Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Crime and Punishment

The Cassell Squad were currently in the obscure route that Finger directed them on. Currently, there weren’t any signs of cameras. but the city was covered in fire and mobsters were constantly fighting with the police.

“It looks like chaos down there!” Luminous exclaimed as the five rode on the motorbikes

“We have to keep going-” Johann hollered back to him

Solace watched from Asen’s tail as the city of Chizuru was in disarray. A particular girl caught her eye. she looked to be a maid worker, she was being harassed by the group of men, they looked like similar men from the restaurant when they all went together. She felt her emotions well up in her and she slammed on the brakes and revved the motorcycle around, racing back the opposite way.

The rest halted the instant they heard her turn around

“Where is she going??” Luminous hollered

“Solace stop!” Johann called after her

Asen looked over to Caesar almost as approval and Caesar tossed him a communicator, giving him the nod.

Asen pocket the communicator and whipped his motorcycle around to chase after her.

Solace had already got some distance, she didn’t take her eyes off the innocent woman. She revved the motorbike faster, it launched off the ramp and landed just behind the fiasco. She summoned her Prelude Dawn and shoved the men off of the poor woman.

Asen followed soon after, hopping off the bike

“The point is to not be caught!” Asen signed

“Can’t understand you buddy” Solace rushed over to dismiss Asen’s protests who just huffed in nervous frustration.

She rushes to the maid and helped her up, being ginger and careful

“Are you alright?” She asked gently

“Y-Yes- Thank you! T-The town’s been taken over by hooligans- I-I was so terrified!” The woman cried

“Get out of here, go find someplace to hide, I’ll hold them off okay?” She reassured

“Thank you- Thank you!” The maid runs off quickly, trying to flee as fast as she could

It suddenly clicked for Asen why Solace went back. The two men were assaulting the poor maid. He felt disgust wash over him.

The goons soon get up, now angrier than before

“Hey! That’s them!” One guy said

“Tell the boss, we holding them as chips!” The other exclaimed and start shooting away,

Solace instantly used her Prelude Dawn as a shield against Asen and protected both of them. Asen shot projectiles on the ground to make the men lose their balance.

The two men rallied up enough commotion to get more on their aide. It was four against one. Solace looked around before back at Asen, he used his leg to pull her so they could be back to back. Solace understood the assignment and pulled out her assassin blades. Asen coated them with a thin layer of projectiles. It was a whispy-looking aura, making the blades armored. Solace lit up at the new power they created and used her Prelude Dawn to spin them around, Solace cut through their weapons and Asen’s projectiles flung them back, tripping all four from the ground.

With no longer having weapons the four men report to their boss and flee off the sight.

Solace smirked and proudly placed her hands on her hips

“Yeah, you creeps! Buzz off!” She shouted

Asen smiled at the creation they just did together. Solace turned back excitedly

“That was like! Armor for my blades! And when you tripped them that was! Badass!” She grinned

Caesar soon pulled up and he did not look too happy.

“What the hell were you doing?!” Caesar scolded

“There was a woman she was being assaulted-!” Solace argued

“In normal circumstances that would be warranted but not while we’re in the middle of escaping, under the radar! You could have gotten killed!” Johann argued back once he arrived on the scene

“She could have died!” Solace argued

“No Solace did a good thing, that was the right thing to do-” Caesar defended,

“See?! Thank you” She huffed,

Luminous soon made it back, now worried “That’s not the only girl in trouble, look at this, Luminous tunes the radio on the bike to a Police line

“I’m aware some faces I’m looking for are leaving town! You playing around with my men? I’ll play with yours,” The voice snarked through the feed. In the distance they could hear Makoto, struggling. Caesar felt his heart sink to the pit of his stomach

“Hang on that’s--” Solace pointed to the bike

“Miss Makoto-” Luminous nods quietly

“So-! If you are noble Hydra-men that you say you are, You’ll find me at the Genji Bank! Don’t keep me waiting~ I’m an impatient man.” The feed soon disconnected and Luminous looked up to Caesar

“Class Rep, What do we do?” Luminous asked

“It’s obviously a trap-” Johann warned

“Well duh, But how are we going to save Miss Asou?” Solace stressed

“Enough! Were going back” Caesar proclaimed

“You can’t be serious-” Johann stressed

“This isn’t up for discussion, A Gattuso would never cower behind an expense of a woman.” He revved his engine and turned to Solace

“I want you and Luminous with me,” He looks to Solace

“On it!” Solace exclaimed

“Why am I gonna be in the front” Luminous whined

“Johann. You and Asen need to head to the backway of that bank and dwindle this prick’s men” Caesar ordered

Johann looked frustrated and said nothing, he shot Caesar a glare before racing off, leaving Asen behind. Asen revved his bike up and went to follow Johann.

