Dragon Raja and the Core Tokens: Grief

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Young love

The next week was rather tame. The snow wasn’t as harsh and just for a fraction of the second, you could see the leaves without snow coating them. The summer air hit the cold brisk snow and offered a gentle morning. The new children had just got settled into their new place and things calmed down.

It currently was 7:30 in the morning, bright and early as Ivan liked it, Asen was more of a night owl than an early bird, but on Sundays, he promised to help Ivan with the dogs.

So, the two were up, feeding the dogs and preparing in the Swan Hall. Comet also was accompanying them, just floating by Asen’s side as the two worked. Ivan was talking to the animals, almost having full-length conversations with the canines.

“Sometimes I forget that you can understand the dogs..” Asen mumbled cutting the meats up as Ivan made sure the animals stayed put.

“Yeah, it’s not as special as healing or Comet here, but I like it! It makes my job much easier!” Ivan chimes happily, placing the dishes out and explaining to the six dogs where to go.

“So...~” Ivan starts, a mischievous grin on his innocent face,

“Have you talked to her yet? C’mon we all know you’re head over heels for her, spill it! Did you ask her out yet?” he continued.

Asen just rolled his eyes and shoved Ivan off of him, “No I haven’t” He huffed.

Ivan bounced back up no problem, his chin resting in between his thumb and index finger,

“I see the secret type, wanna keep it down low, I understand~ such a player Asen~” Ivan bit his lip, the corners of his mouth tugging upwards. Asen just watched him with an unamused expression Comet innocently mimicked Ivan’s expression,

“You look stupid. Comet, stop that,” He said coldly, Comet gave an echoic laugh and stopped as he was told to.

“Oh lighten up, why are you so steamed about this,?” Ivan pried

“Because I haven’t talked to her yet okay??” His cheeks dusted scarlet, growing quiet.

Meanwhile, Vera was making her way towards the Swan Hall. Upon hearing the dogs, she spots Asen and Ivan. She loomed around the doorway, afraid to go in, both were unaware of her presence,

“C’mon man, you got to talk to her sometime, it’s been a whole week, I’m sure she’s adjusted by now-” Ivan suggested

“It’s not that simple, Vera seems so...Nervous, you didn’t see the fear she had when she looked at me..” Asen mumbled, his expression laced with confusion and worry. Vera listened sympathetically as the brunette spoke.

“Ivan I want her to trust me, I want her to see me as approachable. How am I supposed to do that if I’m badgering her when she’s in a new place, with new people?” He continued, handing the dogs dishes for Ivan to serve.

“I guess you have a point, she does seem pretty meek” Ivan replied, setting the dog’s dishes down, watching the huskies rush to their meals and practically wolf it down. Vera grew a small pout on her face, watching Asen sheepishly, she felt a tad guilty for not socializing with anyone other than HJ. She just didn’t know them yet. Suddenly Comet appeared behind her and swerved to the front, his ghostly face practically beaming.

“You’re so pretty~” the Gemini whispered, admiring her quietly,

Vera practically yipped, being startled she fell into the snow, causing the barrels outside to topple near her. The whole area made such a loud commotion. Comet, clearly laced with guilt dispersed into thin air.

The noise alerted both Ivan and Asen, and the two went outside to investigate. When the boys made it outside Nobody was in sight, just a bunch of rummage sprawled across the snow.

Ivan gave a small huff and placed his hands on his hips, “Damn foxes, always causing a mess..” He grumbled, bending down to pick up the clutter.

Asen also helped in picking up the mess before noticing small footprints that led to the side of the Swan hall. Asen’s brow furrowed in confusion, and his curiosity got the better to him, he began following the tracks in the snow. Vera was on the other side of the Hall, back against the wooden walls, practically trembling from embarrassment, she was about to get caught. Asen was just about to turn the corner when Ivan called out to him,

“Hey, Asen? Where ya goin?”

Asen stopped on the tracks and hesitated, before turning back towards Ivan, “It’s nothing” He offered a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his head shyly before walking back towards Ivan.

The dog-boy just watched Asen with a puzzled look, before shrugging it off and putting the rest of the materials away. The two boys made it back inside. Once safe, Vera peered out to double-check the coast is clear. She let out a small sigh, carefully walking back to the Krylo cabin where she was now living. She made it back to a few children sleeping, but HJ was wide awake, hands on her hips,

“What were you doing??” She whispered aggressively, this startled poor Vera and caused her to jump back a bit

“I- was...out-” She whispered back, trying to avoid waking the rest of the children up.

“Like hell you were, What were you doing? Snooping??” She pried. She and Ivan were perfect for each other, similar and all.

“A...A little....” She admits sheepishly. HJ grew a snide grin, proud on cracking the case. she stood up, linked arms with Vera, and made her way outside so they could talk freely

“So, what were you up to?” She pressured in a normal voice once outside,

“I-I was walking to..to the Swan Hall because-because I heard barking...and I found the two boys I-Ivan and...the other one, with- the green hair in the front but b-brown in the back” She mumbled.

HJ Gasped now very Intrigued, “What did they say?? Good things right? If not I’ll kick their asses” She snickered proudly

“He was telling...Ivan how he w-wanted to talk to me, but he was too worried of-of...scaring me away” She stammered, her hands stuffed into her pink dress pockets,

“Awh!! That’s so cute! he’s a keeper for sure Vera, you got to reel him in now when you have the chance!” HJ twirled smiling proudly to encourage her friend, Vera turned bright red, hiding her face in her hands and shaking her head

“Oh no! not like t-that...Even if it was like that...I-I want to be his f-friend first..” She explained

HJ sighed and placed her hands on her hips, “Got it got it...but mysh-mysh you need to talk to him, that’s the first step, you know how he feels, he’s never gonna come up to you, you gotta set yourself first Vera!” She egged on

“I-I don’t know about-” Vera spoke but HJ cuts her off

“Today! At breakfast sit next to him, just at least get his name! C’mon, you can do that, pleeeease~?” HJ laced her fingers together practically begging Vera for this accomplishment. Vera feeling pressured turned redder, looking away, but the blonde’s begging eyes loomed over her like an ominous shadow

“A-alright...okay...I’ll sit by him for breakfast..” She murmured

“That’s my girl!” She cheered, wrapping her arms around Vera tightly, “Now let’s get you ready!” She smiled, leading Vera back inside to await Breakfast, and boy 10:00 am couldn’t come soon enough.

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