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Alex, Emma, and the team have won a competition and get to go on a tour in Europe. They get to go to 10 different countries to go against 10 different competitions from 10 different teams. Can they beat all 10 competitions from all 10 different countries? Or will they lose?

NETHERLANDS: Where It All Began

It all started at a soccer match. There were teams that are against each other. "The Champions" were against "The Alpha Parties".
It was 28 to 26. The Champions have won this game. But here's the problem. The Champions played 40 games in total. They've only won 19 times.

The whole team is very stubborn. Nobody listens to the other, and they do what they want to do. The only person who has been trying to get the team together was an 18 year old, named "Alexander Johnson".
He isn't the best at soccer in the team, however he always tries his best. They all live in the Netherlands

Alex never liked the captain and never has. The captain was "Matthew Plan". He never listens to everybody. Whenever the team thinks of a plan, they ask him if they could use that plan. However, he always denies to what they say and sticks to doing his way.

Alex in the field tells Matthew that he has a plan. Matthew tells him that he doesn't want to hear about it.

Alex tells him that it's for the next game that's coming in 2 weeks. Matthew yells at Alex to beat it as he walks away.

Alex has had enough of his captain. So he decided to talk to Coach.

He knocks on the door, and Coach tells him to come in. As Alex comes in his office, Coach asks him what seems to be the problem.

Alex started telling Coach that he should change the captain of their team. As Coach sighs, Alex tells him that Matthew is never on time.
He tells Coach that their own captain doesn't even know how teamwork works.

Alex then tells Coach again that he has to change the captain to someone else.

"Anybody!" Said Alex.

Coach denied on changing the captain. That's because Matthew is the best soccer player in this whole school. And that's why he chose Matthew as captain of the team.

Alex tells him that if Matthew doesn't help them win for the next game, they won't be able to participate the Europe Tour.

"Enough! Do you want one of the girls on your team to be the captain of the team?" Yelled Coach.

Alex claims that he doesn't care if it's a girl. He just wants somebody who is a real captain. There are 7 girls on the team and 7 guys on the team.

As Alex left the room, he kept practising to get better at soccer. He doesn't want to be captain of the team. He just wants to beat Matthew to prove that Coach is wrong about Matthew being the best player in school.

A week has passed.

Matthew was about talk, however Alex raised his hand.

"What do you want Johnson?" Asked Matthew.

"Better think of a plan because I'll be scoring goals around you, Plan." Said Alex.

Everybody gasped cause of what Alex just said.

He asked Alex what does he do if he wins.

"If I win, I'd get to choose somebody else to be the captain of the team." Said Alex.

And if Matthew wins, Alex is forced to run 50 laps per day for a week. They got themselves a deal.

The game has started. To whoever scores 25 goals, wins the game.

Both of them began kicking the ball around and scoring goals left and right on the field. Meanwhile, the entire team was just watching them.

During the game, it was 20 to 24 for Matthew. Alex had the ball for a minute, he tried tricking Matthew to which way he's gonna goal the ball. However, when he kicked the ball, Matthew defended the goal and scored a point.

Matthew won.

"Yes Johnson. I did think of a plan before we even started." Said Matthew.

Matthew then tells Alex to go and run for 50 laps.
And so Alex began running 50 laps around the field while the whole team was training.

Matthew then tells the team to keep on practicing his way while he goes out and eats. And so he left.

Once Alex finished his laps, he got really tired. Very dizzy. However, he held it together and stayed strong.
The whole team came to him and asked him if he could challenge Matthew again. Alex claimed that they need somebody better.

After a week, they all were practising. Even Alex. However, a female team member got dizzy and fell on the ground.
The team held her and put her on the bench for her to relax. They gave her water.

One of the members went to look for the captain, who is Matthew. When he heard the news, he came to the team.

The girl said that she doesn't want to play anymore, and that she quits the team. They only have 2 days left until another competition comes for the Europe Tour.
There are 6 girls and 7 guys and one of the guys is the captain. So the team had to make a female audition to see who is the best in the game.

As many of the girls were participating to be a member of the team, Matthew kept yelling next.

He tells the team that the girls are wasting his time if more of them are gonna come and fail.

Alex shakes his head with frustration.

As another participates, the team was shocked of how good she is. Matthew asks for her name. She introduces herself and says that her name is "Emma Lee".

Matthew decided to add her on the team. He tells her the rules politely. Everybody was shocked. Matthew never told anybody the rules politely, except to Emma.

A team member asked why is he being so polite. Alex says he knows. As some of them look at him, he says that Matthew is just trying to hit on her.

"No surprise there." Said one team member.

Later on, Matthew left to do whatever he wants. Emma looks at everybody and tells them to do exactly what she tells them what to do.

"Now who do you think you are? You just joined in like a minute ago!" Asked and said a team member.

"I'm the girl you've been waiting for." Smiled Emma

While Emma is coaching everybody, she began teaching everybody how to pass from behind, how to aim, and how to avoid other players with the ball.

While practising, the ball was with Alex.

