Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The Cassell Squad

As the two boys had made it through the college they eventually made it towards the center of the campus, Asen winced at his leg, it still had a little strain, he hadn't run in such a long time, his body was a little out of shape. As Asen scanned the area he spotted a large, three-tier fountain at the front, where it had a sculpture of a dragon with a blade through it, Asen walked to the fountain curiously as he dipped his fingertips in the water, it was warm, Back home, water was always frozen,

Luminous looked around, looking a little frustrated. He huffed and ran his fingertips through his hair, "She said she'd be here! This is just like her! I bet she with Class Rep- Like usual..." He placed his hands on his hips in annoyance and turned to Asen,

"Can you believe her-...hey, whatcha up to?" Luminous tilted his head as he walked towards the Russian boy, who was more fixated on the fountain than the actual person they were supposed to meet,

"What's the matter? You're acting as you've never seen a fountain before" Luminous chuckled lightly. Asen turned to Luminous, like a kid that just saw magic. It suddenly clicked for the shaggy-headed brunette that Asen hadn't seen a water fountain before

"O-oh...Yeah- this is called a Fountain" Luminous then showed Asen the hand gesture for the word, Asen mimicked him before turning back to the structure

"Yeah, They're more for decoration rather than practicality, They just look pretty! Ya know? Sometimes students throw coins in to make wishes, I think it's a waste of money" Luminous hummed

Asen went to grab his tablet with his wet hand before Luminous quickly snatched his hand back, Asen was startled by the sudden grab and flinched back

"Ah- Sorry!" Luminous quickly let go "But you should never touch electronics with water, your tablet could have fried! Don't you know that??" He then asked

Asen stared at his hand and looked at the water droplets rolling down his fingertips before back at the tablet

"Geez, You don't know much-- Where- did you say you were from again...?" Luminous questioned,

Asen cleaned his hand off with his shirt before using the tablet to type, he then wrote out "Russia" and handed it back to Luminous

"Russia doesn't have electronics? Now that's surprising!" Luminous hummed before handing the tablet back to Asen,

Luminous then pulled out his phone and began messaging on it, most likely to NoNo. Asen peered over his shoulder curiously to see what he was typing. Once luminous caught wind he snorted and pushed Asen off "Quit it~ I'm trying to focus"

After a couple of minutes he sighed and put his phone away "She says she hasn't made it here yet, her and Class Rep got held up by the east wing by some servitors, Let's do what she says and wait here, okay?"

Asen nodded quietly and sat down on one of the benches nearby, Luminous stayed standing to scan the area.

"So...What year are you in?" Luminous asked, striking up the small talk, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head

Asen began to type through his tablet. "First Day"

"Oh, no way! Welcome to Cassell College! What Rank are you?" Luminous asked

"Suzie said S" Asen typed

Luminous perked up "Really?? I'm an S-Rank too! Were top-tier buddies!" Luminous held his hand up to the Russian boy. Asen stared at it quizzically before looking back to Luminous

"It's ok! hit it!" Luminous encouraged,

Asen then high-fived Luminous which brought a smile to his face, Luminous chuckled and sat beside him

"Nice! See? You're gonna fit in just fine" He smiled warmly.

Asen looked around the college, nodding softly before turning back to the sophomore beside him,

Suddenly, a loud bang came from the East Wing, heading towards the fountain. It was Servitors, and gunshots, The two watched as a Redheaded girl ran through the campus shooting at servitors left and right

"Lackey Duck!" The girl shouted across towards the two of them,

Luminous quickly grabbed onto Asen and had them both crouch on the ground. The girl used the fountain as leverage before spinning around full circle and rapidly fired at the servitors around her, bullets flung everywhere, but despite the chaos, each bullet landed where it was supposed to, onto the servitors, causing many of them to fall on the spot.

Once the coast was clear she marched towards the two,- offering a hand to Luminous, which he took, and then he helped Asen up.

