Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Sea of Legends PT2

It was a large Nibelungen, also known as a realm for dragons. Explaining why the ecosystem was so strange, Currently, the Oni was looming over them, pulling Johann back with the serpent’s hold

“Now with the strongest out of the way, I only have three little children to play with” The Oni teased before leaning back

“Johann!” Caesar shouted before shooting at the Oni,

“Asen you retrieve Johann, Class rep and I got this-” Luminous instructed

Asen nods and began racing towards the serpent, charging at it, he shot projectiles, but the thick scales acted like armor, Asen frantically reached for Johann’s hand, it was limp, Asen panics and tried to pull him out, but was failing.

Asen teared up, pulling harder but it was no use. he glanced over to his team, both Caesar and Luminous were distracting the Oni, using all of their power, despite the fear. they still fought. they didn’t run. Asen glanced back at Johann’s hand sticking out from the coils of the serpent, it infuriated him. Asen felt himself pull even harder, the adrenaline coursed through him just like that night, he couldn’t protect his friends, but he can save this one. He can save Johann!

Asen’s scales started to form on his hands as he pulled on Johann, a fairly large cry escaped him as he summoned his Gemini. Comet acted like armor around him, doubling his strength, Asen’s eyes were a solid golden color. Spirits began adding onto him, four spirits, all pulling with him, almost like how Comet was. It was like his old friends were helping him out at the moment he needed it.

Johann slipped out of the Serpent’s hold, Asen grabbed onto him before distancing himself from the Oni,

“I got him!” Comet shouted Asen’s thoughts, alerting his team

Oni spotted Asen and marveled at the strength “A Dragon born Hybrid..” He muttered out before changing his direction, Charging towards them

“Asen watch out!” Luminous shouted

Caesar raced between them, making a large current form between the Oni and Asen,

“I got you” Caesar nodded to him, Asen nodded back and began a heal source, healing any injuries Johann had, he wasn’t in good shape, his lungs were nearly crushed. Johann was still unresponsive. Asen put all of his Blood rage energy to Johann, struggling to heal him.

Caesar continued to act as a wall while Luminous attacked the Oni as best he could.

“Hey! Big scary Oni snake! Over here!!” Luminous shot right at the Oni’s side it snarled and turned back to face Luminous, now distracted.

“How are you holding up Asen?” Caesar asked. Asen was unresponsive, he was functioning fine but it was almost like his rage was in control not him.

after a few moments, Johann came to, struggling to stand he glanced around at the fight happening

“Caesar--” He croaked, raising to his feet

“We got you, Johann, Let Asen heal and you can finish him off-” Caesar ordered.

Johann nodded and stayed by Asen and let him work.

Johann looked at Asen who was still in blood rage mode, he didn’t have much response. Asen was too laser-focused

Johann softened and gently bumped their foreheads together “Thank you...” He whispered before standing. Johann soon channeled his own blood rage and charged at the Oni, royal flame emerged. fighting Fire with Fire. The Oni screeched from the sudden attack, the four of them all at once traveled at different sides. he seemed bothered mostly by Asen and his power.

The Oni roared in pain, then it pushed them all back with his bone-like fins, sending them outside the current, and just like that, the Nibelungen was gone.

Caesar began to swim right to the fortress but lost all sights, the debris, the tower, all of it had vanished as if it never existed.

“What the hell??” Caesar murmured, turning to his team

both Asen and Johann looked out of it, Johann surprisingly looking better off than Asen,

“Luminous contact Solace to let us in, we need to get out of here” He ordered

“But the cluster-” Luminous murmured

“There’s no need, you know what we saw- that’s all the proof we need” Caesar ordered.

Luminous nodded and took Asen back to Momotaro. Caesar took Johann, guilt filling his expression, he let his team get hurt right under his nose. if Asen hadn’t tapped into his blood rage, who knows what would have happened.

