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The Dragon Sword 2nd Arc: Will and Want

By Medley_Cafe All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


Melody Alves had tried to instantly kill herself, to cease her existence when she forced Dregandhor to be released from his imprisonment in a bow a killer had made. She wanted to die, she had lost the last of her light to continue living; not knowing that Shillyka was able to save him and give her friends the years to hopefully let them meet her, Melody Alves, once again. In an age where a war threatens the dessert nations and Pirates wreck havoc upon the ocean; Melody has every reason to go crazed and just do as a king orders her, but she must instead learn to be at peace with herself as where she had first to learn to trust others and herself, Seeing her past self from the distance as Sakura, Shin and Shillyka say goodbye to their friend Yuu who finally breathes his final breath after seeing Melody. Continuing on separate paths Shillyka chooses to stay with the first of Melody's past to help insure that her mistress will live in the future and allowing another to help protect Melody alongside Dragandhor. Join the 2nd Arc As Melody learn to keep moving forward.

His Will

“Dregandhor… Why didn’t you listen? Why’d you summon me again? His dead! His dead…” She moaned in her sleep.

“Sis? What do you think she’s going on about?” A small boy prodded his elder sister as she tended to the girl wounds.

“It isn’t our place to stick our noses in!” She hushed him.

“But Aafia! Maybe we could help her better if we knew what happened! Instead brother goes and humors that Dragon’s whims and remain in ignorance! Doesn’t he know that you are best healer around here not to mention the heir to Dragoon Knights along with Ahmed? You should have taken him as your Drasondo! Why’d you allow her to take that honor?” Her brother went on for the umpteenth time. Though it was their brother, Ahmed, who was to take on the honor of being the Drakuemasu, her little brother always went on about how she should step up.

“The Weapon was always meant to the vessel of a Black Dragon from the East! And she just so happens to be linked to his soul so they’re Drakuemasu and Drasondo no matter what and that is all I’m going to continue speaking to you about this matter! Now go play!” Aafia shoed her little brother out the cabin.

“Just you know; if I fall over board it’s your fault for telling me to play!” He shouted as he bounded for the stairs not once staggering as the ship rammed the over ocean waves.

“I wish you’d wake up already, though. Your Dragon is getting on everyone’s nerves with all his threats! Another two weeks and we’ll see the first dunes to my people’s homelands. I do hope you can handle the heat…” She said as she pulled down her hijab to reveal her sleek black hair and dark eyes; her dessert tanned skin made her appear to hold mystic and a sense of elegance that only the war lords of the dessert nations’ daughters could hold. Her hands were inked with intricate patterns of floral design and her finger tips and nails tinted too by the same ink the that tattooed her in a rich copper-ish black color.

“If Asad causes too much trouble on deck father will have him mop deck so no need to fret about him falling over board.” She continue to speak as if her ‘patient’ was listening with intrigue.

“I’m still so surprised that you just appear on board after my brother allowed Dragandhor to become the Dragon for our family’s only Weapon capable of becoming a Drasondo. Father is still furious about that small dent in his plans. I was trained to be Drakuemasu you see, as well as Ahmed. I’m not too sure about how they select Dragons to become Drasondo’s nor how they know a person such as me could even be a Drakuemasu, but apparently it’s something to do with a curse… or blessing others would say.” She ranted on the burden to become a weapon for her weapon clearly weighed heavy on her shoulders.

“Now that you are the master of that Drasondo, they’ll try to force you into slavery to insure you are used solely for their purpose though I’ve been able to persuade everyone that your Dragon and you might be able to help my people’s cause without force… I do hope you are as understanding as my faith in your Dragon has let me to belief. Even my brother sees some light in you rather being the Drasondo's master than us.” She bowed her head and stood to leave the girl to rest in peace.

“Yuu…” The girl croaked and a tear slid down her check.

Aafia secured her hijab; covering her hair and using part of it as a veil to cover her face as was part tradition.

(“How does she?”) A black Dragon asked as he soared next to the mighty ship and saw Aafia step from below deck.

“Still talking in her sleep. Who is Yuu? She keeps saying his name, along with that he is dead and that you shouldn’t have summoned her. I need to know what happened!” She ordered the Dragon and though had now obligation to succumb to her orders he felt at least he could tell her the truth.

