Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Akira Sakurai

The night fell on Asen and the clan chief. the further they went from the city, the darker it became, and eventually, rain fell. Asen hadn’t been in the rain that wasn’t freezing, it was strange to have such warm water, he didn’t mind it. Chisei was in the lead, Sakura following closely behind him. Chisei kept looking back to Asen every few moments, as to wish to start something, but ended up hesitating. Asen picked up on this and walked to the other side of him,

Chisei then cleared his throat before turning to Sakura, “Why don’t you catch Mr. Romanova up to speed on the Eveningdew Mission.” He suggested

“Yes, So, Were dealing with a target of the Devil Clan, these are Hybrids who have extreme levels of Dragon blood in their genetics, and whether unable to or lack of care, they don’t regulate the dragon or devil side of them. and side with the Devil Clan,” She explains

“To prevent this, most residents in Japan with such a defect will be quarantined in the mountains and isolated from Japan.” She continued

Asen furrowed his brow, feeling unsettled by this information, more and more he realized he was fitting pretty well with the category Sakura was describing.

“How do you help the people who can’t control it once taken to the mountains?” Asen wrote out on paper

Chisei and Sakura shared a look before hesitating

“If...they do not contain it themselves, then they are executed,” Chisei explained

Asen stopped in his tracks, now clearly bothered by the situation

“So you don’t help them?? It’s one thing if they’re criminals but another if they’re scared, not everyone can control it!” He wrote down frantically

“This is orders by the High Patriarch, we cannot go against it” Sakura explained, her suspicion peaking

“Asen...I know it’s hard, but in Japan, there’s just not much you can do, too many innocent lives are lost from trying to save people who simply...can’t make it” Chisei placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him

The Russian suddenly lost a lot of trust in Chisei, knowing if he knew Asen’s true abilities, he would not treat him so kindly. It felt backward. He looked back up at Chisei who seemed to have silent anger in his eyes, almost as if he too didn’t like this way of reasoning.

Sakura then stopped them at a far enough distance,

“Our target today is Akira Sakurai, he was put away twenty years ago, long before you and me...At age three he killed his family with his unstable bloodline, we had him isolated. but recently he broke free. Our intel says a spy for the Devil Clan let him out, although we are unsure of the spy’s location, we do know that Akira has already killed seven people tonight, his rampage doesn’t end,” The assassin explained

“Sakura is going undercover as Madako Ogata, one of her most common cover stories, That’s how you should refer to her until the mission is complete” Chisei gestured to her

“I have this box here with a dead bird inside, I will be going in and searching for Akira, happen to run in and explain how I’m here to bury my pet, We believe that this will be decent enough bait for Akira” She then turned her heel to march back out,

Asen stopped her, grabbing her wrist gently, holding his paper out to her,

“Let me assist you, I don’t want you to go alone--” Asen offered

Sakura seemed taken back by this and glanced to Chisei for approval

“Although there is strength in numbers I don’t see it wise for you to go with her as I do not know your undercover training, and that could risk the mission.” Chisei then gave a small nod to Sakura

“Thanks, but I’m a big girl, I don’t need a man to save me,” She says before walking off towards her mission

Asen kinda stood there dumbfounded, then turning to Chisei

“She’s very strong, she can handle herself fine” Chisei reassured

Chisei then walked down a hidden trail with Asen, mostly to collect samples and try to collect stuff for police officials. Asen followed wherever he led.

Chisei softened a bit before turning to Asen

“So, You look pretty young for a college student, how long have you been at the College?” Chisei asked, mostly for small talk

Asen shrugged and gestured to one month

“That short and already on a mission?? You must be pretty important” He chuckled, kneeling to collect more evidence

“You could say that,” Asen wrote out

“You don’t look American, were you a transfer?” Chisei then asked

Asen hesitated and gave another shrug, he was being closed off, he didn’t wanna expose himself to Chisei who doesn’t seem to have the most moral ideals

“I was a transfer too, obviously, Americans love to hear about other countries, almost as if they can't grasp the concept of there being more than just America” he chuckled, standing up

“Well I have what I need, we should check in on--” Chisei spoke before a shrill beeping came from his device, it was Sakura’s SOS signal

“Crap, c’mon, behind me” Chisei ordered

The two men then fled the trail and headed towards Sakura’s signal, they found Akira fending off some of Chisei’s men and appearing to protect Sakura as if Akira took a liking to her

“She can’t attack because it’ll blow her cover, we have to step in Asen, follow my lead” Chisei ordered again, Asen did as told

Chisei then called out loudly for his troops to fall back, which they did, Allowing Chisei and Asen to step in front of Akira without issue.

Akira had a darker complexion, with shaggy black hair pulled to a messy ponytail, he had dragon scales all around his face and arms, with blood-red eyes. He was standing in front of Sakura, gripping her arm.

“Who are you?? The TPD?” He hollered to Chisei

“Far worse than that I’m afraid, I am Chisei Gen, from the Execution Bureau, I am here to Execute you, No need to defend yourself because no one will listen to you” He threatened

“Madako-- run to Hokkaido, we will meet up there once I finish him off-" Akira growled out, letting Sakura go, she doesn't flee, instead she holds her hand out in which Chisei tosses her katana for Sakura.

