Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Sea of Legends PT1

The Submarine began sinking through the sea, deeper and deeper it went, Caesar was piloting the ship along with Luminous’ aide. Johann and Asen were prepping the materials. Solace was booting up the connections between them and the Home base. Soon enough they were connected with Schneider and the team

“Hello Professor” Solace greeted, connecting audio through all of their headpieces

“Hello, Ms. Amity, and the Cassell Squad. How is the process?” He asked

“Smooth sailing so far” Caesar explained through his earpiece

“Good, happy to hear. How long until you land?” He followed up

“According to the ship, fifteen minutes” Luminous added

“Suzie will take over from here,” He then disconnected before Suzie got on the line,

“Alrighty Cassell Squad, please be advised, if you should see a door, or frankly anything resembling a door in the abyss, do not approach it under any circumstances, regardless of whatever Japan advises” Suzie instructed

“A door? Why is there a door in the Abyss?” Caesar asked

“Well, Schneider’s mission discovered a similar mission, operation Greenland...” Suzie explained

Soon NoNo hopped on connecting herself on “The Greenland mission is what killed Norma, along with the entire team...” She added on

Solace softened at the news “All of them...?” She murmured out

“The door was linked to an embryo, it exploded on impact...It killed my whole team, I was the only one out” Schneider explained, his raspy voice was gentle as he recollected the thoughts

“Hang on guys Gotta cut this short! Your pressure levels are super abnormal!” Finger exclaimed through the feed

“What??” Johann called out before the Submarine began beeping frantically.

“Crap...The Submersible is malfunctioning!

Solace watched as the scanner dropped frantically “Were sinking way too fast guys-!” She exclaimed

Luminous panicked, “Is this how Greenland died before they completed their mission?!” He cried out

“You need to shut down the Airlock-” Suzie called through the feed

Asen jumped to his feet and rushed to the back of the ship, Johann followed after pulling out his blade to cut the valve off to block it. Asen stopped him, pulling out a small piece of metal and gesturing to Johann

“Smart...” He confessed, his eyes turning a flickering gold color as his hand glowed bright red, he melted the metal, wrapping it around the valve and fixing it easily

“Good thinking Asen” Johann praised

“Were at 28,000 Feet-” Solace calmed

“According to our intel, the water’s are colder than japan expected. its nearly 224° C, with your pressure at 115MPa” NoNo calculated,

“That was too close...We should contact Chisei and have him pull us up--” Luminous stressed, knocking on the metal ship

“Are you nuts? We can’t go back! If those fragments get lost at sea, we will have no idea of Kagutsuchi’s whereabouts and that puts Japan at risk! We have to find it as soon as we can” Caesar ordered

“Caesar’s right, We can’t go back even if we wanted to, we’re too far down,” Johann added

Luminous whined slumping back against the metal wall “Ugh! Why do I feel a sense of purpose all of a sudden?!”

“Lackey you’ve been constantly avoiding this mission more than usual! I can’t believe now is the time to play the victim!” NoNo scolded through the communicator

“But NoNo this is not just a drill, this is an actual threat!” He argued

“Which is why you should be taking this seriously,” Schnieder added in

soon the whole cabin erupted in chaos, mostly arguing as the submarine was now idle. Johann glanced outside and spotted what looked like a tower, he furrowed his brow and turned back to the group. but nobody was listening.

“Look I’m sorry for actually valuing my life I didn’t know we were going to be in a faulty piece of junk!” Luminous argued

“It’s not junk! Japan is sending you with a highly advanced submarine, it’s malfunctioning because of the ecosystem you just encountered!” Finger added

“Wait--where’s Johann” Solace interrupted. The cabin soon fell silent, seeing the cabin door locking

“God damnit, Johann--” Caesar huffed, flinging open the cabin door.

“Class rep wait!” Luminous hesitated before looking to Asen.

