Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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A Gentle Night

It was late in the night, Chisei and his group just returned from their mission. caked in mud and blood. it was a tough battle, but grateful no major injuries have occurred.

Sakura was subtly holding a piece of cloth to her palm that got cut earlier. she was planning to address it once they got back and she was dismissed. Asen noticed it and gently stopped her once they were inside the hall

“What?” She asked

Asen gently took her hand and unwrapped it from the makeshift bandages, he opened up a heal source around them and began fixing her would, cupping her hand in his own gingerly.

Chisei could only watch, not only was good at defense but a healer too. Chisei had high respect for Asen at that moment.

Eventually, the wound healed, Sakura scanned her hand for injuries but failed to find any

“Thank you, Glad to not get a scar” She smiled, offering a polite bow.

A woman soon approached the three of them, Asen remembered her. She was one of the Chiefs from the meeting earlier. Her cold stature offered an intimidating presence. She was tall, probably for the heels she wore, she had a maroon kimono with red and gold accents. She wore a feathered headdress to keep her brown hair up in a neat ponytail. She pushed up her ruby glasses and eyed Chisei carefully

“What’s the status of Akira Sakurai?” She asked

“Deceased. I’m sorry Ms. Nanami. Your nephew couldn’t be saved” He confessed

Nanami Sakurai softened at the news, but despite grieving, she just crossed her arms

“Well...That’s what happens when you oppose Hydra...Good work Young Chief.” She proceeds to walk off.

Despite her distant tone and strong walk. Asen saw the pain in her eyes, this was a woman who couldn’t let her emotions burden her. He watched her walk out of the hall alone.

Chisei then turned to Sakura, quietly dismissing her. Asen watched her leave without a word before the Young chief turned to him.

“C’mon you should get cleaned up, I have a spare kimono for you to use” He then leads Asen back to a part of the hall he’s never seen. Chisei soon pushes back a large door to reveal a large, well-kept room, it was nicely organized. Chisei walked to a door inside the room and slid it open, it had a walk-in closet with a ton of clothes hanging on either side. Asen waited by the threshold trying to avoid getting the room dirty. Chisei then pulled out a smaller kimono, it was far too small for Chisei but it would fit Asen well. He seemed a little softer as he clung to it.

He walked back to Asen, “The bathroom is right there-” Chisei points to a sliding bamboo door on the other side of the room

“No need to worry about tracking stuff in, this place is cleaned daily,” The brunette reassured

Asen meekly nods and took the kimono to the bathroom and changed into it. It looked very nice, not his color, but nice...It was a white kimono with red accents, it had the Gen symbol on it and it had crab apple flowers embroidered on the sleeves.

Asen soon came out to find Chisei changed into more comfortable clothes, not the big heavy formal stuff earlier, but a thinner, more well-kept kimono. Chisei’s expression saddened upon seeing Asen dressed in it, but he offered a weak smile

“It looks good on you...This kimono used to belong to someone very dear to me...I would appreciate it back when your current kimono is cleaned up” He says

Asen looked down at himself before nodding, promising to be careful in it. He glanced around the room and pulled out his soaked notebook, attempting to write before Chisei handed him a new one, tossing the watered one out.

“This is Your room?” He wrote out

“Yes, it is...I rarely come in it other than night though, too much to do in the day” he sighed

Asen nods and looked around, Chisei just observed him quietly

“Good job today...I can see why Anjou picked you for the SS-Mission” Chisei praised, sitting on the futon,

Asen smiled and gave a small shrug, warming up to Chisei a bit

“Earlier...You fought with something else, can I see?” he asked

Asen hesitated but eventually nods, bringing Comet out for Chisei.

Comet stretched his wispy arms before swirling around the room, sitting right beside Chisei on the futon

Chisei marveled the Gemini with a child-like curiosity,

“What is it??” He quickly turned to Asen

“Comet’s a Soul, my soul, That’s my class,” Asen wrote

“Fascinating” Chisei mumbled sticking his hand through the Gemini, Comet just laughed and moved to the other side of Chisei

“How curious~ Are you always this forward?” Comet laughed.

Chisei flinched at the suddenly new voice,

“It can talk?!” He stammered

“Of course I can talk” Comet grinned, sitting down on the futon again, marveling at Chisei’s features

“Is that...what you sound like?” He turned to Asen, pointing to Comet. Asen hesitated but eventually nods

“Is that the reason you can’t talk..?” Chisei asked. Asen smiled and shook his head

“Are you two, the same..?” Chisei asked again, studying the soul

Comet hummed for a moment, “Yes and No. I am Asen’s soul, the core of everything he feels, I can talk for myself, hence why my name isn’t also Asen. I can explore and do things as long as Asen approves, I can read what he thinks and feels but I do not always feel and think them. I cannot survive without Asen, and he has full control” Comet explained happily

“He is like a child with short-term memory. He won’t remember you if you don’t see him until next week. Comet isn’t a real person, although he has empathy and can care, he only remembers me and very close people," Asen explained in his notebook, walking by Chisei to sit beside him.

Chisei nods "I see, so he's like a brother to you almost," Chisei asked

Asen hummed thinking it over "I guess" He wrote

"I saved you today-" Comet bickered

"You did" He signed back

Chisei turned his attention back to Comet, he was completely intrigued by the Gemini. Comet was just happy to get attention and not be stuck inside Asen for a long period of time. Chisei noticed Comet was wearing something different from what Asen was, he noticed the silhouette key around its neck. He turned to Asen and found he was also wearing the same key. Gen gently picked up the key and looked at the rusted metal

"What's this?" He asked

Asen softened, noticing what Chisei was talking about "It's a key for my home, If I ever go back..." he wrote down. Asen's demeanor softened

Chisei furrowed his brow "You haven't been home in a while?" He asked

Asen nods, trying to dodge the subject. Chisei got the hint and let go of the key "Well... I hope you'll be able to go back someday" He confessed.

Asen smiled and nods, as a sign of thanks to the Asian boy.

Chisei's watch soon beeped again, he turns it on to find a mini hologram, explaining how the rest of the squad returned from their missions. Chisei gave a soft sigh and stood up

"Your friends are back, you should go with them..." He explains

Asen nods and stood up thinking about it for a moment before walking to Chisei, he let Comet swirl around him one more time before retreating to Asen.

Asen smiled and wrote in his book "That's Comet's way of affection, swirling around someone like that," He explained

Chisei grew a small smile after that, bowing politely "Thank you for educating me about Soul Dancers. I would love to hear more sometime.." He said kindly

Asen nods, waving him goodbye before grabbing the dirty Kimono and turning to head out of the hall. Asen went to meet up with his friends, hoping they at least had better missions than he did.

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