"What??" Akira turned to her

"I'm sorry we're gonna have to cut this short big guy-" Sakura says, brandishing her sword at him

"Why is it some Mafia decides who is worthy, you treat us like devils because you treat yourselves like gods! What they say about you is right, well damn you, Damn you all!!" Akira screamed, pulling out a needle with dragon's blood inside, it was a purplish hue and had the Devil Clan's symbol on the bottle

"Don't-!" Chisei warned, but it was too late, Akira jabbed the needle straight into his neck and winced in pain, forcing the blood in his system

"Alright, well things just got messy" Sakura sighed

Akira suddenly combusted into flames, glowing a bright golden color, he looked like a molten pile of tar, he grew nearly three feet in height. his spine protruded from his back, acting like large scales, his hands grew claws, and his face had protruding teeth. His skin was stretched out with many open wounds and more scales across. he was a full-blown servitor.

Akira then started charging straight for Asen,

"Look out!" Chisei shouted, suddenly Sakura jumped in front of them, her blade horizontal and holding Akira's jaw back. Sakura's hand was on the blade tightly, cutting into her palm, as her blood rolled down the blade Akira got the taste of it, feeling more powered to force back. Her eyes flickered a strong golden color and she grew the strength to throw him back to where he was.

"Twenty-three years...I was locked up for Twenty three years!!" Akira wailed, charging back at Sakura, who fought him back, Asen began assisting, shooting projectiles to keep Akira's attention off her. the two of them fought against Sakurai as he cried into the rain, fighting with all his might,

"No Freedom! No Friends! No one to ask what I wanted, or how I felt! I was a child! How was I supposed to know I could have slain them?!" He continued to scream, his tears were golden, fizzling off of his cheeks due to how hot his skin was to the touch, the rain did as well, producing a thin steam layer around him

"Asen cover me!" Sakura shouted, which he did, Sending Comet to inhabit her like an armor suit which protected her to shove Akira down once again, Asen reeled her back and kept their distance from the now down Akira. Chisei's eyes widened at the sight of Comet, he had never seen anything like it before.

Akira seemed finished but only grew more enraged, his back now grew wings made of golden flames, attempting to attack from above. He launched up and started barreling for Sakura,

"You--You were supposed to be there for me! We had a deal!!" He shouted at her, Sakura held her ground, bracing for impact. When Chisei jumped in front, His eyes turned a bright golden color and Akira fell straight into the grass, his knees digging into the mud as if there was a strong force pushing him down. Chisei's eyes turned a brighter shade of gold, despite using what looked like dragon power, he had no scales or any signs of hybrid mutation.

Akira attempted to get up but only sank deeper, his calves completely encased in mud

"You...You turned her against me--didn't you?!" Akira cried out to Chisei

"She was never yours, to begin with," He pulled his sword out, impaling Akira through the heart. The servitor roared in pain, struggling to pull the blade out but Chisei just pushed the force harder on him.

Chisei pulled out his Katana and watched the bright golden blood bleed from his chest, his sword was red from the heat in which it came in contact with Akira.

"People...like you will never understand" Akira then turned to Asen as if he could sense his power

"You side with them?" Akira then asked the confused Asen,

"You are a moth who hasn't seen the light yet...But when you do-" Akira then chuckled weakly, blood spilling from his lips

"You'll be no better. You will engulf in those flames you once wished to put out~" Akira pointed to Asen before collapsing under the weight, being buried under the mud and force in which he could no longer break free from. Chisei only removed the force he placed once he was sure Akira Sakurai was dead.

a moment of silence was shared between them, Asen was frozen in horror in what he just witnessed, he didn't expect to be killing someone today, guilt was creeping upon him.

"What a pity, I thought for sure he would last longer...Boss won't be too happy.." A voice called behind them

Chisei whipped his head around to spot a familiar sight, to Asen and Sakura. This was a total stranger.

"Identify yourself!" Sakura called, brandishing her weapon once again to protect Chisei, who seemed a bit paralyzed,

"Nothing but another pesky moth...Little miss" He cooed

The stranger had white hair and bright red eyes. He looked as pale as a ghost as if he wasn't truly there. He had a luxurious kimono with the Devil's symbol embedded on the sleeves. He wore a fox mask to cover his face.

"What's the matter? cat got your tongue br-"

Suddenly Chisei moved forward, impaling the stranger with a strong force. Yet his hands were trembling,

The Stanger seemed unaffected, no blood was shed, he just stepped closer to Chisei, embedding the blade further in on himself

"You haven't changed~ You're still the little backstabber from birth" He cupped Chisei's cheek, memorizing the brunette's face as fear filled his eyes. Tears threatened to fall from Chisei's face, but easily hidden from the rain around them

The strange man turned to Sakura, and then to Asen, eyeing him specifically, he seemed interested in the Russian. He then turned back to Chisei, admiring the shameful expression

"You feel guilty? And yet you do it again, He's got you wrapped around his finger good, what a shame." The stranger hummed out, suddenly glowing a bright pink as it flittered like cherry blossoms in the distance, and soon, no trace was left.

Sakura hesitantly approached her boss, placing her hands over his, who had his blade still extended out,

"Sir..?" she asked worriedly

Chisei soon seemed to snap out of it, slowly lowering his weapon

"Who was that??" Asen wrote. yet Chisei seemed a bit distant and out of it

"n-No one--I'm a bit tired, let head back... Sakura, Inform my father that Akira has been executed and send the evidence to the TPD" He says dismissively, marching back to base

Sakura and Asen share a look before slowly following behind Chisei and back to Hydra. the three of them all seemed rather bothered by how tonight's mission went.

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