Asen made a gesture for him to go along before huffing and going out himself. Luminous whined and looked to Solace

“You coming too or what?” He asked

“I can’t swim... Plus someone has to be here to let you guys in” She argued

Luminous sighed, defeated before exiting the cabin door himself into the harsh sea.

Caesar searched around angrily before stopping

“I can’t believe that pompous ass hat won’t listen to me!” He snarled

“Uh...So what now?” Luminous asked

“We need to locate him, lord knows what trouble he’ll get into” Caesar snapped before swimming ahead. Luminous and Asen looked to each other before reluctantly following Caesar’s lead.

the ocean around them was strange, despite the current they were in a dragon ecosystem, full of strange species and plants. it felt like an alien world

as the three embark on the trip Luminous spotted Johann who was stopped in the middle of the ocean floor

“Killboy!” Luminous called out

Caesar whipped his head to find Johann as well. He swam over and gripped his arm “What the hell were you thinking?!”

“I found-” Johann spoke but was interrupted

“I am the leader here, you follow my orders! Are we clear?” Caesar scolded.

“This is important Caesar- I don’t have time--” Johann tried to interject but Caesar gripped his arm tighter. The Asian boy was honestly startled by this, Caesar was fuming from the ears, he saw red at that moment.

"I said are we clear?! You will listen to me as your leader, I am not your rival here, we are not doing this when your life is in my hands!” He shouted

Johann was taken back by this, he’s seen Caesar angry before, but not like this, it was different. Johann reluctantly nodded, sulking down a bit like a kid in trouble

“Sorry...” He muttered out

Caesar let a sharp exhale through his nostrils before shoving Johann away, “Lead, show us what you found” He ordered

Johann nods before leading the three of them down the patch a bit before pointing to a strange building on the ocean floor

“See? That gigantic tower” He pointed

Caesar softened a bit at the tower, glancing at it before glancing to Johann “What is that? Surely it can’t be human, Suzie?” He called on his communicator

“This thing is nearly 8,600 meters under the sea, that’s not manmade” She informed through the earpiece

Johann went to get closer, more likely to get a better look. Caesar followed closely behind, Luminous and Asen kinda hung back as they scavenged

“NoNo you guys said there was a new ecosystem here?” Caesar asked

“According to Finger, yes, you’re basically in a dragon’s underwater Nibelungen” NoNo informed

“Only creatures with dragon genetics could adapt to this environment, that’s why Japan had requested you guys” Suzie added on

Luminous looked around before noticing his feet catching on something bright. He knelt down to push the sand from it, only to notice bronze fragments.

“Uh, guys-!” He called out.

the three turned to see what Luminous found, Johann’s eyes widened at the sight

“That’s a bronze cluster- not even a fragment!” He exclaimed

“It’s in one whole piece,” Caesar picked it up, examining the residue curiously

“Did you say a cluster?” Suzie asked

“Yes, in one piece”

“Bring it in for research, do not lose it” NoNo added

“Got it, Notify Solace, we will bring it back after we search for a bit more” Caesar instructed

“On it-” Finger chirped before switching channels on the feed

“Look at this--It looks like writing--” Johann gestured to a bunch of withered scrabs of debris

“It looks like Russian- Asen- Can you read it?” Johann turned to Asen.

He hesitated for a moment before swimming forward, looking at the metal sheet

It read ”Mikoyan-Gurevich I-320" Asen instantly panicked and stumbled a bit. This was Hertzog's old fighter jet he used to fly to Moscow. He had a swirl of emotions before signing to Luminous explaining what it wrote

"What was that reaction for?" Luminous asked

Asen promptly shook his head and dismissed it

"Look- there's a trail, maybe there are more clues in the debris" Johann suggested

"Alright, let's head there-" Caesar ordered

The four of them followed the trail, Asen was fidgeting, there was no way this could be the same jet, that was in Russia, this is Japan. He hovered over Luminous, who picked up on it. The Honey-eyed student knew something was up.

