Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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A Mission

Morning shone on the warm Monday, Luminous had Asen stay with him due to last night’s antics. He was worried about him going home alone. Finger didn’t mind, none of the friends minded after what happened last night. Luminous was in his room getting ready, Finger was already gone and Asen was asleep on the couch that Luminous made into a bed for him.

Luminous was putting on his jacket and shoes when a sharp ringing blared in his ear, Luminous winced and held his head in his hands, shaking the noise out, It persisted,

Luminous shut his eyes so tight that his thoughts were blurry, When he opened his eyes, he was in a strange room, A misty blue room where the floor was water, and the walls were fog

A smaller figure appeared through the fog, He had brown hair and bright red snake eyes, He looked a little like Luminous, although he appeared younger. The tips of his hair were bright purple with highlights mixed within. he wore a purple coat that draped below the shoulders and a white, sleeveless button-up, he had worn and faded scars all over faded within time.

Luminous rolled his eyes in annoyance, “Really? Now Ming? You little devil You think this is funny? Messing with my head?”

Ming floated around him, crossing his arms firmly “I’m just checking in on my prize? How is he?” Ming questioned, before teleporting in front of Luminous

“Asen’s fine- He’s not your prize okay? He’s my friend-” Luminous defended before turning away

“Please- You can’t seriously care for him can you? I told you he’s mine brother” The devil explained

“I am not your brother-” Luminous snapped, Ming fell quiet for a moment

“Yes, you are, like it or not, I helped you yesterday, right? No charge I told you exactly what Asen needed and it worked!” Ming reminded

“Don’t you have someone else to bother??” Luminous swatted him away like a fly. Ming Z Lu just appeared again as if nothing happened

“This game you’re playing is growing tiresome, you don’t even remember who you are anymore-” Ming nagged

“They don’t know that it was You who defeated both Fujin and Ryujin! The dragon gods of Air and water!" He added on

"Ming Lu That's enough!" Luminous barked, this kept Ming quiet for a moment.

"You stole half of my life away for your own needs and wants, I'm done playing your games" He growled out

"Fine, suit yourself, keep living a lie, When you need me, I'm a deal away," Ming says before snapping his fingers, within an instant the memory-like room fades, Luminous shakes his head to see he's back in his college dorm as if nothing happened.

Luminous sighed and walked out to the living room to see Asen still asleep on the couch, he softened a bit before walking to the kitchen. grabbing some bread to toast.

Suddenly his phone started blaring an alarm, Asen's too, this woke him up, sitting up groggily to find the source,

Luminous furrowed his brow and looked down, it was a Principal notice,

"I need the following students Immediately; Lu Luminous, Gattuso Caesar, Chu Johann, Romanova Asen, Amity Solace"

Luminous looked up and walked to Asen's tablet, turning the notification off. He knelt by the couch and looked up to the tired Russian, half-awake,

"Hey--How're you feeling..?" He asked kindly

Asen softened as the memories of last night flooded in, guilt laced his face as he signed that he was fine

"That's good..." He smiled, ruffling Asen's hair

"That was an Anjou Alert, we need to head to the Principal's office...Go ahead and get dressed, and we can head together okay?" Luminous smiled. Asen nods tiredly before sitting up, folding the blankets he used, and put on a school's uniform

Luminous finished making the toast, quieter than usual, he couldn't get the thing Ming said out of his head...He knew Asen was a target now, Luminous feared Ming would grow impatient over time. He shook it off and walked with Asen outside towards the main Office to see what Anjou wanted

The two students made their way inside the Main office, Inside the empty office, Asen's friends were there, Johann, Caesar, and Solace. Asen seemed rather confused, worried they did something wrong, everyone seemed rather unsure why they were there. Johann and Caesar were at opposite sides of the room, clearly, neither of them was excited to be around the other.

After a few minutes, Principal Anjou appeared, greeting everyone calmly, Eva showed up not too long after, standing on her platform as usual.

