Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The Cassell Squad manage to hook up Makoto’s laptop properly and connect with Johann’s help. Everyone was properly dressed in the attire they were wearing before they were at Hydra.

Koshi harbored on the side with Makoto as the group got ready to take orders. He noticed how she was eyeing Caesar carefully. How her cheeks were pink and her eyes were like stars

“You can’t have him, kid...” He murmured to her

“What?” She turns to him

“Look at his hand, the left one” He tilts his head towards Caesar

The brown-haired girl glanced over to where her boss was gesturing. She noticed the ring and softened a bit.

“Oh...” She whispered sadly

“You know better than to go after a married man” Kishi warns

“Are you sure he’s married...? He’s so young-” Makoto murmurs

“Do you really wanna test it?” He arched a brow

“I guess you’re right...” She meekly replied, softening a bit

“There’s plenty of men out there, I’m sure you’ll find someone” He reassures

“But...What if I don’t want someone else?” She argues quietly

“He’s not yours to take. Let it go. It’s a bummer, but you can’t” He warns again

Makoto falls silent as she gazes at Caesar quietly, her heart sinking a little. She never really stood a chance did she?

Johann lit up as soon as the laptop connected to Home Base. E.V.A. soon appeared on the feed

“Now connecting you to Cassell Squad Base,” She says

“Wait--You kids are from Cassell College?” Koshi asked

Caesar turns to him “Yes, Is there a problem with that..?” He arched a brow

“Nope--Used to work there back in the day. How’s the old fart?” Koshi chuckled

“You mean the principle?” Luminous piped in

“He is not old!!” Caesar quickly defends.

The room fell silent as they all looked at him

“Class rep--” Luminous cuts in

“The man passed a hundred and twenty already-” Solace added

Koshi laughed and leaned against a wall

“Sounds like he’s still kickin, good on him.” Koshi hummed out

“You used to live in America?” Makoto asked

“Yep, born here, studied there” Koshi fumbled a toothpick in his mouth

“I didn’t know that...” She murmured

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me” Koshi scoffed

Soon the laptop connected to the Home Base. Finger was in front of the camera adjusting something until his eyes lit up

“Bingo! Now we can see you!” Finger pipped up

“We can hear you now Finger, were all accounted for” Johann explains

“Good, So according to Professor Schneider, Japan has indeed cut ties with us, although we’re not sure why-”

“Hydra” Asen signed

“What about Hydra?” NoNo asked upon seeing Asen sign

“Hydra was a Russian military base, they were in charge of most war support when I was still in Black Swan” He signed to Luminous for him to translate

“Yes but that was nearly twenty years ago Ice-boy, And were in Japan, not Russia” Suzie intervened

“Hang on-! What do you mean Black Swan!” Finger interrupted but was ignored

“When we went into the Mariana Trench we found ruins of the Ship that evacuated during the bombing. I think the Japan Division is the same Hydra that attacked my home.” Asen signed

“Asen that means you’re like super old?!” Finger interrupted again before NoNo punched his arm to get him to quiet down

“Asen has a point, that would be quite the secret if it got out, maybe someone there was aware of Asen’s beginnings” Caesar added

“Well, Asen was there anyone in the Japan Division you recognized...?” Suzie asked

Asen thought it over quietly, thinking over Chisei, Erii, Katsu, Fuma, and even Tachibana. He hesitated on him a bit, thinking about the Division’s leader. He couldn’t place it though. Asen shook his head lightly

“Well...Maybe it was intel, perhaps between exchanges, someone picked it up?” Solace added in,

“Most likely. It doesn’t explain why they would help aid us in the search for bronze fragments. Did any of you manage to locate it?” NoNo asked

“No, but you have five witnesses who can confirm an Oni exists here. They attacked Sumeru Throne before we were separated. There is confirmed dragon activity.” Solace explained

“We need to evacuate you five back to America, doing that won’t be easy...” Suzie adds on