"Oh don't be such a baby" The girl crossed her arms,

"You know I don't like it when you scare me like that.." Luminous mumbled out

Asen glanced the girl up and down, she wasn't wearing the uniform, but rather her own dress. It was a short Red and black dress with gloves and a halter top, it had gun holders on either side, and her left shoulder was adorned with a Tattoo shaped like four diamonds to merge into one bigger diamond. She glanced towards Asen and furrowed her brow

"Who's the new guy, Lackey?" she questioned

Before Luminous could answer distant roars of more servitors came, from the other side another student was attacking them, He wore all white, and a coat pinned to his back, he had long blonde hair up in a ponytail and deep blue eyes, he looked of French Genes, The fancier man held a gun in which he shot at servitors left and right. He charged towards one in his way and shot it down, as it fell, he used it as a boost, launching himself in the air, he flipped upside down and managed to shoot one servitor directly behind the redhead, the bullet just grazed by her to land on the servitor behind her,

he landed back on the ground, almost with ease as he dusted the rubble from his pristine clothes, and put his guns back into his holsters,

He made his way towards the three of them, adjusting the cuffs of his sleeves as he talked "That was quite the dozen of Servitors, good thing they're all dealt with now."

"Oh! This is Class Rep, He's one of Principal Anjou's most trusted, He's in charge of the Student Union" Luminous introduced

"The Name's Caesar Gattuso, And you are?" Caesar held his hand out towards Asen

"Oh Class rep, he doesn't talk, he's mute-" Luminous explained as Asen meekly shook his hand. Caesar then turned towards Luminous with an arched brow

"So then, what's his name?" He asked again

"Asen! His name is Asen," Luminous explained

"Well, Asen, My name is NoNo, I assume you know Luminous, My Lackey, Hopefully, he hasn't given you trouble..." The redhead introduced herself, turning to shoot luminous a paternal glare.

Asen hesitated before lifting his hands, He then began to sign what Luminous taught him

"Nice to meet you." Was what Asen signed to her

NoNo was taken back by the sudden gesture and offered a kind smile and did the same gesture back to him

"T-That's all he knows, I taught him that earlier!" Luminous explained

"A Mute who doesn't know how to sign..?" Caesar added

"He's Russian, I don't know how to sign in Russian.." Luminous sheepishly admits

"That's because there is no Russian Sign Language, Asen here probably sticks to writing because of it..." NoNo muttered before noticing his tablet

"Hey Newbie, It's okay to type, Signing can be hard..." Her voice was softer than before, despite her previous 'tough-girl attitude, she now seemed caring and gentle towards Asen

"Maybe you can be my Lackey too" She hummed and patted his head

Asen, unsure of the sudden gesture just gave a half effort shrug, looking down shyly

Caesar piped up, placing his hands in his pockets, "You look halfway Decent Newbie, If you join the Student Union I'll Invite you to my wedding~" He teased

"The date isn't set yet but it will be on a Yacht along the Magellan's route! and for our honeymoon, we shall experience nearly sixty wedding traditions throughout the globe" He then smiled at NoNo slyly

"Isn't that right NoNo~?" He Teased again

NoNo huffed and lightly punched him in the arm to make him stop, "I only just became your fiancée last week! And now you're planning the wedding?!" She argued lightly

"Oh but of course! It has to be magnificent for a magnificent girl!" He replied

Luminous looked away rather bothered by the whole ordeal, Asen took notice and looks for a distraction for his new friend, As luck would have it, New updates of the Servitor breach came in through all of their devices;

"Advanced Servitors Located on the College Square, Reinforcements needed," E.V.A. Stated

"Advanced Dragons?" Caesar hummed,

"We can't allow Lionheart to get this first, NoNo, Luminous, Come on," He then instructed

"Coming Class Rep!" Luminous called

"Right Behind you!" NoNo added

"Hey Newbie, Wanna earn some real points~?" Caesar then turned to Asen, gazing towards the other dead on.

He hesitated before nodding meekly, inspired by the confidence the French man brought

"Good, Welcome to our Squad Rookie, You better hang on," He chuckled before the four of them ran towards the College Square, off to embark on the next stage of the Security Breach.

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