Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Nearly a week has passed since Asen’s start in Cassell College. He had figured out most of his classes being on Mondays and Thursdays. Asen had two classes with HJ, One class with Manstein, and the last one, Professor Von Schneider. Asen has yet to see him yet. He's constantly out on missions as Suzie explains, so it's substituted, although he's not sure if he'll ever meet him. Luminous often warned Asen of the professor, saying he was a strict man with a lack of empathy. Asen doesn't entirely believe him.

As for today, it was Saturday, Asen woke up fairly late as compared to what he's used to. Since he no longer had morning tasks or a need to work, his body takes the time to sleep in. It was 11:00 am when Asen made his way to the hall, as he walked past he saw Xeno in the room, glued to the computer once again. Asen lingered by the doorway and quietly observed as the blonde played. He had headphones on, and a mic attached by the left side, Xeno was quietly talking to someone that Asen couldn't hear. He was probably keeping his voice down for Asen, despite him now being awake.

Xeno could sense Asen snooping and took a glance behind him. the two shared a look before the French student gave a happy smile,

"You can come in, ya know-" He beckoned

Asen hesitated for a moment before entering his room, it was messy, but not unbearable, Asen didn't pay too much attention,

"Have a seat~ What's up?" He hummed, not taking his eyes off of the game.

Asen glanced to the computer and pointed at it, He had never seen such imagery on a screen before he came to Cassell College, It still amazed him

"This is the game I was telling you about the other day, remember? If you want I can teach you-" Xeno suggested

Asen glanced back to the computer, it seemed fun, he turned back to Xeno and gave a soft nod. The blonde lit up with excitement and went to the main menu, he set up a new profile and sat up

"Here! Sit here! I got a different profile for you to use so you can have your own account!" He explained.

Asen walked over to the desk and sat down on the chair, looking towards the screen, he looked to the mouse and moved it a little on the pad, he watched as he saw the cursor move across the screen

"Okay, So I know you haven't used a computer before, but it's easy! So this is the mouse, you use it to click on the things you need, and these four keys, they will move your character, Like this..." Xeno then demonstrates by pressing the arrow keys. Asen looked to the screen to see the avatar move around.

"Now you try." He mumbled and points to the tutorial quest, he softened as he tried to make out the lettering. It was all in English. Asen looked like he was looking at complete gibberish. Xeno noticed Asen wasn't moving and placed a hand on his shoulder

"What's the problem bud?" He arched a brow

Asen points to the letters and shakes his head. Xeno pauses for a moment, trying to process what Asen was trying to say before it clicked

"Crap- I forgot you can't read. Hang on, I think there's a Russian setting, one second." Xeno then leans across Asen to move the mouse to settings. Asen kinda sat there awkwardly as Xeno was practically on top of him to mess with the game. After a couple of minutes, the game reloads to show Russian lettering. Xeno grinned ear to ear.

"Eureka- I got it! You can read it now right?" Xeno turned to the brunette.

Asen glanced to the screen, which showed the basic quest of talking to an NPC, Asen nods and proceeds to do the quest.

Xeno triumphantly sits down, very proud of himself for making it accessible for Asen.

The two played for nearly two hours, mostly Xeno watching and teaching Asen the basic mechanics. By that time, Asen got quite the hand of it. for being an 'old timer' Asen understood technology very well. Xeno would occasionally give tips and pointers to properly play, and how to build characters as Asen would follow them. Eventually, Asen made it to level 18, where he could now access other players and play publicly.

Xeno leaned back to stretch, seeing it being now 1:00 p.m. "Okay~ Glad to see you got it! Oh! Luminous plays this, If you want I can set you up with Disk-talk, so you can hear him, I know you can't speak but it will probably be easier to use!" He suggested

Asen thought about it for a moment before nodding, having Xeno set up the chat with him, After a few moments, Xeno saw Luminous was online and set up a call with him, Xeno took the headphones from Asen and wore them for a second.

Soon enough, Luminous picked up;

"Hey Xeno, I'm in a match, what's up?" Luminous' voice emitted from the headphones, Asen could faintly hear the conversation

"Guess who I got into StarCraft~," Xeno said with a smirk on his face, totally being a tease

Luminous paused for a moment before speaking "Who?"

"The newbie-" Xeno said with a bright grin

Luminous suddenly erupted in babbling

"No way! Does Asen play?? You need to tell me his user! Like- Now!! What Level is he? Does he have a guild yet??' Luminous continued like this

"Of course he has a guild! He's my team partner!" Xeno spoke above his rambling, Luminous suddenly went quiet

"Traitor!! You Cheat! You took My friend from my favorite game just for yourself! That's not fair!" Luminous scolded

Xeno was wearing a Shit-eating grin, taking off the headphones as Luminous continued to yell,

"You can have them now~ I've done my job" The Blonde teased before stepping out of the room to go make lunch

Asen looked back down to the headphones before picking them up, As he hovered the headphones by his ears he could hear Luminous, He pulled the mic down and stared at it. He wanted to speak so badly, he wanted to be normal, and do things like this, it had been a week, surely that's enough time right?

Asen parted his lips, yet nothing came out, he was struggling. the brunette scrunched his face as if that would make it easier. He took a breath,

"Hello...?" a raspy voice emitted from Luminous' headphones

It caught him clearly off guard, he had never heard Asen's voice before. He immediately knew who it was though,

"Asen?? Hey- You spoke" He mumbled out, a lot softer than his rambling earlier.

The Headphones were filled with silence, Luminous softened before sitting up in his chair, he held his Headphones gently then spoke into the microphone,

"Hey- listen to me, You don't have to talk, you know? The cool thing about this game is there's a chatbox, and it translates to other languages, so you don't have to worry, okay?" Luminous spoke

It was complete silence on the other line, Luminous listened closely before hearing muffled sniffles, His eyes softened,

"I promise it's okay, I know it's frustrating, when, you know, everyone can do something you can't, but at least with me, you're not gonna have to feel like you gotta catch up okay! We can just, ya know, be like this! Gaming and being fun!" Luminous comforted

A game notification popped up on Luminous' laptop,

"Okay." Was all it said, Luminous smiled before leaning back and loading up the game again

"Good, now get ready Newbie! You're on Xeno's team! Don't expect me to go easy on ya!" Luminous taunted

Asen cleaned his face up before nodding, loading up the game, and proceeded to fight matches with Luminous. The two continued to play StarCraft together on the sunny Saturday afternoon.

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