Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Caesar's Grief

Takamagahara was known as a luxurious staple in Tokyo, for running nearly twenty years it has housed several famous artists such as Ruri Kazama, Mari Li, Miss Kiwi, and a few others. It was a five-story building with a neon aesthetic. It had black mirror tiles for the floor and neon pink lights around the trim, On the first floor was the performer’s hall, the Bar, and VIP booths. On the second and third floors was Club bridge, the joint hotel with the famous karaoke club. Floors four and five were VIP rooms for recording music, or hosting celebrity guests. the rooftop is where the helicopter landing zone was to import shipments or personnel to safety. It also carried a basement where Humpback and his misfits kept all their equipment without scaring patrons.

In Japanese mythology, Takamagahara meant the realm of the heavenly gods, known as the four lords. it was the shrine that touched the heavens. it was fitting such a tall building be named after such a place.

Kirinn, Johann, and Caesar were on the third floor, The bouncer was walking through the hallways as Johann pulled Caesar along. The redhead couldn’t see the grief on Caesar’s face but he could see the aura. Johann had a strong, orange tint to his aura, signifying his self-control, his courage, and his thoughts, but Caesar,

It was a low burning grey, it was dull and heartbroken. It showed exhaustion, depression, and confusion. Kirinn knew by that alone something happened, although had no place to question it.

Eventually, the three of them got to a room in the back, he opened it up with his key and handed it to Johann

“This is should be fine for you both, we will give the next room down for your friends so you’re all together, currently Mr. Kujira is talking with them to discuss payments” Kirinn explained

“Payments?” Johann questioned

“For staying with us” Kirinn nods

“I see...I can understand you are a business” Johann sighed

“I’ll be down shortly to join them, Just give me a minute,” Johann says politely

Kirinn nods and hovers for a second as if to locate the room around him before walking back down the hall. Johann watched him fade from view before retreating into the room with Caesar.

Johann let go of Caesar and sat him down on one of the beds before pulling up a chair to sit in front of him

“Take off your jacket, I need to see how bad your wounds are...” Johann instructed

Caesar silently obliged, taking off the once white coat, now covered in red stains and rubble. He undid his white vest and button up to reveal his right arm, covered in road rash and had cuts all over. The right side of his torso was heavily bruised, just under his ribcage.

Johann looked over it quietly before getting up to grab a rag, dampening it in warm water. He walks back to Caesar and began to clean up the injuries.

“Your wind devil masked most of the fall, but it still got you pretty good...We can have Asen come fix you up once they come up here...” Johann murmured out, glancing up to Caesar.

For once in his life, he had nothing to say, he was disassociating as he stared aimlessly at the floor.

Johann softened and stood up, grabbing his face lightly

“Lemme see your eyes,” He asked, which Caesar did so, looking at him

Johann tilted Caesar’s face with his thumb gently to scan his pupils, “Good, they’re blue, doesn’t seem to have any gold in them” He let go

Johann was unsure of what to do in this situation. In all the years he’s known him, he has never seen Caesar enter blood rage, or be silent, or show any heavy emotions such as this. Johann felt awkward, Asen would have better luck in this, even NoNo.

The black-haired Asian sat down, leaning forward as he cleaned Caesar’s wound quietly. “Why...Why don’t we call NoNo? I’m sure it would be good to talk to her...?”

Caesar softly shook his head, glancing away

“Why not? I mean...You’re a lot closer with her-” Johann started

“I’m fine” Caesar finally spoke, a voice laced in sorrow

“You’re not fine” Johann argued

“I have to be-” He mumbled

“No you don’t-” Johann said firmer

Caesar whipped his head around angrily “Yes I do!” He snapped, causing the Asian to flinch, pulling back a bit

"I’m the leader, I’m in charge, I’m the one who missed, so I’m the one who has to live with it!” Caesar ranted

“What happened back there wasn’t your fault!” Johann protested

“It is!” Caesar huffed out. Johann looked down to Caesar’s hand, seeing the scabbed bullet wound from Asen’s halfway healing earlier

“You got shot at- You would have caught her if you weren’t injured-” Johann gestures, Caesar fell quiet

“I shouldn’t have made her jump in the first place!” He hissed out, jabbing his thumb into his wound, almost as inflicting punishment to himself.