"Black Swan-!" Johann exclaimed

Asen felt his heart sink to the pit of his stomach. why was Black Swan a part of the mission?? He felt a whirlwind of emotions spiral up

"Hang on a second This symbol...It's the Hydra's symbol, but it's all in Russian-" Caesar questioned

"This is the ship in Professor Jane's history class. She said the ship carried an Ancient species on it, but it went missing, it was presumed to have crashed. This means this is true, and evidence can be found here-!" Johann rushed towards the sunken ship with Caesar following behind

Luminous stayed back with Asen, grabbing his arm gently

"Hey...Are you gonna be okay??" Luminous asked worriedly

Asen frantically shook his head, despite the water, his hands were shaking

"Hydra, it's the same! The Japan Division is working with Russia's armed forces!" He signed

"Hydra killed my home" He signed out, his eyes lacing with panic

Luminous' eyes widened at the news "Wait...So you mean- This ship was around at your time? before the...You know-" He gestured

Asen frantically nodded.

"Class Rep, We shouldn't stay here- let's just take the Bronze Cluster and go-" Luminous suggested firmly

"Hang on, we found the Dark King's corpse, it withered now but it's important for research" Johann explained over the feed

"Guys seriously-! We should head back-!" Luminous stressed, comforting Asen

"What the hell?" Caesar murmured.

Johann was inside the ship with Caesar, collecting data, he heard Caesar and rose

"What? What is it?" Johann asked

Caesar seemed speechless, he was holding a withered book of some kind, inside was a poorly damaged photo. Johann's eyes widened as well as he and Caesar shared a look.

The two quickly left the ship, Caesar holding the book in hand, He turned to Asen before raising the photo

Asen felt the color drain from his face. He had been found out.

The photo was a polaroid of Asen, Renata and Hertzog. Something he must have kept as a memento before he left Black Swan.

"This is you--.." Caesar seemed in shock, his voice unreasonably calm

"But that would mean you're-" Johann paused

"Asen's nearly forty years old- yeah-" Luminous stammered

"You knew??" NoNo piped in from the feed, being surprised as they were.

"But he looks our age??" Caesar stressed

Suzie connected and soon piped in "Asen was trapped in ice for twenty years, he's a survivor from Black Swan Bay, I should know, Schneider and I fished him out"

"Why didn't you tell us?!" Johann scolded

"Like it's your business? How are we to know Black Swan had any relation to our mission!" Luminous defended

"Luminous is right, If we knew this would connect to Asen we wouldn't have brought him

"But I think as friends we had a right to know-" Caesar argued

"He doesn't owe you his trauma! Asen hasn't had years to cope with this as you think, it's history to us but it's recent for him! He wasn't ready!" Luminous scolded, his aura returning, he was fairly protective over Asen

Asen slowly calmed before raising, he gripped his sides and shook his head

"I was going to tell you...honest, After all of this, I'll explain everything" Asen signed, Luminous translating for Caesar

"You better, I have a lot of questions for you" Caesar signed before picking up the bronze fragment

"Suzie notify Chisei Gen were embarking back on Momotaro" Caesar instructed

Static was only heard from the feed

"Suzie? NoNo? Do you copy?" He asked again


"Did we lose signal?!" Luminous worried

"Johann do you have-" Caesar turned only to find a large dragon serpent coiling around Johann suffocating him, Johann was unresponsive

"What the hell?!" He immediately pulled out his weapon to shoot

"So this is the little bugs in my way?" A voice called amid the debris

Both Luminous and Asen brought out their weapons, scanning for the source of the voice

"My My! What a Pain you all have been~" A large Oni emerged from the water, he was porcelain white with red kimono-like accents, he had large bone-like fins protruding like wings from his back, he had long white hair and he was like a glowing flame. with bright gold eyes and scars shaped like tears on his cheeks

The large Oni only laughed as he floated above them, a shadow casting across the ocean floor,

"Welcome to my Play Pen~ Cassell Squad"

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