"Quick! Pass the ball to your team member on the right so he'll pass it to me!" Yelled Emma.

Alex was a little bit pressured and got confused. And so he tripped and has dirt on a side of his tace. Emma helped him get up.

"You need to work fast. Get your ass in the game. Got it?" Said Emma.

As the training session ended, she gathered the team together and said
"The Team is called The Champions. And when I see you training, I wanna see real champions... like you guys..."

Everybody clapped and cheered.

After that, Emma's locker is exactly next to Alex's locker.
They both said hey to each other while they were opening their lockers. She saw his phone with the song "The Champion" by Carrie Underwood playing.

"Listen to that song again and nobody will be getting in your way." Said Emma.

They then started talking how the team need some practise.

"I'm sorry for pushing you and the team like that, I just want you guys to be at your best." Said Emma.

Alex claimed that there is no need for apologies. He said that he's glad he's got somebody who can coach them better than Matthew.

During the next day on Lunch, Matthew couldn't get his eyes off of Emma.
He went there acting cool and began talking to her about soccer.

He asked her out. However she told him that she isn't into him. As she was pouring a glass of water, she tells him to move aside. And so she walked away.

Matthew felt pissed and walked away. A friend of his asked himhow did it go. Matthew tells him that Emma isn't worth trying to get.

She came to sit with the team and telling them the plan, since Matthew is too busy acting cool. She has everything scheduled.

She tells them because of training session from yesterday, she knows everybody's level and how good they are in the game.

Once lunch was dismissed, the team and Emma went to practise. Matthew once again not helping out being a captain. So Emma once again has been coaching them.

30 minutes later, they took a break. Alex asked her where and how did she learn to play soccer. As Emma finished drinking, she tells him it's a long story and that he wouldn't wanna hear it.

The team has been practising for hours and it's starting to get dark.
Emma told them to go straight home and sleep for the night. They have a big day tomorrow.

Alex asked Emma if he can talk to her for a minute.
He asked on if she can be the captain of the soccer team.

"I'll have to ask Coach for that." Said Emma.

Alex then asks her if she is gonna ask the Coach to make her be captain of the team.

Emma tells him that once they finish tomorrow's match, she'll see if she will.

After that, they both went home and slept for the night.
Matthew didn't even come to the field for the whole day. He was out with his friends the whole day, while Emma was coaching.

The big day. The Champions were against another team called "Save Yourselves". The team went against them before and lost 12 to 26.

The team huddled up with Emma.

"You guys want revenge for what they did? Do everything that I taught you, and you'll be over their asses!" Said Emma.

The team was ready to play. And when the game started, The Champions got a goal in under 20 seconds!

The whole team started kicking the ball from one member to another. They learnt on how they can work together as a team.

The game goes on for 20 minutes each round and there are only 3 rounds.

Save Yourselves is a team where they trash talk you to try and get into your head. But Emma taught the team so much that they don't even care what they say!

Save Yourselves didn't have a single chance. The first round was 10 to 5 for The Champions.

For the second round, it was still 10 to 5 for The Champions and ended with 17 to 12 for The Champions once again.

Before the third round started, Matthew came.

Emma asked him on where was he.

Matthew gave her with an attitude saying
"Are you the team captain or am I? Know your place."

Coach has been looking at Emma's performance as a captain and he's impressed.

Now that the third round has begun, The Champions have been dominating! The score was still 17 to 12 when the third round started.
They didn't give the ball to Matthew, cause they know that he's not gonna give it to anybody and blow it.

Matthew was even trying to get the ball from his own teammates. However his own teammates kept kicking the ball to another member of their team.

The team once again won this round with 20 to 15. Because of them winning, The Champions get to go on the Europe Tour for a soccer league! Coach was congratulating everybody!

"Emma!" Yelled Matthew in an aggressive way.

"What did you do to my team behind my back?!" Again yelled Matthew.

Emma claimed that she made the team better than what he did.

"Next time you do this, you'll regret it." Threatened Matthew.

Emma didn't care of what he said cause she's happy of what type of team she is in! And she's proud of all of them!

As they were cheering, Coach called Alex to talk to him for 2 minutes.

"You guys go ahead, I'll catch up." Said Alex.

Coach apologised and claimed that Alex was right.

"Now I won't make her captain. For now... but you proved me wrong today." Said Coach.

Alex knew that there can be somebody be better than Matthew. Alex followed the team and started celebrating! Matthew was still with his friends doing whatever he wants.

The tournament starts in 5 days. Emma claimed that she is gonna do her best to make the team better than before and today! She raised her cup of Pepsi and yelled cheers with the whole team.

2 days later. Everybody said goodbye to their parents and telling their kids to do their best.

The whole team is now in the tour bus. Their first competition for their tournament is in Romania. They took the bus and went to the airport.

While the plane was flying, Emma was sitting next to Alex and one other team member who is a guy. She was in the middle. They were nervous.

And so Emma held their hands and said
"I believe in you guys. The Champions are the real champions."

They held her hands tight and hugged her.
Matthew was looking at them and he was not liking it.
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