Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Hydra's plan

The main building appeared like a shrine The doors opened to see a line of formal-looking people sitting across from each other, they all were conversing before the hall filled with silence. Katsu walked in, leading them in

“Chief this is the group from Cassell College” Katsu introduced

“Welcome! To Hydras headq--” The older man stopped, locking eyes with Asen. Although Asen didn’t seem to recognize him, the man recognized Asen.

A younger man stood up, looking towards the chief worriedly

“Dad?” He asked in a hushed tone

The chief promptly shakes his head and continued on

“I welcome you to the Japan division, Hydra will assist with completing this SS-Ranked mission. I am the High Patriarch, Masume Tachibana" Tachibana then gives a formal bow, which Caesar mimics

“Thank you High Patriarch, I have great confidence that our mission will be a success with your help,” Caesar said calmly

“Many of the clan chiefs you see before you were once students of Cassell College, One of them being my Son,” He then points to the younger man from before.

The Younger man was in his early Twenties, He had brown hair that parted in the middle, the tips of his side bangs were grey, the world looked like it rested on this poor boy’s shoulders. His eyes were a kind brown, he dressed in similar clothes to Caesar, marking his importance to Hydra. He stands up and offers a proper bow,

“I am Chisei Gen, the heir to the Patriarch, and leader of the Gen and Uesugi clan, I will be your guide for most of your stay in Japan” he greeted

“A pleasure, I’m Caesar, this is Johann Chu, Luminous Lu, Asen Romanova, and Solace Amity” Caesar introduces his team to Chisei

Tachibana didn’t take his eyes off of Asen, he seemed laser-focused on him, although it was unclear why, Asen caught Tachibana staring but hastily glanced away. Asen was getting strange vibes.

The backdoor opened behind Chisei, as the room turned to the noise, a young girl stepped out. Her kimono was white, with red accents, she was adorned with gold heirlooms along with guards on either side of her. She had peach hair that was long enough to reach her back. She locked eyes with Luminous, eyeing his pink kimono curiously. Her eyes were like Rubies, that glint in the fresh light of the room. She then turned to Asen, locking eyes with him, she tilted her head as the heels of her shoes clicked with each step. The guards gently nudged her on. She smiled and offered a silly wave to Chisei Gen before sitting down, the sophisticated demeanor was quick to fade the moment she pulled out her Game-boy, it immediately played a street fighter game loudly as the guards sat on either side of her. The girl looked no older than sixteen, fairly young and innocent-looking. She didn’t have a care in the world.

“This is Erii Uesugi, my little sister” Chisei introduced

“A Pleasure- Miss Erii” Caesar greeted

Erii simply glanced up from her game for a moment, before turning back to her game,

“Man- they’re nothing alike...Are they really siblings?” Solace whispered to Luminous

“Doubt it, Chisei looks like a siscon-” He snickered quietly.

Johann overheard and whacked Luminous subtly over the head to get him to shut up

“Ow-!” Luminous silently winced in pain, turning to Asen for a defense. Asen simply shrugged, signing how he had it coming.

Luminous just sulked as Tachibana began to speak

“I have something very important I wish to discuss with you all. To bring our American friends up to speed, you should know we’ve been at odd ends with a hybrid group known as the Devil Clan.” Tachibana began

“The Devil Clan has been operating against us for years now. Their leader, Osho, the Odin’s Shadow has been trying to resurrect dragons, all members of the clan continue to weed out research to turn humans into these blood-thirsty beasts” He explains.

“That is why we must wipe them out, for the good of humanity! Cassel College you were sent upon our discovery to bronze fragments dating back no later than five years ago. This means Kagutsuchi still walks this earth, and for the citizens of Japan we need to start searching, at large, for any more evidence so we can locate the Devil Clan."

"So you're planning a war where Civilians are in place?" Caesar protested

"This is the only solution, To save the majority is the goal we have, you would risk the world if not" Tachibana then glanced at Asen

"You wouldn't want to lose everyone, rather than save what you know" He directed that comment at Asen, it rubbed him the wrong way, Asen furrowed his brow and subtly clutched onto Luminous' sleeve. He took notice and became more aware of Tachibana.

"But that's-!" Caesar went to protest before Johann stepped in, interrupting him

"That's the right thing, You have our aide," Johann told him

Tachibana gave a condescending smile and a formal bow

"That is good news to hear. I will leave the rest to my son, I wish you the best of luck. I will see you all very soon." Tachibana gives one more bow before snapping his fingers. Two new guards appear and began to escort Tachibana out of the hall. The rest of the clan members wait for the High Patriarch to leave before standing up and making exits or converse with each other.

Chisei makes his way towards the group, smiling warmly, "I have to apologize on my father's behalf, he's very traditional, I personally welcome you to Japan!" He says cheerfully, shaking hands with the rest of the group, acting differently than before.

"Ah you scared me for a moment, I thought I was gonna be straightforward the whole time!" Luminous gave a sigh of relief, shaking Chisei's hand.

"The Older members are like that, but I used to learn in America! I remember how nice it was back there" He says warmly

"Ah, and you are?" He offers a Hand out to Asen

"That's Asen, He doesn't talk" Solace introduced.

Asen smiled gently before shaking his hand

Chisei looked at him before turning to Solace

"Is he deaf?" He asked

"No, just mute, he can hear you" Johann explained

"I see, well, Nice to meet you Asen" He signs, although Asen didn't recognize it, he stared at Chisei quizzically.

"He signed in Japanese Asen," Johann explained

"Oh! I'm sorry I forgot you may not know that, Here like this" He began to demonstrate it for Asen. The brunette began to mimic it before signing it back to him

"Yes, My sister is also Mute, I think you two would get along well" He gestures to Erii for her to come up with him, which she does.

She pulls out her notebook that littered with sketches of cute dinosaurs to write

"Play with me?" the notebook said in Japanese, turning to Chisei. His expression saddened before patting her head "Not today, we have guests, see?" He gestured to the five of them, who all offered small smiles or waves to the younger girl.

She softened before turning to them to wave back. Asen smiled and signed the phrase he just learned. She lit up instantly and went back with him

"Wow, you're good with kids huh?" Caesar asked Asen. He simply shrugged and waved to Erii who waved back.

"We can show you to the rooms you will be staying in, once you're properly situated we can discuss later. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to greet the other Clan members, Very nice to meet you all" He bows before taking Erii's hand, walking towards the other members

"He's very different when the High Patriarch isn't near" Caesar mumbled

"You can say that again" Solace added

"Come on, we should go unpack the plane and settle in" Johann explains, suddenly Caesar feels fed up from Johann's nagging

"Quit acting leader! You've been doing that ever since we got here- It's pissing me off...I'm in charge, got it??" Caesar snapped at him

Johann glared back at him before turning his heel to march back to the plane, where they were already going to head

The rest of the group followed Caesar to collect their things and start their new chapter in Japan.

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