(“She had ran into a fight without being prepared; and ended up being a distraction that her friends couldn’t afford. They were ambushed by thieves and some very dangerous Drakuemasi; and though they didn’t have Drasondos themselves they are well versed warrior especially the younger of them being… It does not concern you though.”) The Dragon quickly dismissed telling her about Half-Demon boy.

(“Needless to say Yuu saw the leader of the group attack her from behind and rushed to protect her; only problem was the sword he thought he wielded was an illusion casted by the very Drakuemasu. He eneded up dying and blaming herself she forced the last of her strength in freeing me from my binding of my Drasondo in an attempt to die herself. Her sister and her second Drasondo was able to save his life before he could be completely lost and has kept her friends alife since then until they could meet her again. I needed to summon her to tell her they were all still alive, that Yuu was still alife. She has had tradegies follow her for the entirety of her life and she had finally found some light just to see it slip from her grasp and she blames herself.”)

“I see. And these wounds are still from that fight? It sounds so long ago; but yet the wounds are recent; no more than a month; as long as she has been in my care.” Aafia noted.

(“I summoned her from the past, my abilities are that of time and space; I was not meant to be trapped in that weapon until after your death. By your brother who seeked revenge that is but I could not allow her to step into more tragedies and so sought you out before then; before I was freed I had seen all the possible futures of her and me, to insure I’d not change too much of her future. The Future where she is from and not the past from which I had summoned her.”) The Dragon spoke and showed her the images of his youngling’s fate having come to trust Aafia with his own life. The girl reminded him of Sakura of her strong belief in all that is good and even that the worst of evils can become a source of hope and goodness.

“Why show me everything?” Aafia asked knowing that the Dragon was kinder to her than he was to most other and even from what he had shown her to those friends of past of his master.

(“You remind me of the girl.”) He invisioned Sakura to show Aafia.

(“I never did get along with them too much, not until the very end when I left them to wait until I could summon her. Despite her want to erase her existence I will not allow it! They won’t allow it!”) Dragandhor roared.

“Aafia! Get away from that beast!” A man bellowed from higher up. As she looked up she saw the man tying the sails in place along with the other men that dared not go against his order.

“Father.” She said and stepped away from the ships side. Her father took hold of a rope and swung from the heights to land before her.

“I cannot belief you can act so friendly to Dragon you cannot control!”

“He won’t harm me, Father! I’m the only one he trusts with his Drakuemasu! And besides the only woman on board; you’d not have allowed any of the men to tend to her! You’d have had her killed the moment she appeared! You just have to trust me for once! The Dragon and she can help us come to a more peaceful resolve than war! I cannot watch the slaughtering of men and I would not have stand to live had I been the cause! Please Father; for once stop seeing everything as a threat!”

“No woman dares speak to me so! Not even my own child!” He hissed bringing his head close to Aafia so as not to started the crew with the silent threat he snared his own daughter with.

“Father!” Her brother quipped from the looked where he was ordered to man as soon as he had come up to ‘play’.

“Ai!” Their father called.

“There’s something you might want to see!” Another answered and pointed out to the fast ocean that laid to their right.

“Pirates!” He seethed.

“Get below deck!” He ordered his daughter and went to order the rest of the crew to prepare open fire; all 200 cannons at the ready to blast some pirates to smithereens!

(“Please your highness! Allow me to make quick work of them!”) Dregandhor offered his services knowing that he would have to build a trusting relationship with this brute of man and king.

“Very well let us see your power my daughter thought she’d allow another to wield.” The Dragon wanted to bite at the man for suggestiong he was some weapon. Humans, he thought, they were all the same…

Blue fire licked at his maw lightning sparking in the air around the fire; when he released the flaming ball of lightning a howl screeched through the sky as it seeked out its target.

Screams struggled to be heard above the wreckage as pirates tried to survive; but landing in the salt sea meant electrocution from the lightning that was fused along with the blue flames that now danced upon the horizon.

“It is a shame your master is not my daughter. But you prison belongs to my family; you’ll remain my property! Along with your master!” The man chided as he dismissed the destruction; the cries of the pirates no longer of interest to him and air of pure authority about him; a man, one spite how much Dregandhor despised men who seek only power; held some respect for.

(“Dregandhor… He’s dead… Why must I continue to live?”) Her voice echoed in his mind and the pain thereof made him cringe, was it really up for him to have decided to allow her to continue on this path? Yes! She wasn’t her and ‘she’ wanted to save her parents from drowning; she couldn’t decide to stop that for her!

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