Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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New Roommate

The two Russians drove across the campus towards where the dorms were. The buildings were tall and held many rooms, there were four separate buildings around the quad in total. HJ hops off her bike and parks it in a staff spot. Asen gets off and holds the box carefully,

"Alright, you're in dorm #3301 That's in this building..." She points to the far right building towards the back and begins walking every once in a while she'll look back at Asen, almost as if she looked back, she believed he won't be there. It all felt like a dream to her, to have her friend back. However, they can never be the same again.

Once they reached the building she holds the door open to him

"This is as far as I can take you, just up those stairs until you reach the third floor, there's an elevator too if you want, I'll see you later tonight after classes okay? We can go over your schedule with the principal later alright?" She smiled warmly. Asen offered a gentle smile back at her, She walked to him and hugged him tightly

"I'm glad you're safe Asen...I hope you can one day get used to living here as I did..." She whispered. Asen softened in her embrace and let her hold him. It was nice, having support like that. At least he wasn't completely alone. She eventually let go, waving him off before heading back to her motorbike, and then eventually driving back to her classroom.

Asen sighed and made his way up the stairs to his room. He checked the plaque to make sure it was in the right place. He knocked on the door lightly and waited for it to open up.

"Hang on! One minute!!' A male voice called from inside. Asen stepped back and waited for someone to open the door. After a couple of minutes the door opens up to reveal a shorter boy, he had Rosey cheeks and bright blonde hair. He looked French, he had deep blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

"You must be the new roommate! Hi, I'm Xeno Gattuso!" The boy introduced

"Oh here, I got that~" He grabs the box from Asen's arms and gestures for him to enter "Come in don't be shy!" He hummed happily, placing the box on the table. Asen pulls out his tablet and began to type as Xeno grabbed a doughnut from the box on the table, as he was shoving the sweet treat into his mouth, Asen handed the tablet to him,

"Gattuso? You're related to Caesar?" It wrote

"Mhm!" Xeno hummed with food in his mouth. He finished the bite before speaking

"That's my brother!" he chirped

Asen thought back on Caesar, an elegant, sophisticated gentleman, who takes fine dining and cigars, has a fiancée and a strong power, then he turned his thoughts to Xeno; A younger, more chipper boy, who eats doughnuts, seems extremely laid back and overall very friendly. Asen wondered if the two were truly related.

Xeno hummed before making his way back to his desk which was across the room, it had fancy lights and a big screen, a proper gaming computer

"So Asen, right? You don't talk yeah? That's okay I can talk for the two of us" He teased as he booted up a game labeled "StarCraft"

Asen walked over curiously before watching over his shoulder

"Oh! This is StarCraft, it's a popular MMO game! You fight these Lil aliens and protect your base! I usually fight against Finger and Luminous" He explained

Asen just watched him play for a few moments before hearing a chime go off on his tablet, he looked down to see a message from Luminous. He opened up the chat history to see what it said.

"Hey! Are you settled in your dorm yet?" Luminous wrote

"I just got here" Asen sent back.

After a few minutes, Luminous messaged him again

"Sweet! I bet you can't wait to decorate the place huh? I know I sure did when I moved in with Finger!"

"I can't decorate." Asen typed to him

"Why Not D:?" Luminous sent

"I don't own anything, I only have two pairs of clothes"

Luminous seemed to take a while before replying to that

"No worries! I have a friend who's good with that kind of stuff! We can get you some stuff for your room no problem! Also, Principal Anjou should send you some money for new students, you should follow up with him on that!" He explained

Asen simply replied "Ok" and went to message Anjou about the funding.

"See ya soon!" Luminous typed before exiting out of the messenger

Asen soon typed to Xeno "Is it alright if I have a friend over to help me set up?" He asked

"Of course- As long as they don't stay super late and they don't mess with my stuff I don't mind" Xeno smiled before turning back to his game. Asen nods before making his way to the empty room, Placing his box down, he opened it up and took his Black Swan Bay coat out, holding it gently, It still smelled like fresh snow, and Pine trees. It smelled like home. He brushed his thumbs over the sleeves with his thumb, the pale red stains in the white fur cuffs. His smile fell as he thought about his home. So much has changed. His family, his friends, all of it was gone. It still hurt, but for how fast-paced everything was moving, he felt he didn't have the time to properly process these feelings. Instead, he puts them away, just how he was now putting away his winter coat in a dresser located by the back wall.

