Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The Four students ran their way across the campus and towards the square, Caesar was at the front alongside NoNo, as she ran her hair flew threw the wind, her bright red hair reached down to her back, it had quite the length. Caesar continued to race through the campus, hand on their hip ready to draw his weapon at any second.

Luminous was running beside Asen, mostly keeping an eye for any servitors around. Asen was mostly just trying to not have his leg give out, the one that was shot all those years ago.

Once the squad had made it they were faced with a large servitor, it was a navy blue, with neon blue veins that coursed through its whole body, it had large crocodile teeth and a tail nearly double its height. Asen was taken back by the beast and halted in place, he watched as the beast roared and attacked two of the students it was currently against, Asen watched them fall and found himself in a minor paralysis, they weren’t dead right..?

The rest of the group seemed unaffected as if there was no real threat here, Caesar cracked his knuckles and gave a small nod to his Fiancée,

“You know what to do,” He gave her the signal, NoNo’s eyes had a chaotic tint to them, she loved to do some real damage.

NoNo then charged towards the beast, pulling one of her guns out that grew in size to be a very powerful machine gun, she began rapidly firing towards the monster with a Valkyrie-like war cry

Caesar smiled as he watched his Fiancée scream like a Banshee at the Advanced servitor as if it was normal.

The Class representative then turned to Luminous “You and Asen need to gather the two student’s and alert the School Nurse that they’re out” Caesar instructed

“Got it! C’mon Asen” he tugged on his arm and went towards one of the students who was unresponsive.

Luminous checked the student’s pulse and smiled a bit “Okay good, he’s fine, just banged up is all! Now to contact the nurse-” He pulled out his phone and started typing

Asen opened up a heal source within a second. A large lace-like spell pattern filled the ground beneath the student, it was glowing like the sun with green hints in the air, the heal source immediately began to work on the student, patching up and bruises, cuts, and so on, Asen was rather focused, it was hard to summon this without thinking of his family.

Luminous watched in amazement as he grazed his fingertips along with the tracings of the heal source, it suddenly clicked for the honey-eyed student.

“Class Rep! Asen’s a healer!!” He exclaimed as he turned towards Caesar, who was actively fighting

“Is he now?” Caesar shouted,

“We’ll screw the nurse, have him heal the students!” He ordered, As a bright gust of wind began forming a symbol on his back like magic Caesar had temporary wings with launched him to shoot at a different angle. Asen marveled at it as he healed the student

“That’s Class Rep’s Extra Skill, Wind Devil, He can manipulate the wind current by each bullet he shoots, he can use that speed to make an advantage,” Luminous explained.

Once Asen was finished healing he helped the student up which then headed off the square sight, as into no longer help, Asen, seemed a bit confused in the manor and turned to luminous before pointing to the monster

“Oh- They’re disqualified, they can’t help anymore,” Luminous said, Despite his explanation, it only raised more questions for Asen.

The two headed over the second student and began the process again, Luminous took in the vitals, and Asen healed the student. Caesar and NoNo were on the offense, shooting and attacking the Dragon, which eventually succumbed to the attack and collapsed in the College square,

“Back up!” Caesar shouted which NoNo did, allowing room for the beast to fall. Once the dust settled the four stood over the large, unresponsive, Servitor.

Luminous walked over towards the dragon and lightly kicked it with the tip of his shoe to see if it would move, It did not.

Luminous scoffed and crouched down “And here I thought he was some big-shot...”

“Luminous stop messing with it-” NoNo crossed her arms, looking rather annoyed

Caesar went to grab his phone to log the data before the Servitor suddenly launched to its feet, surprising all four of them. The Dragon roared before lunging towards Asen, panic swelled in him at the new threat, he didn’t move. NoNo immediately charged towards Asen, She Lunged her arm to use as a shield and tackled Asen down, in the process, the Servitor grabbed a hold of her waist and opened up a portal

“Shit-” She muttered under her breath and was dragged with the dragon through the portal.

Without a second thought Asen shot up, fear flickering in his eyes he chased after the portal, he wasn’t going to let another person die, not again, his fear acted as a shield, he jumped up for the portal

“Asen don’t go through-!” Caesar attempted to stop him but he had already jumped across, and now only Caesar and Luminous were left at the square

“The portal...” Caesar pinched the bridge of his nose

“That kid, Going to the Nibelungen is a major loss of credit for this drill” He huffed, pulling out his phone to log the data,

Luminous stood up “NoNo went through too...We have to log that as well” He rubbed the back of his neck

“I know, I know..” Caesar mumbled as he typed.

After sending the updated log, not after two seconds Principal Anjou appeared, he was fast like that

“Who is the Fourth student-” The Principal asked

“Ah-!” Luminous yelped at the sudden appearance

“P-Principal! You can’t just scare people like that-” Luminous grumbled

“Uh Asen- was his name, the newbie” Caesar answered

Not long after, HJ appeared, riding a motorbike and screeching it to a halt, she hopped off the bike and rushed towards them

“Where is he??” She looked at Anjou frantically

“He went to Nibelungen" Anjou explained quietly

HJ nearly lost it, "What?! You two let Asen through a portal?!" She scolded

"M-Ms. Jane, I can assure you we tried to explain to him the deduction in points-" Caesar attempted to keep his composure,

"So you told him that this was a drill yes?" Anjou then asked

The two looked at each other before turning back to the two staff members

"Wait- He doesn't know it's a drill??" Luminous asked, baffled

"He missed the Convocation Ceremony! Of course, he doesn't know it's a drill!" HJ Snapped, clearly worried for her friend

Anjou sighed and commanded another portal by E.V.A.

"You two, you need to fetch Asen and explain the grounds to him, if you wish to earn extra points while doing so, you may, but Asen is a priority, are we clear?" Anjou explains

"Understood Principal, we'll go get him" Caesar nods before nudging Luminous to leave with him.

And with that, the two students rush through the portal to go find NoNo and Asen.

HJ began to pace back and forth in the empty college square

"It will be fine, HJ. Asen is a resilient kid," Anjou reassured

"But Anjou he can't be faced with that much threat, he can seek Blood Rage! And with his records, Hertzog's supplements were weak, he's relying on twenty-year-old science! What if Asen takes it too far??" HJ rambles

"HJ.." He mumbled

"And if he takes it too far he can combust! Truly!! He could turn into a servitor, he's already reached far past the life expectancy for the Swan Students!" She continued

"Holly!" He raised his voice enough to grab her attention, which it did,

Anjou then walked over and pats her head gently, "Kiddo it's alright, I'll seek him personally myself, alright? I'll bring some new supplements with me, and I'll go find him, alright?" The older man looked down at her kindly

"Do you think I would let him turn into a servitor?" He asked

"N-No...I just..." She mumbled to herself

"It will be fine, Holly you have to trust me" He explains

"Right....okay...I trust you-" She looked up to him

"Good, Now kiddo go back to work, I'll keep you updated alright?" Anjou explained.

HJ nods meekly before walking back to her motorcycle and drives it back to her class across the campus to go back to her work.

Anjou stepped through the portal and lit a cigar in the dim area, the smoke floated with the wind current towards an exit. Anjou smoked the Cigar as he walked towards the exit to find his students.

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