Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The Golden student

The portal Asen had jumped through was a bright array of coding and colors, when he landed, he collapsed on top of a strange structure, they looked like bits of cathedrals, all broken apart with a large holographic tree at the front. The area was bright as if having a heavenly glow. it was eerie, too eerie. Asen felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on ends.

As he walked, when his feet would touch the floor, coding would emit from under him. It was like he was inside a computer of sorts.

As he got familiar with his surroundings, he scanned for the Servitor that had captured NoNo, but no luck. the place seemed rather deserted. Asen continued to walk through the strange place until he saw a dragon, a fairly small one, but frightening no less. It saw Asen from the distance and began charging at full force. Asen braced himself for the attack.

That’s when a figure appeared suddenly, a man came striking through the dragon with full force, letting it roll off the cliff and into the coding abyss.

The man whipped his sword down to flick off any residue left on the blade before putting it away. Asen felt a chill down his spine as the stranger then turned to face him.

He was a shorter man, not as tall as Asen but that didn’t stop his intimidating stature. As he walked, his golden eyes stared straight into Asen’s core. His footsteps were confident, his demeanor was cold, Asen felt as if he was facing a boss.

The stranger was wearing a mauve and navy jacket with lime green accents, It looked similar to Suzie’s uniform. he had dark black hair with spiked bangs in the front, he looked of Asian decent

“What are you doing here? Don’t you know Portal jumping is a major violation” He spoke, folding his arms neatly in with each other

Asen kinda stood there awkwardly, almost forgetting he probably should type. He fumbled with his tablet and wrote on the translator. the figure took a step towards Asen, with an arched brow

“Didn’t you hear me? I said-” He was cut off by Asen who handed the tablet to the man. He took it skeptically before reading it;

“My friend was taken by a dragon, I need to find her”

He furrowed his brow and looked up

“Alright, well, I guess I can help you look for her, You don’t have a tongue or what?” He then asked

“I can’t talk,” He wrote out

The Black-haired man then sighed before speaking

“But you can hear me yes? You’re not deaf?” He then signed for the question. Asen nodded, implying that yes, he could hear him

“Alright, well...I’m Johann Chu. And you are?” He then asked

“Asen” he then wrote

“Asen, sounds like a Russian name, is it?” Johann asked, Asen simply nodded

“Interesting, I also notice you’re typing with the Russian alphabet, can you not read English?” He asked, Asen nodded once again

“Alright then, good to know. well, let’s go find your friend, it’s not safe here, follow me” Johann beckoned. Soon the two were making their way out of the Limbo off to find NoNo

Meanwhile Caesar and Luminous were in a different part of the Nibelungen. It was pitch black with nothing to see, once the two dusted themselves off they tried to look for a way out

“Oh, man...I don’t think I’ve ever been inside Nibelungen..” Luminous stammered

“A Parallel space built for the dragons” Caesar mumbled to himself

“Asen?? NoNo?? Hello?? Can’t someone turn the lights on in here?” Luminous called out, only to be greeted by the echoes of the dark cavern

“Will you stop that- Use your vision lenses, and find an out together alright?” Caesar huffed before pulling out some fancy gear glasses from the Alchemy Department. Luminous sheepishly pulled out his as well and the two found the lenses illuminating the structure around them, it was like night vision.

“We need to find something called a Fujin Sphere, it looks like a big bright ball of air” Caesar instructed,

“Got it Class rep” Luminous nods before searching around the cavern.

The two of them began exploring for a little while, mostly until dead ends. As Caesar walked through he noticed a carving on the floor. He knelt and traced his fingertips over the ruins, with a slight flicker of his eyes, he pulsed a small burst of wind into them. From their the Fujin Sphere emerged, swirling around the blonde like a mind of his own

“Luminous- I got it-” He called out to the brunette. Luminous perked up and made his way over, watching as the Sphere suddenly rushed towards the edge of the cavern. The two students looked at each other before following it. On the ground, it illuminated more ruins engraved into the ground. Caesar reached out to the sphere curiously only to bump hands with Luminous. The Honey-eyed student looked Caesar up and down before pulling his hand away quickly, Muttering a quiet apology between awkward chuckles.

Caesar let a small sigh escape his lips as he turned back to the Fujin sphere, pulsing his energy into it. The orb then flew through tons of energy, blinding the two of them to crumble the wall before them. This revealed an exit towards the Nibelungen that was more common for people to see. The eerie cathedrals scattered about.

On the other side of the Limbo, Asen and Johann were walking through the structures, Mostly killing off small dragons and Servitors along the way, Asen was scanning for NoNo, although fear was eating up inside of him, he was worried for her, he was fearing the worst. Johann picked up on it and turned to him

“Relax, She’s fine, not much can happen in here, alright? No need to freak out on me, composure will get you far” He attempted to reassure.

as the two walked Asen spot Caesar and Luminous walking around and calling for them. Asen quickly darted for them. Luminous spotted Asen and a smile formed on his face

“Class Rep look! it’s Asen! And---Killboy..?” He tilted his head. Before Luminous could continue he was tackled by Asen, who was hugging onto him tightly, fearing that he had lost Luminous and Caesar. The two fell on impact. Johann just walked casually, watching the two confused

“W-Woah hey-!! No need to hug me so tightly! I-I’m okay! See?” Luminous pried him off and offered a kind smile

Asen meekly nods and lets go, feeling embarrassed for reacting in such a way. He stood up and offered Luminous a hand, which he took.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Caesar snarked off, glaring right through Johann

“Earning the extra points, I don’t wanna look weak, unlike you, who’s been letting himself go recently” Johann shook his head, his eyes couldn’t roll far enough

“Oho I’ll show you who’s weak big-shot” Caesar rolled up his sleeves, growing red in the face

“Stop it! We need to find NoNo!” Luminous stood in between them, arms extended

Johann stopped for a moment before turning to Asen

“Is NoNo the one you’re looking for?” Johann asked

Asen nodded and walked beside Luminous

“She was taken by an Advanced dragon” Caesar huffed

“A mere servitor. You three have no business in Nibelungen, This is meant for SS Tier students, any less get major deductions. You probably won't be able to find her without my help” Johann explained

“Then Killboy can you help us??” Luminous asked, clasping his hands together

Johann crossed his arms before a smirk formed on his face “I dunno if Caesar needs my help, I bet he knows all about Nibelungen” He said coyly

Caesar was shooting daggers in Johann, The black-haired kid just looked back smugly

The blonde huffed before grumbling something inaudible

“I’m sorry?” Johann asked

“I said we can use your help..” He muttered reluctantly

“I can’t hear you Caesar-” Johann asked again

“-I said we can use your help!” Caesar shouted, clearly frustrated. His cheeks were bright red. His pride was hurting

“I heard you the first time, I just wanted proof” Johann winked before cracking his knuckles

“Alright, Off to the Nibelungen's lair, follow me"

The three then followed Johann through the wispy limbo, as the fog thickened around them, they used their vision lenses to search for the Servitor that had taken NoNo.

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