Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The clan chiefs

The morning after was a calm one, Caesar was outside once again. Watching the morning dew trickle down the blades of grass, he was out again, smoking a cigar and talking with NoNo, mostly briefing her on their trip so far.
In the distance he could see Chisei Gen along with Yasha Ramirez, he could see them conversing panicked,
Caesar subtly floated the wind current towards him, allowing the sound to travel further to him.
“Bro—Your sister is out again—“ Yasha was hectic,
“Again-…” Chisei sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose
“Shouldn’t we search for her—“ Yasha looked around nervously
“Yes—Yes. Please do. You’re not in trouble Yasha. It’s ok, you know how she is…” Chisei reassured
Yasha calmed a little and nods “Right, we’ll need security no problem, we’ll find her!” He bowed before quickly whistling to get guards to search for her.
Caesar watched as Chisei went the other way to search for her.
He sighed, “Gone again huh…” he murmured out
“What was that?” NoNo called through the phone
“Nothing, it’s this clan chief...this little girl, she constantly is hiding from her brother, I don’t get it. She goes missing and Hydra acts like all 8 Chiefs are at risk. They don't treat her with respect…NoNo they treat her like a caged animal-“ he stressed
“What did the team say??” NoNo asked
“Nobody takes me seriously…They’re prepping for the mission tomorrow.” He explained
“She could be a part of it-“ NoNo replied through the phone
“That’s what I said!” Caesar puffed a trail of smoke from his lips
“You need to start acting like a leader, you’re just cowering, I hate seeing people like that” she huffed
“I know, I know...but I can’t risk another fight with Johann,” he sighed, leaning back
“Sounds like you’re letting him walk all over you. You two need to get along. But not let him have his way. Johann thinks he’s in charge.” NoNo sighed
“I’ll see what I can do-“ Caesar said before spotting Erii down the trail by an empty shrine by the river
“Hey NoNo, I gotta go-“ He stammered
“Oh okay, I’ll see y-“ Nono was cut off by Caesar ending the call, he stamped his cigar down before walking towards the young clan chief.
Erii was silent and graceful, she watched under the cherry tree as a butterfly floated around her, she held her finger out for the butterfly to land on, although it wouldn’t. She furrowed her brows before parting her lips to speak, her eyes flickered golden for a second
“Come” her gentle voice commanded. And like magic. The butterfly floated down to her finger. Her eyes returned to their previous red color. She smiled and admired the butterfly happily.
Caesar stuffed his hands in his pockets watching her
“So this is where you went..” he mumbled out
Erii flinched and turned around to see Caesar, she quickly scanned for her brother through the trail.
“Relax, he’s not here” he reassured. She quickly calmed and smiled at the French man.
“I thought you were mute” Caesar gestures.
Erii softened and pulled out her notebook, writing it down in English for Caesar.
“Don’t tell my brother…I’m not supposed to talk” she wrote.
“You’re not allowed to speak? Or roam freely?” He questioned
Erii softened and shook her head.
Caesar seemed a little bothered by that statement. He was about to speak before hearing a voice call out.
“Erii—there you are-!” Chisei called out.
Her face fell, knowing what was to happen, she grabbed a cherry blossom from the tree and handed it to Caesar. He took it from her, confused. He saw her expression. It was soft. Like her trying to show her gratitude
Chisei was followed by Sakura. He looked at Caesar confused.
“Relax, she and I were just talking” Caesar calmed. Almost a little protective over the kid. He got weird vibes when it came to Erii’s situation.
“We were just playing…” Erii wrote in Japanese to Chisei. He sighed, recomposing himself
“Erii you know how father is, now is not the time for your games…when I have the time we can play” he placed a hand on her shoulder.
“You never have the time” she signed in frustration, shrugging his hand off her shoulder before walking back to her quarters with Sakura.
Chisei just watched her go back, guilt lacing his eyes
“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t get involved with my sister, she gets antic when there are strangers,” Chisei pleaded
“I didn’t know, we were just talking, honest…” Caesar reassured.
Chisei just huffed, running a hand through his hair, stressed.
Caesar picked up on it. He softened before speaking. “You seem to carry a mountain on those shoulders, why does it all fall on you?” He asked
“Because I'm the heir…my father is growing in years, I have to train, to fill his shoes. Without hydra, the whole streets of Tokyo are in chaos…” Chisei confessed.
“I feel you are robbing yourself of your life, is this really what you want..?” Caesar asked.
Chisei chuckled sadly, “no…honestly, my dream is to run a small business in France…settle down” he softened, sitting on the bench under the tree
“Selling what?” Caesar asked, sitting beside him
Chisei softened, his cheeks flaming red “it’s embarrassing to admit…” he mumbled
“C'mon Chisei, no one around, be yourself for five seconds-“ Caesar encouraged.
Chisei glanced at Caesar, before glancing around the field. He didn’t spot anyone. He softened before speaking, “I wanna sell sunscreen at this famous nudist beach..” he snickered out
Caesar laughed at the absurdity “no way!” He chortled.
“It’s embarrassing! I told you” he said flustered
“I never took you for a ladies man~” Caesar teased
“Enough—“ he teasingly pushed Caesar away
Caesar offered a big grin, admiring the looser Clan chief. The two basked in the morning sunlight, enjoying the atmosphere before Caesar broke the silence.
“Chisei why don’t you show us around today,” he suggested
“What?” He tiled his head
“Around town, show us some of your cultures! Show us Americans how it’s done!” He encouraged
“I dunno…you have a big mission tomorrow…” he hesitated.
“For such a daring mission why not have a good memory! C’mon Mr. high chief-“ he teased
Chisei softened, thinking it over carefully before smiling
“I guess it can’t be helped…” he says, defeated.
Caesar grinned, jumping to his feet “excellent! I knew you’d come around~! I’ll get my team up and we can head out in let's say an hour?” He asked
“Sounds like a plan, I’ll split my tasks today out for my retainer. I’ll come by your quarters in an hour” Chisei hummed.
“Alright! And remember! This is a break for you too! Don’t be wearing all that—“ he gestured to his clothes.
“What’s wrong with my-“ Chisei looked to himself before Caesar interrupted
“Nope!! Dress like Chisei Gen! Not heir to Tachibana!” He hollered.
Chisei just watched him as he rushed away to his quarters. He softened and stood up, heading back to the hall, a little excited about later today.
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