Caesar drove down towards the Genji Bank and spotted Makoto, she was on top of the building that was currently ablaze. it was nearly three stories in height.

“Damn it she’s too high up-” Caesar stopped the bike

“The whole place is on fire!!” Luminous shouted

Caesar turned on his communicator, “Johann, she’s located on the rooftop, are you able to get up there??” Caesar asked

Meanwhile, Johann and Asen were fighting off guys along the backside of the building.

“There’s too many of them- We can’t get a proper clearing” Johann stressed.

Asen continued to throw men off Johann’s back as Johann went to strike.

“Damnit--” Caesar huffed through the communicator and turned back to Solace

“Any ideas?” She asked

“So Hydra shows their face!” A large Asian man shows up, he has tan skin and spiked green hair. he has scars all over his face and wears a magenta suit covered in gold jewelry he has two large guns holstered at each hip. A large star tattoo covers his right eye

“Were not with Hydra anymore- You got the wrong group!” Luminous argued

The man turns to the guy next to him, it was the goon at the restaurant Caesar and Chisei scared off the other day.

“This the guy?” The boss asked

“Sure is Boss” The goon huffed

“Sound’s like you’re a bunch of liars, You’re with Hydra” The Boss crossed his arms

“That was before, this is now” Caesar tried to reason

“I don’t give a shit!” He cackled, his eyes widening with an eerie smile on his face

“I just want what Hydra’s got! And I’m gonna use you to get there- You were allies before, I’m sure they’ll show a little care” The boss pulls his gun out

“They really won’t--” Solace adds in

“Enough! The Devil Clan already gave me all I needed to finish you all right here!” He pulls out a syringe with the Devil Clan’s emblem on the tube. It was a similar tube to the one Akira Sakurai had back on the mission Asen and Chisei went on.

“What is that??” Solace asked

“Not sure, But it can’t be good” Caesar added

“So! You’re gonna come with MonkeyFace and you’re gonna come quietly, or not only am I killing her, but I’m also killing y’all too!” Monkeyface laughs maniacally

“You can let her go! She has nothing to do with this!” Caesar shouted

“Oh but she does! Breaking a deal with my men is a big no-no around here- She gotta learn, be an example for the people in Chizuru” Monkeyface waves the needle in his hand casually as he speaks

Caesar felt rage course through his veins as he sent a large wind gust down, knocking the group down,

“Buy me some time!” Caesar shouts, tossing a gun to Luminous

Solace pulls her Prelude Dawn out and begins attacking MonkeyFace and his men. Luminous begins shooting to cover for Solace.

Caesar hops on a motorbike and races it to the side of the building that Makoto was on, He takes a communicator and uses his extra skill to shoot it up in the air, it reaches the top with his help and lands by Makoto’s feet, she spots it and reaches with her foot to try to grab it, but she was bound by rope.

“Come on...” She whispered to herself, stretching as far as she could to grab it. Eventually, she got it and pulled it to herself

“Makoto, Can you hear me??” Caesar’s distorted voice came from the tiny communicator

“Mr. Gattuso I-I’m tied up!” She exclaimed

“Is there anyone around you?” He asked

“No-- Nobody, but the building-” She coughs due to the smoke around her

“I want you to get close to the fire” He orders

“What??” She exclaimed

“Jump to the fire! Let it burn the ropes enough to break and then you run to the east side of the building got it?” Caesar orders

“O-Okay!” She agrees

Makoto lays on her side and rolled to the fire, placing her back on the side of the flame to burn the ropes, she winced at the fire burning her bare shoulders, it hurt, she did her best to keep her hair from catching fire as well.

Eventually, the ropes snapped and Makoto rushed away from the terrifying flames. Makoto hooked up the communicator to her ear and checked her shoulder, it was blistering rapidly, she covered it with her hair and rushed to the east side of the rooftop.

“I’m here!” She exclaimed

“I need you to jump!” Caesar ordered

“What?!” She panicked

“I’ll catch you!” Caesar instructed

“B-But it’s so tall! and you’re all the way d-down there!” Makoto felt her legs tremble, the fear was consuming her

“Makoto, believe me, The Building is collapsing I will save you!” Caesar swore

“Y-You will?” She looked down at him who was revving his bike, at the ready,

“Mr. Gattuso...I-I’m not a stunt devil...I I barely know how to roller-skate-” She croaked out, her hands clinging onto the railing

“I know you’re scared, I know we barely met, But I promise, I will catch you, we’re going back to America together remember? I still gotta make even with you” He looks up at her

Makoto watches as Luminous and Solace fight between MonkeyFace and his men, she looks back to Caesar. She could see his determination.

