Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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It was on top of Hydra’s sea fortress. The young clan chief was monitoring everything that have been occurring while Cassell’s Home Base relayed the discoveries to Sakura.

Chisei stayed under the shelter during the thick rain, hovering over her shoulder, listening to everything the squad had found until-

“Crap-!” Sakura flinched, the computer began to spark up, Chisei immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her back, glancing up at the leaky top.

Crow soon rushed in from the other side, he seemed frantic despite his calm expression,

“Boss, all of our communications are down, they cannot launch back on their own-“ he stressed

“Bro-!!!” Yasha called across, completely drenched from the rain,

“Bossman we can’t hold back the current! We’re too unsteady!” Yasha yelled out.

“And we just lost connection to Cassel’s home base…what do we do?” Sakura asked. The Gen leader fell quiet

“Sir..?” Sakura looked to Chisei worriedly

Chisei instantly perked up, turning to Crow

“Crow, I need you to provide me the access codes available to us and try to resume a connection with Momotaro”

“You got it, Boss,” Crow rushed off in the rain to do just that

“Yasha, arm all the forces you can, prepare for any attacks that might surface-“ he then gestured Yasha away

“Attacks Sir?” Sakura questioned

“We’re about to have an Oni-“ he stressed

“What?!” Sakura yelped,

Suddenly a large force field appeared through the whole span of Sumeru’s Throne. The large-boned Oni jumped out of the war, it roared loudly and sent dozens of servitors along the iron bars, the Oni cackled as it watched them all race up Hydra’s fortress.

“Look at the lot of you~! You’re sending people to my playpen! I find that a little invasion of privacy” it roared. Chisei watched with fear lacing his expression

Chisei’s eyes turned a bright golden color as he began to attempt to lower the field

“Yasha! With me!” He called

The rough hitman perked up and rushed by his bosses’ side, shooting at any servitors he could find and fought alongside Chisei

Crow was now on the lower deck away from the water as he scanned the radio’s feed. His glasses reflected the blue light as his fingers scanned through the holographic screens he continued to frantically search before freezing up,

“Gotcha-“ he whispered out

He patched through to the feed. And within an instance, his earpiece that was once filled with static now carried a voice

“Sumeru Throne, I repeat Sumeru Throne! Do you read me?” Solace called from the feed

“Momotaro this is Sumeru’s throne we got you, your home base lost connection. We need you to launch a nuclear vessel in the Oni’s Playpen so we can retrieve you back up” Crow explained

“Wait you never said anything about bombs-“ Solace stressed

“I know, but I’m afraid we don’t have a choice. We’re currently under attack by a large Oni-“ Crow’s voice fell to static for a moment on the other end

“We can’t get you back up unless you do it- we’re trapped” Crow’s voice echoed as Solace turned to Caesar who was listening in

“The damn devil is trying to keep us down here-“ Caesar huffed

Solace turned back to her communicator, flicking the switch back on

“Okay Crow, tell us what to do-“ Solace agreed

Crow listened to her voice through the communicator before opening up the holographic screens.

“Alright Momotaro, we have wire ropes at this location, we’re going to have to old school it, once you launch the code it will take exactly ten minutes before detonation, you will have to evacuate before the time runs up-“ Crow explained

“You can’t be serious?!” Luminous piped in through the feed

“I’m afraid so, this is the only chance we got,” Crow spoke before being interrupted

“This is Chisei Gen- Look I know this is hard on you but we physically cannot bring you back as long as the Oni’s Nibelungen is up! I promise we will pull you out once the field is down!” Chisei stressed through the stormy background

Johann glanced to Caesar who seemed hesitant “We have to trust them. They’re our allies” he explained

Caesar glanced around the room before rolling his eyes “Putain tout” He grumbled out and floored the sub back towards the Nibelungen

Solace turned back to the communicator. “Alright tell us the code-“

“The code is 187-“ suddenly the static fizzled out solace panicked and tried to connect it back up

“No-! No no no-“ she stressed

“What’s going on back there?” Caesar asked, still piloting. Johann stepped out of Asen’s heal source and rushed to her aide, trying to figure out the issue

“They lost connection, the Oni’s field is probably jamming them out “ Johann explained

“So how do we get the code…?” Luminous glanced at Caesar

“We’re going to have to gamble at it I guess...until they Can figure it out. Solace and Johann will stay here while Asen, Luminous, and I will haul the bomb out in where the Nibelungen was and hope that’s enough.

“No I can go out with you guys-“ Johann stressed

“No I nearly lost you last time and you’re still recovering-“ Caesar argued

“I’m healed enough- Caesar I’m not fragile I’m not gonna break-“ Johann stomped over beside the pilot chair

“Let me help- you need all the help you can get- I’m asking rather than fleeing-“ Johann folded his arms.