The four made it back to the ship where Solace let them in, she saw the condition of the two, and panic began to swell,

“Oh my god-!” She stammered, helping Luminous and Caesar haul the two boys in

“Solace where’s Johann’s supply kit?” Luminous asked

“Uhm it’s in the bottom panel” She pointed

Caesar quickly marched over, peeling back the panel before pulling out supplements from his bag, he then knelt by Johann, making sure the two had taken it, Caesar stayed by Johann while Solace and Luminous stayed by Asen.

it took quite some time before any real change happened, Asen eventually snapped out of it, glancing around to find themselves on the ship. He glanced up to see his friends laced with worry, then he saw Johann who was limply leaning on Caesar. He struggled to stand before Solace forced him back down

“He’s fine Asen...we’re all fine” She reassured

“That was quite the talent, it looked like you had a lot of help from nearby souls” Luminous added, sitting beside him

Asen hesitated before looking around, he didn’t remember much, but he was just happy that he could save them, he finally saved them. Asen slowly pulled a healing source out, it began linking to the four of them, patching all the wounds up.

Caesar marveled at it quietly, holding onto Johann

“I should have known, it was an SS Mission-” Caesar grumbled out

“Class rep..” Luminous started

“He could have died! Hell, all of you could have! And I just led us into an Oni’s Nibelungen!” Caesar shouted

“We lost connection with Home base, we didn’t get the Fragments, hell we barely got out of there alive-!” Caesar clutched onto Johann tighter

“It would have been on my hands-” He stammered

Asen softened and crawled over to the other side of Caesar, he hesitated before leaning his head on his shoulder, all while the heal source surrounded them

Solace joined too, hugging the back of Caesar quietly “You couldn’t have known...” She reassured

Luminous nodded, sitting across from them “Johann was caught off guard is all, and Asen saved him, it’ll be good from now on.

Caesar sighed and bowed his head in shame before letting Johann go and standing up

“I want everyone to Record your messages now, in case we run into any other trouble, I want you all to be able to leave something behind

The Team nodded and all spread out to quietly record stuff, Caesar stayed put, leaning on the ship wall beside Johann, he quietly turned on an audio recorder before speaking,

“NoNo, you are my greatest challenge in this life, Like a little witch, you continue to sweep me off my feet, leaving myself wondering in your long casting shadow, You being by my side, made me the happiest man in the world, please take care of my brother for me, for I have not stepped up, and please care for yourself, for if I cannot return. For if I’m not by your side in person, I will always be by your heart and mind. From your loving Caesar Gattuso...deep in the Mariana Trench”

Caesar softened as he stopped the recorder, his eyes glassy with shame and grief as the thought sank in, how he may have jeopardized his team, what kind of leader did that?

“That was cheesy..” Johann muttered out,

Caesar flinched before turning to Johann, letting out a weak chuckle

“You’re awake- How’re the supplements?” He asked, slouching down to sit beside Johann

“Better...thank you” He clutched his side, looking up to the Submarine’s ceiling

“I would record for my father...but I doubt he would listen” He confessed

“I’m sorry...” Caesar mumbled

“It’s fine...You know, I didn’t think you had it in you, to lead...I always took you for this pompous, silver-spoon, rich boy, who would bring wine to war. and yet...you led today...I can understand why Anjou chose you” Johann confessed

“Man that Oni really got you good, the Johann Chu I know would never compliment me” Caesar sighed

“I’m serious...You’re cocky, but also loyal. It’s a good trait to have...I’m glad we’re in a team.” Johann mumbled out

“Thanks...You are a good fighter, but you need to listen better, you always flee when you think you know more than others, you don’t like being told what to do, but there’s no helping it” Caesar explained

“I know...But I feel like I always know what to do” Johann stammered

“Until you don’t...” Caesar argued

“Fair enough...” Johann coughed out before forcing himself to stand

Caesar soon stood up too, scanning around the room. everyone seemed done with what they were doing “Alright team, I know it looks a little glum now but we’re gonna make it out, Solace I need you to try to contact Chisei Gen, brief him on the situation.” Caesar instructed

“Yes sir” She smiled before going to the communicators to repair the feed

“Asen I want you to fix Johann up as much as you can before we run into any bumpy trailing, and Luminous, you come pilot with me” Caesar marched to the seat before Luminous sat beside him

“On it, Class Rep” Luminous smiled before everyone went to their tasks

The Momotaro began to slowly rise and leave the once Nibelungen, they began to prepare for the loading site, ready for Sumeru throne to hoist them back up, to plan about the now confirmed Oni.

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