Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The van was running through lights in high pursuit, with mobsters on their tails, The strange girl in the back seemed good with her sniper, every target she was hitting was a perfect shot. She managed to blow out the tires in the car behind them, making the mobsters lose their trail on them

“Okay, Kirinn throw them off!” She kicked open the back door. The larger man soon got up, dragging his heavy scythe behind him through the crowded van. he lowered it to the fast-moving road and waited for his boss’ signal.

The sniper girl held her fist in the air, eyeing the tunnel carefully

“Steady...” She murmured to him as the Cassell Squad watched. Kirinn kept his scythe at the ready, hanging over the open backdoor. Kirinn was silent, he was just waiting for her signal, not even looking at where she was.

Suddenly a mobster’s truck came barreling out of the tunnel, chasing after them with a roaring engine. It was the little remains of what MonkeyFace’s mafia had.

“Now!” She shouted.

Kirinn’s hands pulsed a bright white and it reflected in the tattoos on his face. white whispy scars clawed out from the corners of his mouth and the energy fueled into his scythe. he tapped the tip of the road and the whisps charged straight at the truck, flipping it over onto the side of the mountain.

“Atta boy!” Enxi cheered as she drove the van

“Alright, we should be set for now...” The sniper sighed, shutting the backdoors

The Cassell Squad seemed stunned by the murder the three had just created, meanwhile the group seemed completely unaffected.

“Are they...Dead?” Luminous asked

“Hopefully, they can’t follow us if they are” the sniper leaned back

“Kirinn that was stronger than usual, are there spirits harboring here?” She directed her attention to the stoic man beside her.

He nods quietly and sets his scythe beside him

“That one had one on him, like Kiwi” he gestured to Asen

“Really?” The girl turns to Asen and arched a brow

“Hey! Mind telling us who you are??” Luminous piped up

“Right--Well the Boss ordered us to come to pick you up, apparently his friend wanted you five evacuated, now how the hell did you wind up affiliated with Hydra of all people?” She questioned

“We’re from Cassell College” Johann quietly states, keeping an eye on Caesar who seemed out of it, he was making sure he was taking supplements and such.

“Ohhhh, Cassell College~! …I have no idea what that is” Enxi huffed as she drove towards Tokyo

“Neither do I” Kirinn mumbled out

“It’s a Dragon prevention academy in America” the sniper explained to the two of them

“No way!!” Enxi lit up

“What’s Nascar like?? Do you eat burgers every day?! How about Football??” Enxi continued rambling

“Enxi....” Kirinn cringed as she began babbling

“No, you don’t Mr. Grumps! I gotta drive, I get to talk-” She argued

“That doesn’t answer my question about who you guys are!” Luminous argued

“I’m Mai Sakotoku, I am the manager of Takamagahara, this is Kirinn Yabukii, my loyal hound, he is also the bouncer there.” Mai introduces

“The blonde one is Enxi Su, she is our computer resources, she’s one of the best hackers in Japan” Mai gestures

“Takamagahara is a karaoke club known for its performers that come and go, You’ll know more once you get there” Enxi added on

Mai’s face softened as she watched Caesar in the back, “How is he...?” She asked

“Not good...” Johann murmured back

Mai fell quiet as she crossed her arms, glancing out the window, her sniper laying beside her legs

“How come you don’t have eyes??” Luminous blurted, Solace immediately smacking his arm

Kirinn seemed unaffected by the question and shrugged

“I’m blind, always have been” He explained

“Hang on-- but just then--” Luminous pointed to the scythe

“Kirinn has synesthesia, it’s when you can see Auras, anytime someone talks, breathes, or makes a sound he can pick up on it and make our silhouettes,” Mai added on

“Everyone has an aura, that’s what I can see, the rest is useless...“Kirinn explained

“He also is a dragon-hybrid like you guys! He has a skill called the Alkhafafish” Enxi smiled

“The alk-hala-fish who?” Luminous butchered

“Alkhafafish. it means Bat, It allows my hearing to be much more ranged compared to the average person.” His accent flooded out

“Kirinn is from Afghanistan,” Mai explained

“Woah so you can speak Arabic?” Solace asked

“Yes but that isn’t my country’s language. But its closest to what my team knows” Kirinn explained

“I see...That’s cool!” Solace smiled

Kirinn offered a small smile in return before leaning his head back towards Enxi’s driver’s seat

The van took nearly twenty minutes to get back to Takamagahara. where the van was loading into the back of the building discreetly. soon enough everyone was unloading.

