, having shaggy brown hair that reached her shoulders, it was tied up by a yellow bow. She was dressed in a yellow uniform for the restaurant, she had bright, violet eyes that couldn't seem to be taken off from Caesar, she quickly composed herself and began handing out menus

"Greeting! I am Makoto Asou! I will be your server today~" She smiled politely

"Our special today is the takoyaki, it's very yummy, I surely hope you will try it today" She bowed before taking her to leave,

"Woah! Look at all the food!" Luminous exclaimed, scanning through the menu

"What is takoyaki?" Solace then turned to Chisei

"It's octopus, like a biscuit with diced octopus" Gen then explained

Solace then nods before burying herself with the menu to look for what she wanted

Soon enough Makoto returned, and began taking everyone's orders, starting with Johann, and then ending with Asen, who had ordered the Emperor's noodles, Makoto happily bowed and went to the man behind the glass in front of them to hand him the order.

Chisei softened "Emperor's noodles? that's street food Asen" He teased lightly,

"it's the perfect combo of French romance and Japanese indifference!" The Chef hollered out

"Well...It is certainly cultural" Chisei mumbled under his breath

"Ey buddy, you're breaking my heart~" The chef called as he began to cook, haven't seen your faces around here, you tourists?" He asked

"As a matter of fact we are~" Caesar piped up

"I suppose you can say that..." Johann explained

"Ah well, I bet none of you know why it's called Emperor's Noodles?"

"Oh Cause it's gold! Like the riches an emperor has!" Luminous exclaimed

"Or maybe it's a historic dish?" Johann added

"mmm Not quite~" The Chef teased

"It's supposed to make you feel as full as if you were an emperor" Chisei explained

"Wow~ The striping young man gets it! You kinda look like me in my youth," The Chef chuckled

Chisei grimaced at the thought and chuckled nervously

"No I don't think so..." He murmured

The Chef began cooking up all of their orders, throwing jokes here and there between it all the orders. the door swung open from the distance, a darker man with red hair and a yakuza jacket, he was whispering hushedly to Makoto, who looked visibly uncomfortable. Johann picked up on it first while the group was chatting, he nudged Caesar and subtly pointed to the commotion.

Caesar glanced over to the two, noticing the interaction

"This isn't what we had agreed on...Mr. Koshi can't afford this--" Makoto stammered quietly

"Damn it bitch you owe us, who else is gonna protect you huh??" The Mobster pulled a gun out, aiming it at her,

Chisei and Caesar were up on their feet in an instant

"Hey, didn't your mother teach you better manners-" Caesar marched up, shoving off the Yakuza man, glaring him down

"You wanna pay me huh pretty boy? I'll turn your ass into a bloody pavement picture." The mobster threatened

"You one of monkeyface's boys?" Chisei glared

"What's it to you?" He then aimed the gun at Chisei, who seemed unbothered, he simply flicked his kimono jacket to reveal a Hydra katana, with the emblem at the handle. The Mobster went pale from the insignia

"Y-You guys are from Hydra??" He stammered

"What not so tough now?" Caesar teased, The mobster's lips kept flapping like a fish, unable to find the words to talk, he knew he was in trouble.

Makoto stayed frozen behind the counter as the two men shoved out the mobster, and just like that he was gone, Chisei sighed as he walked back to the table, happy to be dealt with

"Are you alright miss..?" Caesar turned to Makoto, scanning her over for injuries

"Oh...I'm alright" Her cheeks turned red "Such a kind and handsome man like you doesn't need to worry about me" She murmured shyly

Caesar's cheeks tinted lightly at the interaction, he cleared his throat before giving a curt bow, "Thank you, Makoto you should get back to work...I'm gonna- you know" He turned redder before hastily making his leave

Makoto found it endearing, admiring him as he left before quietly cleaning up her station and going to help other customers

"You flirting with the waitress?" Chisei teased

Johann and Luminous suddenly perked up, visibly concerned

"No--no of course not, I have a lady back home, my Fiance in fact" He hummed out

"Ah I see" Chisei smiled, leaning back

"Which reminds me! After this mission, you are invited to the wedding~" Caesar nudged Chisei

"I'm honored" He hummed out.

"Tonight! We drink!" Caesar announced

"Makoto! let's get some Sake for the table" He ordered out

She happily nodded and went to the back to grab some

"Drinks? You guys have a mission tomorrow..." Chisei said worriedly

"And what better way to top it off~" Caesar hummed

"I don't know whether its overconfidence or foolishness...an SS Mission is extremely dangerous-" Chisei stressed

"Don't underestimate us, we're stronger than we look" Johann explained

"Yeah! Were a team!!" Luminous piped in

"Guys Chisei might have a point" Solace mumbled out bowing her head

Asen smiled warmly and just patted her head, signing how it would be fine

Chisei softened and nodded, "Fair enough..." He sighed.

Makoto soon brought back a bottle of sake for the group and handed out cups, the group began going for drinks and chatting a lively conversation. Chisei scanned the room, listening to everyone's excitement. His eyes softened as he looked at the warm atmosphere the group had created, in his mind, they were reckless, foolish, like luminous and Caesar, but kind, like Asen and caring like Solace. In the end, it was nice to be a little foolish, even for a moment. In that instant, Chisei felt normal, and he was happy.

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