“Okay...I-I trust you....” Despite everything in her gut holding her back, she stands on the edge of the railing, looking at the ground below. She takes a deep breath and looks to the sky, it was such a lovely sunset, the soot and smoke around her were covering it up, she wanted to see it again.

She was going to see it again, in America.

Makoto jumped off the railing and felt the butterflies overwhelm her stomach in fear. Caesar raced the motorcycle up the sidewalk railing and acted as a ramp. He jumps to the hood of the bike and uses his Wind Devil to launch himself up the building.

MonkeyFace spotted the two of them and threw Solace and Luminous back, pulling his gun out and aiming at Caesar.

Caesar pushed himself further, his eyes not taking off Makoto who was doing her best not to scream at the rapid speeds.

Caesar extended his hand out to reach Makoto’s. It almost grabbed her wrist until,

“Ah-!” Caesar exclaimed in pain, a bullet went straight through his hand, Makoto cried at the loud noise and the trail of blood that was falling with them now, Caesar pulled back and shot himself further, he was too high up, and Makoto was too low. His eyes pulsed an icy blue as the wind pushed him down to regain distance, Makoto looked up at him, she could see the fear in his face. She knew he was hurt, and yet trying so hard as they fell.

She reached out to him, trying to shorten the distance between them, Caesar pushed even harder, using all he could to grab her, they were at a fingertips distance, he went to grab her hand until.

He missed,

Makoto’s eyes widen, it was like everything in her mind lost sound, he could see Caesar yelling for her, and the fire in the distance. She glanced up in that slow-motion instant to see the sky, her eyes welled up. She knew this was the last time she would see it. And yet, it was covered in ugly smoke and soot. She looked at Caesar with tears escaping her, she gave a pained smile, she could feel three words escaping her lips, even if she couldn’t hear him, she could see the reaction on Caesar’s face. she felt guilty, she wanted to apologize to his partner for being so selfish, but even in a world that wasn’t kind to her, she wanted just one thing, one little moment.

Makoto crashed into the ground, dying upon impact as her blood-soaked the stone ground beneath her, Caesar thrusts his wind devil in attempts to soften their impact but he fell too, not as hard due to his extra skill, he was sorely bloodied and dirt and blood covered his once white coat. Caesar felt a sharp ringing in his ears as he tried to assess the situation. He looked over to see Makoto Asou, completely lifeless, her tears still fresh as her glassy eyes stared into the soot-covered sunset.

Caesar was quick to his feet scooping her mangled body up quickly

“ASEN! ASEN I NEED YOU!” He shouts to the top of his lungs, Johann and Asen were at the edge of the building, despite the distance the two heard him.

Asen heard the pain in his Class Rep’s voice. His heart sank. He knew that tone. He knew exactly what happened without even seeing it. Asen dropped everything he was doing and ran, as fast as he could, He shot projectiles around any men who tried to stop him, Luminous and Solace acted as a wall, covering for both of them.

Asen slid on his knees right beside Caesar and placed one hand onto the pavement. A Heal-source lit up and instantly started working. It kept healing Caesar up, but nothing would latch onto Makoto. Asen softened and teared up a bit as he kept trying

“I-Is it working?? Is she gonna be okay??” Caesar asked frantically

Asen didn’t have to say anything, Caesar could see it in his face, He knew the answer.

Caesar felt something in him snap, He looked up to MonkeyFace through the wall of his friends, his eyes were a bright golden color as his hands were filled with scales. Asen knew exactly what was happening, he stopped his Heal-source and grabbed Luminous and Solace, yanking them away as quick as he could

Caesar levitated the wind around him, launching MonkeyFace up in the air and on top of the burning bank, and as if he gained wind-like wings he launched himself up there with him.

Johann soon arrived and shot the remaining men with Luminous’ help.

Solace stayed behind Asen and used her Prelude Dawn like a force field. She looks down at Makoto worriedly

“Is she..?” Solace hesitated, not wanting to finish her sentence

Asen nods, not daring to look at her, seeing something so lifeless struck a nerve with him, he couldn’t save her either, just like at Black Swan. It shook him.

“Asen---It’s okay, there was nothing you could do...Right now our leader is gone, we need to focus on getting out of here- Okay..?” She reassured, helping him stand

Asen nods and joins Johann and Luminous to finish off the remaining men

Meanwhile, MonkeyFace landed on the rooftop, all bruised up. Caesar followed soon after, kicking MonkeyFace to the floor, He got on top of him, punching the mobster, again and again, MonkeyFace attempted to throw him off and fight back but Caesar’s Wind Devil threw him back onto the ground.

“There’s one thing us Gattuso’s believe in above all else” Caesar spoke in an eerily calm tone, his eyes were a solid gold as his face showed no emotion. MonkeyFace attempted to struggle and get up but was forced into the ground yet again by Caesar’s Wind Devil.

