Soccer Life

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ROMANIA: The First Competition

They finally made it to Romania. They only have 3 days left to practise and officially start the tournament.

As they all made it to a field with their outfits on, Matthew tells Emma to not mess with his team.

"You're the captain." Said Emma.

Matthew then walked away.

"Only if you act like one. Okay guys, let's do it!" Said and yelled Emma.

3 days later, the tournament has begun. They have 10 competitions against them, and this is their first one.

Everybody was so nervous. However after what Emma said in the plane, they all felt stronger.

The gates have opened. The whole team was out. Even Matthew was with them for the first time ever. The crowd is cheering.
The team were against their first competiton. It was a team from Canada called "Over The Skies".

When the game started, the team had the ball. Once again they're doing what Emma taught them but not what Matthew taught them.

As they kept kicking from one member to another, they've had it tougher this time.
A team member from Over The Skies scored a goal.

It's 5 to 3 for The Champions so far. And that was just the first round.

Emma told them to huddle up.

"Excuse me? What's this all about?" Asked Matthew.

Emma ignored him and told them to do their best and how to do it.

The game once again started and everybody is just ignoring Matthew. It was 9 to 6 on the second round.

A team member had the ball. However, Matthew took the ball from him to just score a goal. However, apperently the goalkeeper caught the ball. Over The Skies had the ball and scored a goal on The Champions.

It's 9 to 7 for The Champions once again. Emma told the team to huddle up once again. As they did, Emma tells them to just stay away from Matthew. She tells them if he gets nearby, kick the ball to their nearest team member.

The third round started and they have been doing exactly what they were told. It was 12 to 10 for The Champions. They only had 15 seconds to score another goal.

Emma had the ball, Matthew was coming straight at her. However she kicked the ball and slipped on the ground. She made the goal though. And so The Champions won with 13 to 10.

Everybody held her, and have won a trophy from Romania. Emma did twist her ankle a little bit, however she was still cheering.

Later on, they all were at the hotel celebrating. Matthew was mad and didn't bother to come to the celebration.

"You were amazing!" Said Alex.

Emma then tells Alex that everybody was amazing.

Later on, Alex helped Emma to get her into her hotel room.

"I'm gonna talk to Coach tomorrow at the airport so you can be captain." Said Alex.

Emma feeling excited hugged him and said thanks. After that, they all went to bed to get some rest.

The next day, they all went to the airport. They're still in the tournament.

They're headed to Germany now. Coach was on the phone before they entered the plane. So Alex didn't have the time to ask him if Emma could be captain.

When they were in the plane, it was night time and everybody was asleep. Everybody but Coach and Matthew.

Coach sleeps later, just to supervise everybody. Matthew is still awake, thinking of a plan to get rid of Emma. It's too late to get her off the team now.
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