Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Settling in

It had been at least two hours since the initial landing in Japan. The group was located in the East building, where they each had their own room and one room to share. It was massive and well kept for. Hydra didn't play around when it came to efficiency. The group was settling in as Caesar was outside, lighting one of his Cigars. Johann was getting on his nerves, he couldn't stand the guy. He wondered why Anjou did place him in charge, Johann was clearly more fit. He didn't understand it.

Caesar let a small exhale escape him as the tobacco smoke escaped his lips. He turned his gaze to suddenly see Erii, the young clan chief appear right beside him. Caesar flinched and backed up

"M-Miss Erii- You startled me-" He stammered backing up

She looked up at Caesar curiously before pointing to the cigar. He followed her gaze and promptly shook his head

"They're tobacco" He explained

Erii soon held her hand out, wanting one of what the blonde had.

"No- I'm sorry It's not good for a princess like yourself to be smoking these."

Her eyes softened but obediently nodded. Men could be scrambling from the distance, Caesar glanced up to see them. The men were Erii's guards, they spotted her and quickly met up with her. It appeared she snuck away to speak with Caesar.

The guards made it back and apologized to the Gattuso

"It's no trouble, we were just talking" Caesar attempts to lighten the mood

The guards scold her hushedly for running off before leading her away, Erii softened and gave a kind wave to Caesar before being dragged off.

Caesar felt strange, they seemed highly protective of a little girl. It made no sense. Caesar finished the Cigar he was smoking before stamping it into the ground and heading back inside to unpack.

Inside the building, Johann and Asen were unpacking their things where Luminous and Sol were talking amongst themselves. Caesar crossed his arms before speaking,

"Did any of you notice something off about the Patriarch's daughter?" Caesar asked

"You mean Miss Erii?" Luminous asked. Caesar quietly nods

"I haven't seen anything why?" Solace then piped up

"Every clan member can do and say what they please, and I know the place is heavily guarded. But they treat her completely different...Instead of protecting her, It's almost like they're containing her..." Caesar explained

"Perhaps it's because she's a child?" Asen typed out, holding the tablet out

"Regardless it's none of our business, We have a mission to do remember, and last I checked, The mafia princess wasn't a part of it" Johann instructed

"It's something to take note of at least, I can't help but feel sorry for her" Caesar mumbled out, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"Poor girl..." Luminous softened

"We don't have time for this, We should unpack and regroup with Chisei Gen" Johann reminded

"You're such a grouch Johann, We just got here--" Solace argued

"Might I remind you guys we are here because there is a serious threat to the world here, that is what we're here for, not dress up, not princesses, for the bronze fragments" Johann stood up, picking up his bags before storming towards the back room to finish unpacking? The room filled with silence for a moment before Luminous piped up

"He's just mad cause Suzie's on the mission with us" He mumbled out

Caesar and Solace nodded in agreement.

Asen softened, picking up his stuff, and walking back to follow after Johann,

"I wouldn't Asen, He might bite your head off" Caesar warned. Asen gave a teasing glare before walking back to the room, he sets his bag right by his door before knocking lightly.

It was silent for a moment before Johann opened the door a crack, He eyed Asen up and down and furrowed his brow

"What?" He grumbled

"May I come in?" Asen signed

Johann hesitated, glancing down the hall, he didn't see Caesar or Luminous in sight, so he opened the door more to let Asen in.

"If you're going to talk to calm me down don't expect much," Johann snarked

"Good thing I can't talk" He signed back to him

Johann scoffed before plopping himself on the bed, "Touché" He sighed out

"What happened with you and Suzie?" Asen signed before sitting beside him.

