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GERMANY: The Second Competition

Once they made it to Germany, the whole team immediately went to the field to practise. Matthew was there.

Emma's ankle started feeling better. So she can practise.

"Emma!" Yelled Matthew.

He threatens her that he's the captain of the team, and anything she does will be a huge regret.
Matthew then tells everybody to do it his way.

After he walks away and leaves, Emma ignores what he said and tells everybody to do the way that they have been doing.

She then asks Alex if he can talk to her for a minute. She asked him if he asked Coach for Emma to be captain.

Alex tells her that Coach has mostly been busy with phone calls, and that he's always occupied with others, so he hasn't had the chance to talk to him.

"It's cool! We can still work together at least." Said Emma.

The team practised for 2 hours and started taking an hour break.

Alex and Emma started communicating with each other more and more.

The reason that is, is because Alex was the most supportive one and the only one who tried making the team better before Emma came.
That's why it's these 2 that have interest in each other.

Matthew came and he over heard of what Alex and Emma were talking about.
He heard that Alex was gonna talk to Coach for Emma to be captain.

3 days later, the second competition started.

Matthew was there once again. And this time, he's there to prove that he's the real captain of the team.

They were against a team called "Kickin' The Ball", and they're from Peru.

For the first round, Matthew took the ball and gave it to no one. He took it to score a goal.

Once he was near it, the goalkeeper caught the ball and gave it to their own team. They scored the goal.

Emma started telling the team to not give the ball to Matthew. However Matthew yells at her to shut up.

So far The Champions have won a round with 3 to 2.

Emma was about to talk, however Matthew came and threatened them to give him the ball, otherwise they'll regret it.
He walked away and they couldn't care less.

For the second round, Matthew was ambushed on both sides. It was 5 to 4 for the Champions and only 18 seconds left.
Instead of passing the ball to his other teammates, he kicked it to score a goal. However he missed by over kicking. Once the other team had the ball, they scored a goal. It was a tie.

Coach looked at Matthew, and was feeling so disappointed in him when the second round ended.

While Coach wasn't looking, Matthew surprisingly begged Emma to give him the ball for just one time to make a goal.

Emma looks at him, and tells the team to give him the ball... however only if he's open.

Alex was feeling a bit suspicious of Matthew. That's because Matthew never begs. Alex felt that something is definitely up.

When the third round started, The Champions were ahead with only 1 point. It was 7 to 6 for The Champions.

Matthew was open. And Emma passed the ball to him. This time around, Matthew scored a goal. And The Champions have won once again, with 8 to 6.

Now they only have 8 competions left to beat. Alex was happy that they've won, however at the same time, he was feeling suspicious of Matthew. He has no idea what Matthew's up to.

The next day, they took their time to stay in Germany for a bit. They all made it to the airport at night time.

They all are in the plane now.

Everybody was asleep. Alex was sitting right next to Matthew this time.

Matthew went to front to talk to Coach. That's because Coach wanted to talk to Matthew. He tells Matthew how he should improve. Otherwise Coach is gonna choose somebody else to be captain.

Alex pretended that he was sleeping. Alex was so worried of what Matthew was up to, that he had to spy on Matthew.

Emma was sitting in the middle right of the plane, while Matthew's seat and Alex's were by her right.

While Emma was asleep, Matthew was using her phone. There was a password.

He used her finger to fingerprint to get into the phone.

He then sent a text to Coach in Emma's phone saying
"You're nothing but one lousy Coach who doesn't even deserve to be and to have the name 'Coach'."

Alex spied on Matthew. Alex was holding his phone, filming Matthew using Emma's phone while she was asleep.

He turned off his phone and pretended he was asleep again. They were on their way to Sweden.
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