MonkeyFace coughed blood up against the impact and swore something out in Japanese. the Needle fell out of his pocket and he spotted it. Caesar didn’t notice the needle at first,

“Those who do wrong must be severely punished” Caesar kicked Monkeyface to the side. the Mobster exclaimed in pain as he grabbed the needle.

“Damnit!!” MonkeyFace exclaimed, stabbing the Devil Clan’s syringe into his wrist. within seconds Monkeyface started glowing and soon combusted into flames, he grew nearly three feet in height. his spine protruded from his back, acting like large scales, his hands grew claws, and his face had protruding teeth. He was a full-blown servitor, the same transformation Akira Sakurai had.

MonkeyFace cackled at his new power and threw Caesar off of him, The two began to fight. Caesar with his blood rage powers and MonkeyFace with his Servitor mutation.

The Squad watched from down below as the two fought.

"We need to help him-!" Luminous exclaimed

"Caesar is in Blood Rage, I don't know how he'll react with us there-" Johann warned

"Has he ever had a spike before??" Solace asked

Johann's eyes saddened as he watched the two fight. he watched the blonde Frenchman absolutely riot into the servitor. He looked down at Makoto and softened

"No..." He confessed.

Asen hopped on a bike and revved it, racing the same rampway Caesar did, despite his group's protests.

Asen jumped from the bike and reached for the rooftop's railing. Solace, knowing he wouldn't make it shoots one of her blades towards his foot, Asen uses that as a boost and grabs the railing. Asen hoisted himself up and over the edge to see the ruckus.

Asen only saw the Servitor covered in tar as it laid motionless on the ground, Caesar towering over as his Wind Devil continued to smash it against the ground, again and again.

Asen hesitated, he saw himself at that moment. how many men he killed for Vera,

The brunette shakily took a step towards Caesar, being careful of the fire around them.

Caesar whipped his head around him, glaring Asen down. the brunette bit his lip. he could see himself in Caesar.

"I-It won't bring her back..." Asen meekly spoke, his voice raspy.

Caesar turned back to the lifeless mobster and glared him down

"He needs to pay..." Caesar spoke

"I know...and he did..." He takes a step closer, he could feel how Renata did when she approached him that night.

"Beating him won't change what happened" Asen inches closer, being cautious

"She said she loved me..." Caesar teared up, the liquid gold falling from his face

"I know..." Asen comforted

"This isn't easy for me--" He stammered

"And it never will be" Asen's voice cracked, he was close enough to Caesar to grab his hand. The French man flinched and turned to face Asen. The boy could see the leader's face. full of denial, anger, and confusion.

"We need to go...Or you'll lose what you've already got..." Asen whispered out

Caesar glanced down at his team in the distance, he thought about NoNo and his brother, what he already had. Caesar hesitated as his eyes turned to a heartbroken blue color.

"I-I- I don't know what I was thinking---Having her jump-" Caesar's voice broke

"It's not your fault...But right now we need to go...Okay?" Asen murmured

Caesar slowly came to and realized where they were and what he'd done

"Y-You're talking--" He stammered

Asen offered a meek smile "I'm just saying what you need to hear..."

Caesar placed his hand over Asen's mouth to get him to stop

"Don't..." His voice cracked,

"Not for me. Thank you...but, don't" Tears fell from his face

Asen softened and nodded, taking his hand

Caesar used his Wind Devil to safely launch them into the ground, he caught Asen and landed them safely.

Johann took charge and gathered the group together "We need to get out of here, MonkeyFace men most likely dispersed by now.

Suddenly a black promotion van drove by at high speeds, on the side it had a logo for 'Takamagahara' on it. the door slid open to show a large man, with glowing white eyes and purple etched tattoos. He had short red hair and wore heady duty black armor with purple accents.

"Get in!" A girl shouts beside them. she wore similar armor with gold accents and was holding a sniper gun, she had a long ponytail and faded green hair.

"Who are you guys?!" Luminous exclaimed

"Were your rendezvous! Get in were making a run for it!" she commanded

The five quickly are loaded in with the man's help. Once they are all in the back the woman turns to the driver. A blonde girl wearing maroon armor with pink accents, she had blond curly hair and had sunglasses that tinted against the sun

"Enxi, were good." The Man said in a stoic tone.

"Right on~" Enxi smiled and floored the pedal.

Soon the van took off from Chizuru, running through lights and avoiding any mobsters near. The girl in the backseat stuck her gun through the back window and shot any mob cars chasing them. Caesar looked at the back window as Makoto faded from view. His heart sank knowing he had to leave her there laying on the pavement alone.

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