Caesar hesitated to look over to Johann. He did seem better. The Frenchman hovered over the thought for a bit before sighing “Fine- but you die on me I will kill you-“ he huffed

Johann offered a small smile before nodding, going back to Asen to recover the best he could.

Meanwhile back on Sumeru’s Throne both Sakura and Crow were working on trying to recover the connection.

“What the hell happened??” Sakura asked

“The Oni’s field is too strong- we aren’t getting anything through-“ Crow explained

“Alright so we gotta deal with the bastard, you coming?” She turned to Crow

“Unfortunately no, Someone has to keep what connection we do have-“ he muttered out, not taking his eyes off the screens

Sakura nods and pats his shoulder before rushing out to fight alongside her boss.

Back at Momotaro Asen, Johann and Caesar had just departed the ship to haul the bomb towards the Oni’s Nibelungen. Meanwhile Solace and Luminous stayed back.

“I still don’t get why you didn’t go-“ she mumbled

“My S-Rank wouldn’t be of use here. And I got flimsy arms.” Luminous confessed, waving his arms about to demonstrate

“They need you out there, not in here with me...” She sighed and continued to work on the tech gear provided to her,

Luminous slouched in the pilot’s seat, watching as the team hauls the large bomb out to the ocean’s floor. Luminous hadn’t noticed but the fog was lacing around him almost as if the reflective blue water was illuminating around him. He sulked in his thoughts as the blue continued to creep up on him and the whole ship.

Luminous looked up and jolted from the foggy atmosphere he stood up and followed the trail to the back of the ship

“Solace are you seeing th-” He stopped in his tracks, almost paralyzed

Ming-Z-Lu was sitting where Solace once was, waving innocently as he then stood up,

The small boy with purple clothes watched Luminous and his scared expression. the little Devil couldn’t help but giggle

“Wow, looking pathetic as ever~” Ming hummed out

“Now? Seriously??” Luminous folded his arms angrily, and once again they were in the middle of Ming’s Nibelungen where the walls were fog and the floor was like glass with a thin layer of water

“I consider any time I’m with you a good time” Ming floated around him looking at the frozen fragments in the floor

“Look at how disappointed she is~ ” Ming laughed at the frozen expression of Solace’s face, he caressed the floor before floating to the other side

“Not that you care, of course, you only have eyes for something that can’t even be yours” A fragment then showed to a memory of NoNo, and a frozen expression in her disgust

“You know, I thought it was noble, saving someone you love with such a sacrifice, I too loved someone so righteously, but yet here you are, cowering away. I agree with her, you shouldn’t be such a wimp, gets you nowhere in life” He rolled his wrist, stepping over the memories in the floor, and just like that they faded away.

Luminous lowered his head, glancing away as Ming continued to pry

“You know I can fix this for you, you sacrificed so much for this girl, why not do it again, I can wipe out Caesar, she will be yours~” Ming offered

“That’s enough Ming-” Luminous dismissed, turning away

Ming returned only to face him, startling Luminous to fall on his butt, looking up to the looming figure. Ming had bright golden eyes and a Cheshire cat’s smile

“Oh? Maybe I selected the wrong girl? You’ll have to pick eventually, and when you do, you’ll do anything for her, I know it~” Suddenly the whole room filled with merging photos between Solace and NoNo

Luminous held his head and scrunched his eyes tightly to avoid looking

“Ming enough! I said I don’t wanna make a deal!” Luminous shouted

Ming watched him cower and huffed “Even when you are alone you pretend. I don’t get you, brother,” He folded his arms

“I said- I’m not your brother!" Luminous shouted, standing up to glare at Ming who was wearing a smug grin

Luminous’ once honey eyes were laced with a gold rim, he was having trouble holding back, and Ming knew it.

the little devil’s two index fingers touched the corners of his lips to gesture a smile,

“Got you~” He winked, before fading along with the rest of the Nibelungen, Suddenly Solace was in front of him looking worried

“Are you okay?? You’re talking nonsense??” Solace asked worriedly.

It suddenly clicked for Luminous that Ming had not frozen time as he usually did and Solace just witnessed Luminous talking to himself, being his true self.

He instantly panicked and felt his eyes turn a Honey color again

“y-Yup! Sorry about that I get a Lil nervous in tight spaces~ You know me-” Luminous rubbed the back of his head sheepishly offering a fake smile. Solace could see right through it but decided not to pry on it

“Okay..” She murmured out before letting go and walking back to the communicator.

The two sat in silence as they monitored the rest of the team preparing to bomb the Oni’s Nibelungen and save Hydra along with Japan.

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