Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Icebreaker's Discovery

The thick water froze every muscle in Asen’s body, many thought him left for dead, for what felt like ages he constantly thought of his family. It was a bad dream, that’s all it was, for a blizzard night, he’d wake up the day after Christmas and it would be alright, he knew it. There was no way something so horrid could happen, not so many deaths on one night, especially in a secluded Russian orphanage.

Above the surface of the Icy waters was the USS Polar Star, America’s icebreaker ship aboard it was Professor Von Schneider. he had long white hair that reached his back, a scar covering the entire right part of his face. A mask was stitched to cover his gruesome injury. His face had a permeant scowl as he walked across the deck. With his arms stuffed into his coat pocket, he watched a young girl tinker with some robot machinery.

“How are the divers coming along Susie?” He said in a raspy tone.

The girl turned in his direction. This was Susie, she was a lovely black girl who had dark brown curls that formed into a ponytail behind her head. the tied-up hair reached down almost to the end of her skirt. She had coke bottle glasses and was dressed in a black and blue Lionheart uniform. As she stood up she dripped with elegance and poise.

“The Divers are nearly ready Professor, they’ll be free to scavenge the ocean shortly.” Susie adjusted her gloves as she spoke, despite her elegance she didn’t seem to mind getting her hands dirty.

“Good...Under no circumstances are you to put on gear do you understand” He instructed rather coldly

“I know, I know Professor...After what happened in the Greenland mission...” Susie paused. Schneider refused to look towards the student, looking away with a face full of melancholy

“Professor...Forgive my boldness but...What happened to Norma wasn’t your fault you know...You couldn’t have known” She placed a hand on his shoulder

“I don’t need your pity” He brushed her hand off. "A teacher’s mission is not only to educate but to protect. You children are the solution to the ending of the Dragon Era. You are important to not just Cassell College...But for America.” He spoke, the chilled air getting to him, and released a coughing fit.

“Professor this air’s too rigid for you not to use your oxygen mask...Please put it on” She takes his arm and leads him to where his chair is placed. It covered all sorts of advanced machinery. She hooks him up to the chair and secures his mask to cover both his nose and mouth. As Schneider adjusted, his breathing continued to even out, eventually adjusting to harsh temperatures.

“Professor...You care so much about our college, I can’t imagine the grief you’ve gone through, but I can reassure you that I’ll be okay, We are okay, Greenland was rushed and extremely unprepared. We have solutions now for these issues.” Susie explained.

Schneider reluctantly agrees before the Alchemy department’s head walks up to Suzie and Schneider

“Professor, The divers have fully booted up with our software, they’re clear for scanning the bay.” The man explained

“Good...Have them search for any Bronze fragments that might have been lost” He instructed

“Understood, Susie” He beckons

“Coming- Think about what I said Professor” She gives a small nod to him before walking across the ship to drop the divers. The Three robots about three feet in height are dropped into a clearing of the ocean that didn’t have ice in it. once all three are successfully submerged in the water Susie connects to a tablet that shows a camera on what the robots are seeing.

“All three Adam bots are synced” Susie announces

“Good, you’re clear to search” The Alchemy head cues

with a remote on the deck, Susie navigates the bots to scan for Bronze fragments, something that proves the whereabouts of Kagutsuchi, one of the four lords. As Susie continues to search she picks up on a heat signal, Curious she turns the infrared camera, picking a signal deeper down

“Hey--I’m picking up heat signatures” She calls out

“Is it a fragment?” The professor asked across the ship

“No- it’s something else...Something bigger” She muttered, adjusting her glasses and zooming in on the camera.

As the robot sank deeper it picked up on a dim glow from inside an ice spike, the heat source grew bigger

“It’s inside the icicle, right there” She points on the screen

the Alchemist head peers over her shoulder and looks at the signature as she zooms closer.

“It’s not what we're looking for, keep searching” He instructs

“It looks like...a person?” She tilts her head to zoom into the blurry figure. Its dim glow illuminated a faint outline

“What do you mean a person?? Nobody can survive in ice as that” The older man argued

“No, but it could be someone’s lost child or partner, and it’s glowing- I feel that deserves a right of research- right professor??” She turns to Schneider

“Do I have permission to grab it and bring it onto the ship?” She looks to the professor with pleading eyes

after a little hesitation he leans back “Don’t go underwater- you may proceed” He waved his hand

Susie grinned proudly and shot a smirk towards the Alchemy head and took the robots to carve through the ice as carefully as she could, this process took a little over an hour as the third robot was controlled by the Alchemist. Once she detached the Ice from the rock she picked the glowing Ice boulder to a metal spike which acted as a support beam, pulling the ice boulder slowly above the surface. It eventually landed on the edge of the ship where both Susie and the other man loaded it fully on the USS Polar Star.

The three looked at the ice in confusion as it continued to glow. The brunette girl stepped closer, brushing away some water from the boulder. It dampened her gloves but she didn't seem to mind. She squints to see through the thick ice only to spot Asen trapped inside, Her eyes widen as she stepped back

“Holy crap...It’s a Kid--” She turned to the Professor worriedly

“We have to get him out!” She urges

“The poor tike probably isn’t even alive Susie-” The Alchemist explained

"Why would he be glowing if he wasn't, he could be a hybrid of some kind!" She protested

As the two argued Professor Schneider forced himself to stand. He unhooks himself from the mask and walks towards the giant ice cluster. He eyes the figure carefully and furrows his brow, noticing the jacket’s pattern. His eye widens at the sight

“Black swan--” He muttered out in shock, bringing a knuckle to his chin,

The two stop arguing to look back at the professor, the three share a moment of silence

“You mean--?” The Alchemist added

“Professor, are you saying this kid is from the orphanage in Professor Jane’s history books?” She questioned.

Professor Von Schneider didn't take his eyes away from the frozen boy "Contact E.V.A. and the Principal...This is far more important than bronze fragments.

The three turn back to the glowing ice boulder unaware that the glow was Asen's only chance at survival, a Heal source entirely wrapping around him.

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