Johann immediately picked up on it and went to pull his hand away, Caesar threw him back with his wind devil. Johann persisted, using his power to counteract it, he slammed Caesar against the wall and pinned his hands to get him to stop, Johann was stronger than Caesar.

“Enough! You’re not thinking clearly” He scolded

Caesar attempted to resist, but couldn’t, Johann held him there against the wall

“I deserve this-!” Caesar shouted back

“No, you don’t-!” Johann grunted as he tried to keep Caesar in place despite the Frenchman’s struggling

“You’re Caesar Gattuso, The cocky spoiled brat who loves and cares too much for his own good. You have high honor and high morale, you love your fiancé and your friends. You try to save everyone but you simply can’t save them all!”

“I-I have to set an example!” Caesar cried out

“No, you don’t! Look at me... Caesar-!” He argued as he continued to restrain him. Caesar continues to struggle, reluctantly looking up to Johann

“Right now you don’t need to be a class representative! Or a good fiancé, or a leader, you don’t have to be a prodigy, you make mistakes just like the rest of us. Look around! The only person who’s in here is me...” Johann continued

“You don’t have to be strong, Caesar...You aren’t being watched in here, It’s okay,” Johann softened as Caesar began to struggle less,

“You don’t deserve to be punished,” Johann said firmly,

Caesar felt his legs give out as he slid down the wall, Johann let go of him and knelt down. Caesar’s cheeks were irritated with the saltwater running down his face and dripping on the floor. His body began to shake as Johann hovered over him almost like a shield.

“She died...” Caesar clutched onto Johann’s arms

“I know...” Johann let him grip onto his sleeves

“I-I dropped her-!” Caesar broke

“I know...” Johann repeated

Caesar sat there as the world pushed on his shoulders, Johann could barely take it. This was his rival, someone he has never seen cry, or break, sure they would fight, and argue, even now they were just fighting, and yet it felt different this time.

“Y-You shouldn’t be here for this-” Caesar protested in between his hiccups

“I’m not leaving you, not this time...” Johann stated firmly his gaze full of empathy

Caesar felt his eyes well up as he hid in the shield Johann had created for him, the two once rivals were now closer than ever,

In the beginning, Johann was there first, in hopes to avenge his father and becoming the best hybrid to take on Fenrir, the lord of earth and mountains. Caesar shows up wanting nothing but the best spot in Cassell college, they never met eye to eye, Caesar couldn't comprehend why Johann was so obsessed with power, and Johann couldn't understand why Caesar was so fascinated with status. The two were skilled in their powers and often were considered rivals, the two were close after that, their rivalry being their secret friendship.

For two years they were rivals, over time Johann was appointed head in the Lionheart society and hired Suzie as his right hand, Caesar in retaliation created the Student Union to compare with Johann, and recruited his girlfriend NoNo in the place, despite them butting heads, the four of them got along. Luminous started in with them, joining the Student Union, from there is when things began to drift. , as time went on the five of them were still friends, still together, but when Caesar announced how he would be leaving Cassell College and everyone behind for NoNo. Johann felt all those years building such a bond broke. Like he didn't matter. He was the odd one out. He abandoned Lionheart and everyone. Caesar never understood Johann's pain, and how important Caesar was to him, Caesar held a strong resentment towards Johann for running away, he thought it cowardly.

But right now, it was like no time had passed like they were still close and friends before everyone else. It had been a long time since it had been just the two of them. even if it was a little different. Johann wasn't leaving, and Caesar wasn't being pulled away

The two rivals could just heal at that moment and let the world spin around them as if no time passed at all.

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