Johann covered his face in his hands "I dunno...I just...I can't face her, not after what I did...she hates me" He whined through muffled hands

"She doesn't hate you-" Asen signed sympathetically

"Can you be certain? Because I sure as hell can't-" Johann flopped his arms out, already lowering his guard a lot in front of Asen

"She is mad at you, but she does not hate you" Asen signed his explanation

"People can be mad at you, you did a bad thing, she just wants you to do better, by avoiding her you are making it worse" He explained,

Johann silently watched him sign before sitting up "Women are hard-" He grumbled

"Not women, emotions" Asen corrected nudging him lightly

"Fair enough...thanks...I- I needed that." He stood up, "oh- I forgot my blade in the main room, I'm gonna go grab it." Asen smiled warmly as he watched Johann walk across the room.

He opened the door and suddenly all three students fell through the threshold, they were clearly listening in on the two's conversation the whole time.

Johann watched the three of them piled up on the floor, processing what just happened before snapping, "Are you guys serious?!" he shouted so loud the room trembled.

The day then pans out fine, everyone has finished packing and it was late afternoon. the five of them were walking, Luminous, Caesar, and Solace had whopping red bumps at the sides of their heads, Asen was walking beside Johann, just happy he wasn't hit too. Johann had his arms crossed and was clearly fuming from embarrassment from earlier.

The five of them made it to the Main Hall where Chisei was conversing with some other people inside, once he saw the group he instantly lit up

"Caesar! Over here!" He flagged them down, beckoning them over.

"Glad to see you got settled in, I wanted to introduce you to my retainer," he gestures to the three people behind him

"This is Crow, He is my sniper, he is skilled in not only tactical combat, but in internet hacking as well" Chisei explained

He then gestures to the tallest man in the group. Crow had straight, short, dark hair, with dirt-brown eyes, he wore a jumpsuit that was navy with a white kimono underneath. He had a phone in hand which seemed glued there. Crow pushed up his glasses before giving a curt nod to the squad

"And this is Yasha Ramirez, a close ally of mine. He is my brute force, he has the best aim in all of Tokyo- if you run into any problems, he's a good guy to go to" Chisei introduced

"A Pleasure!" Yasha placed his hands on his hips, projecting in a cockney accent.

Yasha was the shortest, but despite his stature, that didn't make him any less intimidating, he wore traditional Yakuza clothes, with a choker and gold jewelry. He had slicked up Black hair with the front dyed blonde. His left eye also had a huge scar across it. He kept his hands on his two 9mm pistols on either side of his hips. He looked very carefree and cocky.

"And this is Sakura Yabuki...She is my right hand. I trust her with my life...She is the best assassin you will meet. She is an excellent swordsman as well as excellent for undercover work. She's my strongest asset." He placed a hand on the girl's shoulder

Sakura offers a polite bow, "I welcome you to the Japan Division, I hope we all get along well"

Sakura had plated black armor on with bright yellow accents, she had short bobbed hair with bangs in the front. She also had purple tips on the ends of her hair. Her eyes were like obsidian spears, despite her kind appearance, she clearly had the skill and her expression proved it.

"A pleasure to meet all of you" Johann bowed back

Sakura smiled over at Johann "I like this one" She turned to Chisei

"Now Play nice, they are allies here" He teased

"What does he mean by that..?" Luminous whispered to Asen who simply shrugged.

"I was hoping, Caesar, that your group would help aide us this evening, we have quite the handful, and considering your mission isn't ready yet, I thought you could help us?" Chisei pleaded

"Of course, just tell us where, and we'll help you out" Caesar smiled proudly

"I was hoping you'd say that! Alright! I wish to place you into teams, Caesar and Johann, I want you to assist Crow in the mission with the Inuyuma Clan, Luminous and Solace will have Yasha lead them to the mission with the Fuma Clan...As for Asen, I was hoping you and I could get to know each other on a mission together, you, me and Sakura of course" Chisei offered

Asen thought about it for a moment before nodding, smiling kindly

"Then it's settled, I wish you all good luck and a safe return" Chisei offered a kind bow before sending them off into groups, he then leads Asen and Sakura outside to get ready to embark on their mission.

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