“Is Hydra looking for us?” Luminous asked worriedly

“Not in Chizuru, but enemies of Hydra know you’re around here and they’re tearing up the place looking for you,” NoNo explained

“I found a route that seems to go through the tunnel system, we can go through that way and rendezvous at the edge of Chizuru” Johann explained

“No can do Killboy, there are too many cameras. We have an alternative route on our end, it’s more discrete but it might be guarded.” Finger warns

“Well, what are we waiting for? We need to evacuate as soon as possible” Solace piped up

"And run from the Oni? What about the dragon?? and Hydra?" Caesar protested

"We aren't equipped for that kind of fight" Johann argued

"Mr. Chu is right. This isn't the time for you to be fighting with no resources." Schneider added in

"Well I'm not one to run with my tail between my legs! That's something Luminous would do-" Caesar explains, turning back to notice the brunette was missing.

The group scanned around before spotting him at a claw machine by the front entrance.

“Guys I won a duck!” he exclaimed cheerfully

The whole group felt themselves cringe in disbelief that Luminous was playing arcade games right now. Koshi let out an amused chuckle before Solace marched up. She grabbed him by the ear and pulled him back to the meeting they were having, all while Luminous was wincing and begging to be let go.

“But I-I thought you like toys!” Luminous rubbed his sore ear

“Now is not the time!” Solace huffed, hands on her hips

“B-but look at it!” He shows off the rubber duck to her

Solace feigns frustration and pouts. “It’s very cute--but were in the middle of something”

Asen smiled a bit at his two friends, it was a nice breather from the tense atmosphere

“Anyways--We made contact with Koshi’s ally and someone will be there to pick you up to take you into Tokyo,” Suzie explained

“Tokyo? Isn’t that where Hydra is?” Caesar asked

“Yes, but Tokyo is a big city, and Koshi says that Hydra tends to avoid this ally of his quite often. It also has a landing base on their property, it’s perfect for a safe evacuation.” NoNo informed

“Alright, sounds like a plan, we’ll see you at the rendezvous" Johann nods

"Be safe...We'll see you there" Suzie adjusted her glasses before the feed disconnected. Caesar closed out and returned the laptop to Makoto, offering a charming smile

"Thank you again for helping us..." Caesar smiled

"Oh...I-It's no problem...No problem at all" She sheepishly smiled. She had it bad.

"You know...You could always study abroad in America, with your help thus far the school would be thrilled to have you, I run a Student Union, I would see it you be on my board!" He praised

"Oh-! That would get rid of all the fees I'm working to pay now-...!" Makoto exclaimed

"A full scholarship by yours truly, as a personal thank you..." Caesar pledged

"That sounds lovely-!" She smiled before her face fell

"Oh-...but, I can't..." Makoto looks down

"Why not?" Caesar tilts his head

"I-... My grandmother, she's taken care of me my whole life, I live with her! I can't leave her alone after everything she has done for me.." Makoto fumbles with her hands

"Even with golden tickets at your feet you still care for others...I promise I'll personally see you and your Grandmother with a pension, and after your studies, I will house you properly in a lush place in Japan, or wherever you please! She will be looked after" Caesar persuaded

"You mean it..?" Makoto looked up from him

"I am a man of my word" Caesar smiled

"Thank you!! Oh, Thank you, Mr. Gattuso!" She happily wrapped her arms around him, excited for the future that laid out for her.

Caesar smiled warmly and hugged her for a moment before letting go

"Now we're even~" He teased lightly,

Makoto's cheeks flushed a bright crimson as she grinned ear to ear "I suppose we are..."

The squad went to pack up their things and helped Koshi return the Restaurant to normal. They rented out some motorbikes outback and stuffed what they could in the compartments. Koshi helped them escape through the route that Home Base had planned for them. Makoto waved them off, watching Caesar and the rest fade from view.

Her eyes soften as her crush fades from her sight. She knew he could never be hers, but she couldn't help but wish that someway, somehow, he would be someday.

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