Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The Dragon Clan has ruled over the world since ancient times. Under the reign of the Dark King and the four lords. Kagutsuchi, the lord of Bronze and fire, Fujin the lord of air and wind, Ryujin the lord of ocean and water, and Fenrir the god of the Earth and mountains. They enslaved the other living creatures and had reigned proudly for many centuries.

To rise from this oppression, the early humans would slay and drink the dragon’s blood to become human hybrids, beings who possessed abnormal powers thanks to the dragons.

War erupts, it was a hybrid mutiny against the Dragon Clan. The four lords were unable to match the S-Rank hybrids, and they left and the clan was weakened. Not even the Dark King could escape his inevitable downfall. It marked the end of the Dragon clan’s reign.

Humans became rulers of the world, domestication causing the Hybrids to become a genetic passing to each generation as the years passed, the Four Lords were forced into hiding, They are rumored to lurk in the various corners of the land in slumber awaiting a new king’s calling.

In today’s time, in Zelenyi Bor, Russia ran a local laboratory run by Jung Von Hertzog, a young professor who recently came back from battle in World War II, in his adventures he’s often alone in isolation, focusing on his research upon the Dragon Clan, Being a person who was born without the Hybrid genetics, his desire to learn only increased within time.

He realized upon his research that Hybrid children are more likely to be abandoned during the war due to the social opinion on them at the time. Hertzog found many children discarded and abandoned throughout Russia, and began a mission to take care of the Hybrid children, and create a learning facility to show the world that Hybrids can show promise in families and life, thus Black Swan Bay was created.

Hertzog built an orphanage to house at least fifteen students at a time. To continue his research, he relocated most of his work into a cave system under a mountain just by the orphanage, and for a while, he left his studies to focus on Black Swan Bay.

Hybrid Orphanages were unheard of and thus grew the Attention of Hydra, a Corporation located in Moscow Russia, that specializes in Russia’s defenses, they form a contract with Jung to provide funding and supplies to his orphanage in exchange for data of the Hybrid children. He agrees to this contract and a team is sent to aid the construction of Black Swan Bay. Once created a few orphans were taken in by Hertzog and given the love and care they deserved, and he developed training grounds to check their Hybrid abilities.

This was the beginning of Black Swan Bay.

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