Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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New start

After a week to heal and learn Anjou, HJ, and of course, E.V.A. has been keeping Asen a secret, Letting him heal and catch up on his new life, he has been studying English the best he could, but writing it was a struggle. He was currently staying in a spare room in the nurse’s office where HJ would visit him every break.

He had a tablet now, something he learned to use, its language settings were in Russian but had an English setting if needed. His only contacts were E.V.A. Anjou and HJ. It was a sunny morning on September 24th. A small knock came on the door, an unknown voice called out

“Hello? Romanova? Can I open the door?” The female voice called, Asen hesitated before stepping to the door and peeking out of it. It was Suzie, from the Icebreaker mission. She was wearing the Blue and Black Uniform and was holding a similar tablet in her hand. A robot was floating behind her, it was thin and had bright blue lenses like eyes.

“Hi there, I’m Suzie, the Vice President of Lionheart, You must be Ice-boy” She lets herself in the small room and turns on a switch, allowing E.V.A. to appear, in which she does

“I found you on our ship, I was the one who fished you out, so, you’re welcome” She hummed, pushing her coke-bottle glasses up the bridge of her nose, her Brown curls bouncing as she moved

“I’m fully aware you cannot speak, since there is no Russian Sign Language the tablet should suffice, when you’re ready you can be taught ASL.” She holds her hand out to Asen, who hesitated but hands her the tablet. She then opens up a translator app and then hands it back to him.

“You type in Russian, I’ll read it in English, okay?” She asked. Asen meekly nods before she nods back at him

“Good, come with me Romanova” she gestures out of the room. Asen types before walking behind her. He shows her the tablet

“Asen,” It wrote, she turned back to him before nodding

“Right- Sorry, Asen. Anyways, Cassell College was founded by the SSH, The Secret Society of Hybrids. This school’s ultimate goal is to wipe out any remains of dragons and make it nothing more than history.”

‘Why?’ Asen typed out

“If Dragons are allowed to come back to life, the world will face annihilation, Only hybrids, like us, are strong enough to take a stand against them. We know you have hybrid genetics, we just don’t know what class. That’s where Eva comes in...”

The two walked across the main office to an empty room covered in blue and grey. The neon colors illuminated the room along with the big windows shining light through. E.V.A. suddenly appears on a platform, binary numbers swirling around her.

“There you are E.V.A., why don’t you explain our test to Asen here,” Suzie said as she sets up the computers

E.V.A. smiled professionally before speaking in a plain tone “To evaluate your true ability, we will conduct a painless test to measure how much resonance you have with your extra skills, this is known as your D-cypher ability”

“So you’re gonna see a lot of strange things, bright lights, colors, etc. But I promise it won't hurt okay? If on the rare chance it does please signal us and we will stop immediately okay?” Suzie explains

Asen hesitated, looking at the glowing platform before nodding, stepping up to it. Suddenly, his eyes turn bright golden as his heal source connected to the platform without his doing, almost acting on its own. Suzie began recording the code coming out from the computer, Asen felt rather nervous, despite not being held down or bound in any way, he was Paralyzed... Asen put his trust in Suzie, and let her continue her tests, despite him being unable to see now, the only thing he could was the night’s sky although, in an amber color, constellations floated across him as if a weird dream. Comet suddenly emerged from Asen’s soul and was glued to the heal source as well, it seemed since the bombing, he was hiding there. Suzie wrote down everything she needed before signaling E.V.A. to stop. Eva shut down the computer and Asen immediately was free, the heal source dispersed and the comet was free to roam once again.

Suzie walked towards Asen without looking up “I see...You have an Abnormal combination here. you have an S rank in your healing abilities, which is good, rare even, but your ability to control this is only D rank, have you been able to cast your abilities on command?” Suzie asked. Asen nods and demonstrates it before her

“C class then...” She edited her notes “You seem to be extremely unstable due to the trauma you endured. You’re at risk Asen, your body is reacting to minor threats as life or death because of what you experienced. You need to have supplements with you at all times in case of an outbreak...Despite this, a Soul dancer that can heal is very useful..”

‘Soul Dancer?’ Asen typed out

“Your soul can split, causing a ghost-like entity to act in your place to enhance your skill, it's one of the traits of a Hybrid. You’re Gemini here will assist you in your Healing capabilities and defenses” Suzie then points to Comet, before adjusting her glasses,

“Right then, I’ll have the Principal log the information, E.V.A. will have you enroll in the school in which you need to change uniform, and you can get a proper dorm to live in, Professor Jane has personally funded your enrollment here, so no need to seek Financial Aid, I hope you consider joining the Lionheart Society once you’re settled in, We’d be thrilled to have you, I know Johann will be” She smiled, waving at Asen before making her way out, the tiny robot following behind her.

Asen stood there in confusion before turning back to the hologram. E.V.A. smiled politely at him before speaking;

“You’re very lucky to have joined us today, Asen, Please have Adam, our robot guide you to your new uniform” She explained, gesturing to a similar robot to Suzie’s. the little drone chittered to Asen before floating down the hall. Asen looked back to E.V.A. before following the robot. he walked over to a box with a note taped on top,

“Welcome to Cassell College” Was written in Russian, signed by Principal Anjou.

Asen formed a weak smile before picking up the box,

“Go ahead and head back to the room you were staying in and change, By Tomorrow we will have a dorm for you to stay in” E.V.A. explained before waving him off. Asen waved back before carrying the box back to his room.

Once there, he opened it up and took off his old coat, he folded it neatly and set it on the bed. He kept his black, sleeveless, turtleneck on, only putting on the jacket and changing the pants as well, after hooking up all the belts needed and adjusting the jacket he gazed in the mirror, noticing the key on his neck. He traced his fingertips over the base and softened. It was the Key to the Swan Hall, he didn't need it anymore, yet...He still wanted to keep it, he didn't want to forget what happened there, he needed to find his family. but right now, he had to stay in Chicago.

Asen grabbed his tablet and walked out, looking like a proper student there he made his way outside to meet up with HJ who was waiting for him on the campus, off to a new chapter in his life.

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