Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The Christmas Banquet

Christmas day proceeded with joy and wonder, Christmas was a wonderful and important time for these children. The commissioner watched from afar how the kids interacted, how their powers worked, as the sun fell in the west over the sea Asen was heading down the trail with Vera beside him. The two walked arm and arm dressed in red with white coats, fur scarfs. Both looked truly in the spirit of Christmas.

As the two children headed to where the Ball was, Asen couldn’t help but steal glances at her every once in a while, Vera took notice and laughed shyly

“What...Is it Chiot?” She asked

Asen turned redder, looking down to his feet as they walked, “N-nothing, I’m just happy I get to go to the ball with someone as wonderful as you...” He confessed

Vera’s cheeks dusted pink as she held the chocolate in her free hand “What took you so long...?” She asked

“I don’t know...I just-” He softened “I didn’t want to rush you” He murmured. Vera stopped before reaching up to cup his cheeks but was too short to do so. Asen smiled sheepishly and leaned down so she could do so.

“You worry so much, I-I wonder how heavy your heart is...” She murmured

“How heavy my heart is..?” Asen questioned

“I hear gold is pretty heavy” She explained, Asen turned redder and hid his face in her hands. She laughed at his reaction before letting go

“C’mon...Let’s. g-go! It’s about to start!” She exclaims. Asen nods and walks with her to the Father tree, where they can see Khorkina running, dragging Anton by the wrist

“Slow down! I-I’m not healed yet-!” Anton stammered, clutching his side

Khorkina was far too excited, Waving to Vera enthusiastically

“Hi, Asen! Hi Vera~!” She called out to them, Vera looked to Asen for approval, and after a soft nod, Vera quickly rushed to Khorkina’s side, chatting with her about the Banquet. Asen walked over to Anton who was still clutching his side

“How are you feeling?” Asen asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. Anton looked up to Asen before giving a weak nod

“Not good, but you know me I can handle it...” Anton fakes a smile, attempting to adjust himself to stand up straight, He and Khorkina were also dressed for the event.

"Do you want me to heal it? I can open up a Heal-source..." Asen lets his hands emit a warm glow as he prepares

"N-No it's alright...Professor said something about running tests later..." Anton refused

"Alright..." Asen softened

Ivan soon arrived, HJ in tow, the two were dressed in brown and blue, carrying sparklers and gifts with Bonderev in tow

“Look, everyone! We got the gifts!” HJ Exclaimed. The students rejoiced and assisted the three of them with the heavy load, placing them on the table closest to the tree.

Kyndall walked with Solace and Kizana, the three of them chatting about the party and how hard they all worked.

Hertzog eventually came in giving Bonderev a civil nod before turning to the students

“My dear children- Today is Christmas day, an important occasion for Black Swan Bay, and Anton’s last day here at the Orphanage, please pay him your respect and send him off with good regards! Let us celebrate this wonderful night!” Hertzog announced, The lights soon came alive on the tree, lighting the entire area with a mixture of colors. The children watched in awe and cheered as the fireworks launched into the sky, Ivan began handing out sparklers for everyone to enjoy with

“Wow!! A-Asen look...!” Vera cheered, pointing to the pink firework

“It’s so bright!!” Khorkina exclaimed, shaking Anton excitedly. Anton winced on impact but clapped alongside her,

Renata made her way up, placing a hand on Asen’s shoulder as she greeted him. He simply waved back to her

“It's beautiful isn’t it?” She spoke softly, her eyes reflected the bright colors that displayed, it almost looked like she was crying, but the rapid flashing of lights made it hard to differentiate

“It is...” Asen agreed, patting her back lightly before turning back to Vera who was in awe over the assortment of colors.

Hertzog made his way to Bonderev and looked towards the children with heartbroken eyes,

“Commissioner” He greeted

“Doctor” The Russian replied

“How about we leave them be, I have something to show you...” Hertzog explained. Bonderev cocked a brow in suspicion but eventually followed Hertzog towards the mountain, leaving the children to enjoy the night

Renata watched the two leave before turning to Asen quietly “I’m going to bring Z his present, Enjoy the banquet” Renata waved

“Bye R-Renata!” Vera waved before leading Asen to the sparklers Ivan was handing out. Asen grabbed one and lit it before holding it above Vera like a real firework. She cheered happily, admiring it before gently taking it from Asen’s hand, She twirled it around curiously before holding it to the cobblestone pavement, drawing shapes into the ground. Asen knelt beside her and watched her happily as the sparks eventually died out. Vera laughed innocently before handing the old sparkler stem to Asen. As he went to throw it away suddenly the Nutcracker played on the radio displayed on the table by the presents.

The students instantly lit up and Khorkina spoke up “Grab a partner quick!!” She exclaimed looking at Anton

“I can’t my wound...” He muttered quietly

Khorkina softened "But this is your last night here..."

