Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Sumeru's Throne

It was the following day, everyone had been preparing for this mission, everyone's items had been neatly packed and loaded in on the jet, not much was left other than the clothes and weapons they had on themselves. the Squad made it to the hall where Crow was waiting for them.

Crow had a tablet screen projecting a hologram,

"We've been informed of recent locations of bronze fragments, and I hate to say it but these are worse than before. We have the entire location under our control for you guys" Crow explained

"Our Submarine we have for you will take you down to the Mariana trench to collect the fragments" Crow adds

Caesar lit up at the news, a smug grin coming to his face "I'm getting excited just hearing about it~" He hummed

"So what's the plan crow?" Solace asked

"We will be equipping your sub with a nuclear bomb, also known as the Momotaro," Crow explained

"Momotaro~ Aww that's so cute, like the little peach boy" Luminous chuckled

"Stop teasing around" Johann hushed him

"If these bronze fragments are as active as we think they are, that means Kagutsuchi may still be out there, which means we will need your aide" Crow explained, walking with them towards the exit

"No problem," Caesar reassured, Johann, giving a curt nod in response, following Caesar

"Can I stay?? I can help Crow with the ma-" Luminous was promptly cut off by Asen, who was now covering his mouth

"A-Asen mmph--" Luminous struggled before breaking free. Asen feigned innocence, giving a simple shrug

"I will be escorting you to the base mission, you will meet the boss there," Crow explained

"Thank you," Solace responded

Crow adjusted his glasses, giving a small nod to the team before letting a chopper down at the meet site, he helped the squad board on the helicopter before giving the signal for them to go. The pilot soon raised, flying them out towards the sea. it took them nearly thirty minutes just to get there. Throughout that time Eva had been booting up the systems, their home base linking up with the mission.

Finger, NoNo, and Suzie were on the other line, following Professor Von Schneider as their boss. all of them were already linking up with Chisei Gen at the base

The deeper they went to the sea the darker the clouds got, it looked as if a man-made storm was swelling, rain began to fall into the murky water. the ocean roared against the large fortress.

Several Japanese men were on the base of the fortress, guiding the pilot to land. once safely landed Crow stood up,

"Under your seats, you will find Sub-mechanic suits to help you with this mission, please get them on and meet up with the Boss, This is as far as we take you

"Got it" Johann nods before the whole squad got dressed with the new suits. they were thick armor dressed in different colors to differentiate. Caesar got a Navy blue with neon blue accents, Johann got a Solid Black suit, where Luminous got Solid White. Asen got a Red suit with peach accents, and Solace got a Light blue suit with white accents. Once the squad was dressed, they all made their way out towards the center of the throne. it was covered in rain, it was a stormy mess. Chisei was under a small shelter where the computers were. Sakura was beside him, loading up all the calculations.

Chisei spotted the group and called them over to the area to brief them "Glad to see you all...Please let me introduce you to the Unsinkable Sumeru throne" He gestures to the fortress

"This is a joint venture by the GRC and Hokada Construction, Secured by sixteen Iron Anchors and equipped with Cassell College's Tech. It is Hydras sea fortress" Chisei explained

Caesar took notice of how everyone was scrambling with defenses, he already picked up a strange vibe

"What on earth is happening Gen- It feels like we're going to war!" He stressed

"This is how the Hydra operates to ensure everything goes smoothly, we take no risks so the chance of survival is higher" Chisei explained calmly

Sakura nods, standing up "Its much like holding a sword, once you place your hand on the hilt, you never let it go"

"Sakura's right," He explained

"Pressure test is complete sir, we're ready and locked in position" She added

"Let's head to the loading dock, prepare to submerge" Chisei explained

Caesar turned to the squad "Alright, you heard the man lets rally up"

And with that, the five of them follow Chisei to the submarine. Luminous fell quiet, walking beside Solace and Asen

"Isn't Japan all about yin and yang?" Luminous murmured

"It is strange...Why do they seem so tense around bronze fragments?" Solace added

"According to E.V.A. There has never been a dragon trace in japan, not until recently. it was cleaner than anywhere else in the world..." Johann explained

"Where could they have come from then?" Luminous asked

"Who knows...it's possible Russia had involvement, they were extremely power hungry during the cold war, it could have been residue traveling from there" Johann explained

Asen felt tense from the news, he was aware of Russia's involvement, but for it to travel to Japan, it didn't seem very Russian-like. Asen couldn't be for sure though.

Eventually, Caesar stopped behind Chisei,

"I present, Momotaro, your submersible..." Chisei gestures to the large ship beside them. it was bright red with white trims, it was very modern compared to anything Asen had seen. It amazed everyone at the sight. Yasha suddenly comes running up to Chisei's side

"Bro everything is set up, we're ready when you are--" He confirmed

"Alright...Your operation is all set...This is where we part ways" Chisei softened

"You'll bring us back up, right..?" Solace asked

"You are more to me than just allies...You guys, have shown me such kindness, Were friends...I promise I'll pull you back up" He reassured

Luminous offered a cheeky smile "Aw Mr. Gen is getting sentimental~"

Chisei chucked softly "I suppose..."

"Well, I'll hold ya to it, Mr. Patriarch, When we return you better have Sake at the ready" Caesar teased

"Thank you for your hospitality," Johann thanked with a small bow

"No need, it was an honor having you five" He bowed back

"Alright team, let us make a chapter in history!" Caesar hyped, marching into the Submarine, as did the rest of the group.

Asen hung back looking over to Chisei who seemed puzzled

"Go on, your team's waiting" He murmured

Asen held his hand out to him, which stumped Chisei but he reluctantly takes

Asen closed his eyes and let Comet emerge, swirling around Chisei again happily. The young chief marveled at the Gemini

"Thank you for your kindness, I hope we meet again" Asen spoke through Comet, offering a sincere smile

Chisei softened and nods "I will do my best to help you all, I promise" He swore

Asen smiled and let go, offering one final wave to Chisei before embarking on the Submarine.

Chisei soon turned back to Yasha, walking towards the shelter with the computers, linking the Cassell base with the Submarine, and submerging it in the water. This was the start of the mission.

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