"Thank you students for coming, Professor Von Schneider has discovered Bronze fragments on the Ocean floor of Japan, Which wouldn't be surprising if it wasn't recently used, they dated back only five years old," Anjou explained

"You should understand the history of Bronze fragments and why the college has been so keen on searching for them"

"Isn't Bronze fragments historical residue from Kagutsuchi, the Lord of Bronze and Flame??" Johann asked

"Yes, that's correct," Anjou explained

"But that happened nearly a century ago! How can he have possibly found something that recent??" Caesar argued

"That's exactly my fear, This information poses a threat to everyone, not just America, but the whole world." Anjou stresses

Asen felt his heart sink upon the news, as did the other students upon realizing the gravity of the situation

"Therefore we're sending out a team, Each of you shows great results not only academically but in monthly drills, Johann, excellent with the blade, Asen, a remarkable healer, Solace, a Swifty Assasin, and Caesar will have the honor, as being the leader of this team, for he has been the class representative

"Figures" Johann scoffed under his breath, which caused Anjou to shoot a glare towards his direction

Johann softened and gave a formal apology

"Hang on--why am I going??" Luminous looked around

"Because this is an SS ranked mission, meaning with your skill, you can be extremely useful" Anjou explained

Luminous felt a panic swell in him, Ming was pressing on his shoulders in his mind

"Exactly~ Another dragon to kill, the last one!!" Ming whispered in his ear,

Luminous shook his head frantically, "I won't be as useful as you think Principal, How about I stay home and provide moral support??" He pleaded

"C'mon Luminous you know you're our good luck charm~" Caesar teased lightly

Ming pressed on him further "I would be so angry if I were you, Look at how they don't respect you, all because of your cowardly act. Come on, we can take the dragon lord together~ Just you and me brother, you don't need Caesar" He continued to interject himself in Luminous' mind

"Enough!" Luminous shouted,

Caesar seemed taken back by this, as everyone else, Luminous appeared to be yelling for no reason.

Luminous realized how crazy he looked and quickly tried to backpedal

"W-what I meant was Enough nonsense--I-I'm not a good luck charm, Plus this is Japan! the only word I know in Japanese is 'Kawaii' cause of anime--" Luminous fumbled with his hands

Asen arched a brow, he knew something was up, he knew Luminous was lying. something was wrong and he could feel it.

"Cassell College has a Japan Division located inside Tokyo. The Majority of the Hydra clan is from Cassell college! English is a second language for them

"O-of course it is..." Luminous grumbled

"I think Japan would be neat! Going out of the country together" Solace intervened, Luminous' cheeks dust a light pink before looking away

"It's settled then you're coming to Japan with us! As the Class rep, I'm ordering you to" Caesar places a hand firmly on Luminous' shoulder

he groaned and looked around the room "I guess there's no helping it..." He said, looking defeated

"Alright, team! Let's pack it up and get ready for Japan!" Caesar says

"Good luck Students, Please understand this is time-sensitive and dangerous, I will have a home base to guide you through the mission."

"Understood, thank you Principal" Johann nods and begins to walk out with the group.

Asen does too before Anjou stops him

"Asen, a word?" He asked. Asen halted before turning to Anjou

The Principal waits for the other students to leave before turning back to Asen

"Asen, I understand you've been here for only a month, I'm asking such a large request from you, But I think that having someone of your ability can help, and this team, they've grown a bond to you..." He explains

"Asen what you've experienced is nothing short of a tragedy, this is a war I don't want to sign you up for if you do not wish to. You've already fought so hard in your past. It would be cruel to force that again, you must go only if you truly wish to, so I'm asking you personally..."

Asen softened, thinking it quietly for a few moments, he knew that this could end badly, and if it did, being home while everyone fought for their lives? It didn't sit right with him. Asen looked up to Principal Anjou, his kind, old eyes scanned Asen with worry, he truly cared for Asen.

Asen offered a thumbs up and a kind smile to the Principal, who lit up at his response "I always knew you were a fighter sport" He patted his head,

"Good luck Asen," He says, watching the Russian head towards the door

"Oh- and one more thing" Anjou called, Asen turned to face him, hand on the door

"I have Johann carrying a supplement for you, there are tablets, and one syringe, Johann faces similar issues as you in the ability to control blood rage, those tablets will help you in battles, the syringe is only for emergencies if he feels as if you cannot recover from your blood rage, he will use it to prevent you turning into a full servitor. We only have one, so you cannot make this mistake twice...my point is. Be safe, try not to let your emotions get the better of you...okay?" Anjou warned

Asen softened, taking the new information quietly before giving a reassuring nod, and walking out of the Main office, he needed to get ready to head off to yet another country he didn't know, but at least this time, he had friends with him.

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