Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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The New Members

As the plane made a safe landing towards the top of the mountain he turned it off and waited for the propeller to stop spinning so it would be safe to exit. Once it had He stepped from the plane, carrying his supplies over one arm, opening the door in the back for three girls to step outside that were placed in the back.

As Asen, Renata and Ivan made their way towards the top to greet the professor the three noticed the girls all beside Hertzog,

“Welcome home Professor” Renata greeted, taking the bags off of the older man’s shoulder, then standing beside him

“Hello, you three must be new here, you’ll love it here,” She smiled proudly, looking between them,

“Go on, introduce yourselves,” Hertzog encouraged warmly, the first was a younger girl, with blonde hair tied up, it was very curly, her eyes were like roses, bright pink and two heart-shaped birthmarks below her left eye, she patted down her clothes before happily placing her hands on her hips

“I’m Holly Jane! Everyone calls me HJ, The doc took me away from an awful school, I’m just happy to be out of there” She confidently stated, her eyes meeting Ivan’s gaze, the two almost sparked as her cheeks dusted a light pink, Hertzog noticed this and gave a light chuckle

“Well, Ivan will be happy to show you around,” He said, Ivan immediately stood up straight and nodded, like an eager puppy.

“Yes of course HJ! Come with me” Ivan offered his hand out to her. HJ chuckled and did a cute curtsey before they walked back towards the orphanage, hand in hand.

Hertzog just laughed, watching the two lovebirds happily go down the mountain. He then turned to the brunette, a shorter girl quite nervous around the whole thing she was rather stubborn to talk

“I’m Solace...I can take my stuff now” She says quietly, taking her bags from Renata, the two share a small look before she leaves herself towards the mountain in suit of Ivan and HJ.

Solace was a young girl wearing Yellow, she had a similar birthmark to HJ, with her hair reaching her back in neat pigtails and tied with a yellow bow. Her eyes were like cherry blossoms that glinted against the snow’s reflection.

Hertzog gave a small sigh as he watched her head down, “She’s not very eager, I didn’t find her under the best circumstances..”

“Like us?” Renata questioned,

“Not quite, Her mother took her to me, explaining how her hybrid genetics caused a rift in the household” Hertzog explained, turning towards the last girl, very shy, looking far younger than she appeared, she had short blonde hair, one side in a bun, her skin was tanner than the rest of the children, looking more European than Russian. She wore a pink winter cape, with a peach dress, and she had bright green eyes that shined like emeralds.

She clutched onto Hertzog’s coat and stood behind him, visibly scared.

“It’s alright Vera, everyone is nice here..” Hertzog comforted. As Renata turned towards her brother she noticed how fixated he was on Vera, his eyes watched her movements and his cheeks were dusted crimson, he wasn’t processing properly what he was feeling. his hands were shaking, from anxiety probably, he wanted to talk to her so badly but couldn’t find the words. Renata smiled and gently nudged him,

“C’mon she’s shy, let her get settled in” She suggested, Asen found himself out of that trance and nodded meekly,

“R-right..” he muttered, taking some of the bags from Renata’s arms and heads down the mountain. The two never broke eye contact, Vera was still there, curiously peering behind Hertzog as Asen walked down with Renata.

Once he was out of range he let a small exhale to calm his nerves, thinking to himself about the girl, she was everything he adored, Asen never felt this way, he wasn’t sure what to feel. He felt sick and happy at the same time, his heart was racing far faster than it should.

“You seem to like her” Renata hummed, Asen flushed a bright red once Renata called him out

“I-I wouldn’t say that...” He stammered

“Right, you don’t like her, you love her~” She teased, this caused Asen to go redder, his head sinking into his coat in embarrassment, this causes Renata to laugh.

“No, How can I--I just met her and...and-” Asen couldn’t find the words to protest, the boy was head over heels for her and couldn’t even process it.

“Love at first sight,” She explained, “One look and you knew, she’s the one.” She explained, heading towards the now empty Swan Hall to set all the stuff down, Comet was there beside him, very giddy very happy, swirling around the both of them.

“Oh to be in love, I love this feeling so much, I can’t wait for you two to talk and to hold hands and to get married someday!” Comet rambled before Asen forced Comet to disperse. Renata just laughed as she unpacked all the supplies,

“Asen you should go talk to her.” Renata encouraged

“But she needs time, you saw how scared she looks, I don’t wanna spring so much on her at once,” He sat down, defeated

“Then talk to her later, it doesn’t have to be today, you’re the only one who seems eager” She snickered, Asen just huffed and crossed his arms,

“Well, I am gonna wait! Until she gets settled like the rest of us!” he proclaimed before hastily unpacking items and organizing the supplies, Renata just smiled to herself and finished unpacking the rest of the supplies.

Hertzog soon enters within the hall to find the Romanova kids nearly finished with sorting the supplies,

“Thank you, children, I appreciate your help,” He says kindly

“How’s Vera?” Asen asked worriedly

“She’s a little shy, She ran all the way from France it seems, She has the Hybrid genetics but due to her stature, she cannot unlock them” Hertzog explains

“How old is she?” Asen asked

“Despite her appearance, she is indeed fourteen, just a year younger than you, my boy, but she’s very malnourished, not very healthy. The orphanage I found the three of them at, didn’t care for them. Vera got the worst of it due to her French heritage,”

Asen’s expression softened and leaned back “I see...Because of the war, you fought in?” Asen asked

“Precisely, but that’s not her fault, she wasn’t even alive at the time of the war, to take it out on her is nothing short of just cruelty, that’s just another reason why I took her here to Black Swan Bay” Hertzog explained.

The three were now met with silence, processing the situation Vera was now in

“I take it you should be kind to her, She can use a few friends,” Hertzog asked

Asen nods in response and looks up towards Hertzog

“I’ll make sure to protect her, no matter what” He states confidently. This makes Hertzog smile, folding his arms behind his back

“Good boy, Now where is Z? I have things to discuss with him from his earlier debacle” Hertzog explained

“He should be in the Klyuv,” Renata gestured. Hertzog gave a small nod in appreciation before turning his heel to make his exit. once he left the two siblings are left to put away the rest of the supplies. Asen continues to think about Vera, such as what she’s like, he has yet to meet her truly, for the following days and nights he will nonstop think about her.

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