“There’s my children~” A voice spoke

An older gentleman came forward. he wore a fancy black suit with a rose pinned in the breast pocket, he had a large coat with a white feathered trim resting on his shoulders. his fingers bore many rings and he also wore earrings. His hair was white and styled along with a five-o-clock shadow. The man appeared to be around Chef Koshi’s age. His silver eyes scanned over the group as his shoes tapped along the pavement as he walked.

“Hello Mr. Kujira” Mai stretched as she put the rifle strap over her body to carry. Enxi hopped out and skipped across the lot to hug the man

“Nice to see you too My little Chipmunk” He pats her head and looked to the Cassell Squad

“Greetings children, Lovely to see the mission went well! You are all safe and sound thanks to my team.” He rolls the ring that was on his middle finger, looking over the group calmly, he notices Caesar and Johann and softened a bit,

“Kirinn why don’t you lead those two to a room in the Hotel, I would hate to exhaust that one further.

Kirinn nods to do just that and leads Johann and Caesar away, leaving only Luminous, Asen and Solace with him and his two girls.

“Thank you for allowing us to stay Mr.Kujira” Solace bows politely

“Please call me Humpback you do not need to be so formal little bunny” He hummed

“Is--Naming people animals a thing you do--?” Luminous questioned

Solace snickered to herself “A bunny?”

“You are quick-witted, small yet lucky. Your fear is both your savior and your downfall” Humpback explained

“What would Lumi be?” She then asked

“Come on Sol you can’t be serious!” Luminous huffed

Humpback hummed as he rubbed his chin, “I could see him being like a Sakura tree, gentle and loving, yet, I see him with strong loyalty. He could be seen as a Retriever, something that loves unconditionally.”

“A dog!?” Luminous’ cheeks turned bright red as Solace snickered

Asen smiled a little at the comment, agreeing with Humpback’s statement

“You on the other hand...” He softened as he glanced at Asen

“Your animal seems to have lost its heart, you allow it to hide and refuse to let it out...It’s a little fox inside of you, a clever, independent soul that can be playful and protective.” Humpback proclaims

Suddenly Comet forcefully emerges, happily swirling around Humpback upon hearing the man talk about them.

“Aha~ There’s the little fox!” He smiled happily

“How did you know Asen was a soul dancer?” Luminous asked

“I have a soul dancer in my team as well, she’s a lovely young lady, I think you two will get along well” He plays with Comet with a kind smile

“You know, Soul dancers are quite rare in Japan, and to think! I have two in my establishment!” Kujira laughs as he watched Comet go back into Asen

“Mr. Kujira has the ability to read people’s cores! He can tell how people are based on the spirit animal they portray” Enxi explains

Asen softened a bit as Comet retreated into him, he eyed Humpback carefully before gesturing to Enxi

“She’s named Chipmunk because she eats nothing but junk food.” Mai teased

“So not true!!′ Enxi’s cheeks puffed just like a chipmunk, her face a bright red from embarrassment

Mai snickered and ruffled the blonde’s hair lovingly

“Ms. Sakotoku, if everyone has an animal, what does Humpback call you?” Solace asked

Her face softened a bit and shrugged it off

“That's a story for another day, C’mon, lets head into Mr. Kujira's office to discuss matters," She says before Humpback nods

"Agreed, we haven't discussed the subject of payment yet" He hummed out

"Hang on payment???" Luminous stammered

"Aw puppy is all worried~" Enxi teased before leading the group back upstairs towards Humpback's office, unaware of what exactly they'd be in for, Or what payment they meant.

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