After about forty-five minutes or so A knock came on the door, Asen walked over to open it up, It was Luminous who offered a cheeky wave, Asen smiled and waved back, He turned his gaze to the other student, his eyes widened. It was Solace, from Black Swan. Although different now, slightly older, Her hair was down, it nearly reached her back, she wore a blue dress with a white vest and a white broach. She had a similar broach for a hair clip. Her bright pink eyes stared right back at him, not understanding his reaction, Asen began to frantically point to her and fumble with the tablet

Solace who was holding bags of stuff just turned to Luminous quizzically "Your friend is signing I think-" She mumbled

"No- uh that's not sign language?" Luminous mumbled back before being shoved a tablet in his face by Asen

"She's alive??" It wrote

Solace was much shorter than them, so she had to stand on her toes to read what Asen had typed

"I'm alive? Yes?" Solace furrowed her brow, even more, confused than before

"But HJ- She said you jumped??" Asen handed it to her

"I'm sorry? I don't know You or HJ- I think you're mistaking me for someone else bud" She explains

Asen hesitates before taking his tablet back, not taking his eyes off of her. No, he was right, that was indeed Solace Amity. but clearly, something was off. Asen knew that they barely spoke at Black Swan, but he knew her enough to know she indeed was from Black Swan Bay. He couldn't understand if she was faking, or truly didn't remember.

Luminous broke the silence before nudging Asen, "Can we come in?" He asked

Asen shook the thought out of his head and let both of them in,

"Hi, Xeno!" Luminous waved to the blonde boy across the room

"Hi, Lu!" The boy called back, not taking his eyes off of his game, the shaggy brunette quickly noticed StarCraft, and instead of helping he was quickly chatting about the game

Solace huffed before turning to Asen "C'mon he's obviously busy, I can help" She offered a smile and let Asen lead him to his room. Asen was still off by the whole situation, he knew something was wrong with Solace but couldn't address it.

"I don't know sign, unfortunately, so you're gonna have to type to me, alright?" She explains, placing the bags she brought on his bed and began taking stuff out. Asen just quietly watched her, despite her strange attitude, it was still familiar, having her around, was familiar, kinda like home, Asen could appreciate that.

"Now I got you basic materials, such as notepads, notebooks, pencils, pens, stuff like that. Professor Manstein provided you with a school laptop to use for study purposes, I know you have Wi-Fi since Luminous' friend plays StarCraft. Lumi plays that all the time, I swear he never actually focuses on his studies..." She pouts, hands on her hips. Asen honestly wasn't paying attention, he was too wrapped up in trying to figure out Solace being in America in the first place.

She suddenly turns to him, "I wasn't sure what you liked, so I thought you couldn't go wrong with Stuffies, they're childish sure but who doesn't like stuffies!" She exclaimed, Pulling out dog plushies, fox plushies, all sorts of small and medium-sized toys to place across the room, Asen sat on the corner of his bed and let her decorate as she pleased. Asen looked through her bag and noticed a sketchbook on the bottom. He pulled it out curiously and flipped through it. It had very nice drawings, all sketched out in detail. When Solace noticed he was snooping she quickly snatched the book from him

"Hey! No, you can't just look at people's sketchbooks like that!" She pouted

Asen hesitated before grabbing his tablet, Typing in it "I'm sorry, Your drawings are really nice though..." It wrote

Solace softened and put the sketchbook back in her bag,

"Thanks...I never have the time to color them, I just usually doodle in my free time" She confessed

"Coloring sounds fun" He typed

Solace arched a brow before sitting beside him hesitantly,

"If you want...I can uh, draw you things if you color them for me" She suggests

Asen looked down at her and smiled happily at the thought, giving a thumbs up to her. Solace offered an awkward smile back

"Alright, well, give me a second.." She says before pulling a piece of paper out from her sketchbook. Using the book as a desk she begins to sketch out basic scenery as Asen watched. He watched her silently, she seemed completely normal, if not happier. Even if she didn't remember, he was kinda glad she didn't. He wished he didn't have those horrible memories of losing everything, maybe she pushed them so far down she forgot.

Whatever the case, he was happy he could piece little bits of home in America. And he finally got to bond a little with Solace, something he never had the chance to do, back at Black Swan.

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