"We'll dance another time, promise" He reassures

The Russian girl huffed and looked around as the other students grabbed their dates

“I’ll go with you-” A voice perked up, It was Kyndall, offering a hand out to her sister with a small smile

Khorkina instantly lit up and took her hand “I knew you always had my back~” she giggled and the two sisters rushed to the front,

Vera was being pulled by Asen and looked at him quizzically “What are we doing??” She asked

“It’s the Nutcracker!” He grinned happily

“Isn’t that a slow song??” She questioned

“Not this one! it’s op 71 no 12! Follow my lead!” Asen grinned

Vera nods hesitantly “O-Okay..”

Suddenly the children led their partners in the dance, full of bouncing and singing, As the children danced around the floor, arms extended the few that were unsure were sent to follow, Kyndall and Khorkina as usual were stellar in their performance, Ivan and HJ just bounced happily. Asen held onto Vera’s hand teaching her the Russian dance.

Anton, Kizana, and Solace watched from the sides, clapping on beat.

The children danced and cheered happily, as the song went faster and faster, they kept spinning and jumping, being light on their toes, Asen twirled Vera around and hoisted her up in the air.

Vera not used to the height let a small squeak of surprise but as they span she saw everyone laughing and having fun. It was contagious, She let out a happy laugh as Asen sat her down,

The groups danced throughout the cobblestone floors, it reminded them of Khorkina's festival. Solace watched Kyndall dance with her sister, Kiwi twirling around them.

Kizana stayed by Anton's side. She happily bounced in place, clapping alone, she looked up towards Anton and her smile softened. He looked sad, despite clapping on the beat and humming along. Anton's glasses reflected the fireworks and bright lights, but from her angle, she could see the somber tones in his eyes.

The children continued to bounce about as the song quickly finished and everyone was out of breath, the students on the side clapped and cheered as the next song came on the radio. Asen looked back to Vera, panting heavily from the excitement that just happened

Vera clapped happily, stimming by waving her hands excitedly “That- was s-so fun!” She giggled

“I know right~!” Asen smiled, kissing her cheek and embracing her happily. Vera turned a bright red and hugged her partner happily. Khorkina made her way back to Anton who was watching from the sidelines

“That could have been you ya know?” She huffed with a teasing smile

“I promise once this wound heals, We’ll dance again” He teased back

“Anton come meet me in my quarters” Hertzog called over the speaker. Anton softened and kissed Khorkina on the forehead before waving “I’m gonna go see what he needs” He says before making his leave, Kizana watched him disappear into the forest towards Hertzog's room.

The rest of the students are enjoying the Banquet, After a few hours, they eventually clean up and head out for the night, all returning to their cabins and changing into regular clothes. Asen walks Vera back to the Krylo, stopping at the doorstep

"I had so much fun t-tonight" She grinned cheekily

"I did too..." He holds her hand gently

Vera smiled before leaning up on her tippy toes, kissing Asen. The brunette rather shocked by this action stood there wide-eyed, looking back to her before going to embrace her. He hesitates, his arms hovering over her as if to question if this was really okay.

Vera guides his hands to hold her, like a silent confirmation that it was indeed okay. The two of them enjoyed the soft moment that they shared. Asen knew at that moment he found the one, his soulmate, and he couldn't be any more blessed.

Eventually, Vera parts from him, their faces only an inch apart from each other.

"I'll see you tomorrow" She whispered, Asen, completely flustered, gave a meek nod and smiled back

"Y-Yeah...I'll see you tomorrow" He lets go of her, Vera smiling shyly heads inside, giving one final wave to Asen then heading to her room.

Asen stood there completely star-struck on what had just happened brushed his fingers over his lips that had the lingering taste of Vera on them still.

Out of nowhere, Ivan jumps on Asen gripping him tightly "You sly dog!!" He exclaimed, shaking his best friend excitedly, Asen turned bright red and turned to the dirty blonde boy

"I-Ivan??" He stammered

"I didn't know you had it in you! You got the girl!" The golden retriever boy exclaimed,

"I got the girl..?" Asen questioned himself

"You got the girl!!" He shouted, shaking Asen

"I-I Got the girl!" Asen then cheered, smiling brightly

"Ivan calmed down~ Give the man a break" HJ spoke, following to meet up with the two teens

"How was your first kiss Asen?" She smiled warmly

Asen turned scarlet once again and sunk in Ivan's arms. The two looked at each other before laughing

"Such a shy boy~" She chuckled

"Go on and sleep on it! You deserve it!" Ivan smirked, placing his hands on his hips triumphantly. Asen gave a small nod before waving them both off. As he walked back home he looked back at his friends, Ivan grinning ear to ear, and HJ smiling happily, both were holding hands and waving him goodnight.

Asen smiled to himself, happy to end the day on such a wonderful note. "Merry Christmas" He whispered to himself before returning home.

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