Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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A Cowardly friend

Asen was walking through the empty campus, taking in a new atmosphere, he was mostly in his room for the week, he hasn’t seen much of the College. This was due to being Anjou’s secret. He didn’t want much to get out about Black Swan, although Asen was unsure why. The brunette was said to meet HJ by the grounds of the History building, through his walk he marveled at the cathedrals, along with statues of heroes, such as old teachers, old students, and of course, Principal Anjou.

Asen sighed as he adjusted his new Uniform jacket, it was made of Leather and wasn’t as comfy as the big winter coat he once had.

“American Clothes..” He thought, with his eyes rolling to the side, it looked great but was hardly practical.

Suddenly a low siren began playing through the empty campus, Holograms began plastering everywhere “Warning” was labeled in each one, although Asen couldn’t read the English labels. E.V.A. appeared on his tablet screen, an automated message,

“Red Alert! Dragon Intrusion, Students are required to be on high alert! All entrances are sealed and students will now be asked to counterattack against intruders” E.V.A. explained, Russian subtitles forming underneath.

Asen felt a panic swirl in his chest as he looked around, a few students that were around began grabbing weapons, some had guns, some had swords, all seem prepared. Asen was not,

He scanned the area he was in to see large six-foot creatures, looking like humanoid dragons, with horns, scales, and fangs, they kind of looked like an extreme version of Kizana back home, the horn especially. Students were handling them effortlessly, as if not a real threat. Asen was about to assist before hearing a cry of help, of course, Asen turned in that direction. It was a brunette, shaggy hair, and a lean posture, he was running from servitors,

“Stop stop! I’m not good to eat!” He cried out cowardly, The servitor grabbed onto the boy’s ankle, he hastily kicked the hand off of him and stumbled, continuing to make a recovery.

Asen quickly ran towards the boy across the campus, trying to make it to him in time. The boy swiftly dodged a servitor lunging at him, which toppled another. This angered even more of them. The servitors surrounded the coward in all directions, Asen stopped at a distance, unsure how to get in and assist, he watched the boy who scanned all around him

“I have no choice...!” The boy exclaimed, he adjusted his feet and balled his fists ready to fight, the boy’s eyes flickered a tint of gold as he looked around him, he looked ready to fight. Asen watched in amazement as he was prepared to see how the boy would fight, what weapon, what skills he had.

The shaggy brunette suddenly pointed to the clock across campus, “What’s That?!” He exclaimed as the servitors looked towards the direction he was pointing at, Nothing was there, when they looked back they saw the boy making a run for it. One servitor looked rather annoyed, just kicking him across the campus, causing the coward to land face-first into the concrete, right in front of Asen.

Asen was rather unamused as if this kid wasn't taking the threat seriously. The boy lifted his head where rubble coated his cheeks and forehead, His honey-colored eyes scanned Asen up and down, he had never seen this kid before. The Coward hastily got up and ran behind Asen, using him as a shield almost,

"Help--Get Rid of them for me!" The boy begged

Asen sighed and summoned Comet, Just like training, he needed to do what he could. Asen began shooting projectiles throughout the servitors, there were five of them, despite them being much different than training, Asen was doing well. The shaggy brunette stayed behind a tree, watching as Asen was cleaning up his mess. The guy gave encouraging words from a distance. Asen continued to work alongside Comet until 3 of the servitors had fallen and the last two have fled.

Once the coast was clear Asen turned back to the boy, walking towards him, brushing off the rubble on his new school uniform, Asen scanned the boy curiously as he emerged from his hiding place

"D-Don't look at me like that...This is what you get when you don't have an Extra Skill, At least I'm not as bad as my roommate Finger-! Now he's terrible, failed nearly nine courses!" The boy explained,

"I'm Luminous! This is my second year! What's your name?" Luminous then Asked,

Asen hesitated in speaking, he just grabbed his tablet and Typed his name out on it, handing it to the boy.

Luminous looked rather perplexed, he sat down on one of the stairs outside and gazed at the tablet

"Asen- okay! Uh, Why can't you talk?" He turned to the boy standing next to him, handing the tablet,

Asen then sat down beside Luminous, he typed all of it in Russian, explaining how he went through something scary, and it hurt to talk, although the details of Black Swan Bay were not disclosed, Asen kept that private. Once he was done he translated it into English and handed it to Luminous.

The honey-eyed student scanned the explanation carefully, studying what it had to say, Luminous fell quiet before handing him back the tablet

"So you're a mute?" Luminous asked. Asen hesitated before nodding quietly.

"That's okay! Hey, that's kinda cool! You can be all mysterious~ Chicks love that!" He chuckled before turning to Asen

"Do you sign?" Luminous then made a gesture with his hands, Asen watched confused before shaking his head 'No' Luminous smiled and gently took Asen's hands to guide him to do certain gestures

"Nice...to meet...you! There! Nice to meet you!" He spoke as he guided Asen's hands to make certain gestures to resemble the language. "There see? Easy-peasy!"

Asen stared at his hands before doing the gesture on his own, it was a little choppy but it sufficed.

"Yeah! You got it!! Good Job!" He chuckled

"I learned all my ASL from NoNo, She's my senior, she's super nice to me" He beamed, a tint forming on his cheeks

"Oh!! NoNo! I totally forgot were supposed to regroup!! C'mon Asen, I'll take you with me, we'll go to her and handle the servitors okay?" Luminous jumps to his feet and offers a hand to Asen. He takes it and suddenly he's up to his feet

"C'mon let's hurry!" He rushed, and soon the two were running, the boy was very fast, Asen could hardly keep up, as Luminous held onto the boy's hand.

Asen watched as the sun hit directly off of them, he couldn't describe this feeling he had, it was like for a split second, he could see Ivan through Luminous.

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