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SWEDEN: The Third Competition

They've arrived. Coach turned on his phone and finally saw the message. And he was not very happy.

While the team were at the field, Coach called Emma to come. As she came, he began to yelling at her.

"You will not coach the team no more! Let Matthew do it! And if I see you coaching them, you're off the team and will be sent back to the Netherlands!" Yelled Coach at Emma.

He turned around and was about to walk away. However Emma asks him what did she do wrong and why is he yelling at her. Coach scoffed at her and walked away.

Emma was shocked and sad. She then came to the team.

"Are you okay?" Asked Alex.

Emma feeling sad tells him that she's fine.

Matthew then came and told his team to do it his way. They all looked at Emma if she's gonna say anything. However, she didn't.

Matthew tells them to start now. And so they started practising his way. Emma wasn't focused much. She was wondering why was Coach mad at her and yelled at her.

As Matthew left, everybody stopped practising and just stood still.

Emma went and sat down on the bench. Alex sat down with Emma and asked her what's really wrong. Emma didn't want her problems to spread to anybody, so she just said that she's a bit tired.

A few days later, it was the middle of the night. In the middle of the night, Emma couldn't sleep but think why would Coach be this mad at her.

"What is it that I did wrong?" Alone asked Emma.

When the tournament started, they were against a team from California. "San Disoccer" is the team's name.

During the first round, they scored 1 point, while the other team also scored 1 point. It was a tie.

It was 1 to 1 for both teams.

"Guys this is bad!" A team member said.

Matthew told him to shut his mouth.

"You guys have done nothing but acted like complete losers." Said Matthew.

Coach looked at Emma with an angry face. He was still mad at her over the message.

The second round started.

Emma had the ball. If she does the game her way, she's off the team. So, she passes the ball to Matthew for him to score the goal.

The Champions only scored 1 goal from the second round.

It was 2 to 1.

"Matthew, let's just do Emma's way!" Said Alex.

Coach then came in the discussion and told Alex no.

"Matthew is the captain. Now listen to what he does." Said Coach.

Alex was shocked. He began wondering why would Coach want Matthew to be captain, but not Emma.

The third round started.

During the game, it was still 2 to 1 for The Champions. Alex had the ball. He had an open goal and he sees Matthew yelling at him to pass it.

Alex just kicked the ball and scored the goal. The Champions won with the score of 3 to 1.

The whole crowd cheered.

Matthew came to Alex and held him by holding Alex's T-shirt.

"Next time you don't listen, you'll be in a hole where Emma is." Threatened Matthew.

Matthew walked away.

Alex was not threatened of what Matthew said. He didn't even care. He saw Emma smiling at him, and that's what he cared about.

Emma tells Alex that it was very brave of him to not listen to Matthew.

She then tells him that the goal he just scored was amazing.

"Well, you taught me." Smiled Alex.

Emma smiled back and walked away.

Alex began having a little bit of suspicion of Matthew. Because when Matthew threatened Alex, he mentioned Emma. And so Alex started having a bad feeling that it has something to do with Matthew.

Later that night, both Alex and Emma had a walk alone in the park. They started hanging out.

Alex tried getting her to talk about her problems. However, she refused.

"Its getting dark. Let's head back." Said Emma.

After that night, the whole team was at the airport.

They're all in the plane now. Alex went to sit next to Coach. Alex wanted to talk him.

He asked why is he mad at Emma.

"Go to sleep. That's none of your business." Said Coach.

"When it comes to our team, it's everybody's business." Said Alex.

"I figured she got upset from you, because when she talked to you, she hasn't been herself for the past few days." Also said Alex.

Alex then asks Coach what happened between them.

"It has something to do with Matthew, am I right?" Asked Alex.

Coach tells Alex that he's wrong. Alex tells Coach that he's the one who might be wrong instead.

Alex was about to show him proof of what Matthew has done, however Matthew came to talk to Coach.

Matthew tells Alex to beat it. And so Alex had to get back to his seat.
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