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MALTA: The Fourth Competition

They've arrived. Their next competition was in Malta.

During training session, they were still doing Matthew's way.

Alex was sitting with Emma. He tells her that she has to tell him to help her.

Emma snapped saying
"No! Look, I'm still new to the team and it's pretty obvious that Coach wouldn't want me to be the captain of the team now. Okay?"

She then got up to practice with the team.

A few days later, the competition has began. The weather was so bad. It was very windy. They were against a team from Cuba called "The Kings".

Matthew wasn't there. Alex asked Coach why Matthew isn't with them now.

Coach tells them that Matthew is a bit tired, and wasn't able to play today. However, that wasn't true. Because Matthew is just at the hotel watching TV and eating popcorn.

While the game was on, both teams couldn't focus good enough due to how windy it is.

Everytime somebody kicks the ball, the ball goes the opposite way.

The ball kept getting pulled back a bit in both ways sometimes.

During the first round The Champions won with 1 to 0. However, that's really it.

During the second round it was still 1 to 0 for The Champions. They were struggling more in Malta.

Malta isn't a country where to would be all windy. However because it's November, it turned out to be all windy for a day.

At the end of the second round, it was still 1 to 0 for The Champions.

For the third round. The wind was getting stronger. A team member tried passing the ball to another, however because of the wind, the ball couldn't make it to the other team member.

The Kings tried scoring the goal, however they missed to the right. The Champions had the ball and they scored at least one more goal.

The third round went on for 20 minutes. However at the end, The Champions won with 2 to 0.

The whole team felt tired. They went back to the hotel to sleep. It was still the afternoon, however it's best for them to go and rest anyway.

Alex woke up in the middle of the night. He turned on the TV and got something from the fridge and the freezer to eat. He began watching movies. He was watching a movie called "Ice Age". He couldn't get any sleep. He stayed up all night watching movies.

Later on, he began exploring the hotel cause he never got to explore any of the other hotels from other countries.

Everybody was still asleep. He tried again sleeping, however he couldn't.

When everybody woke up. The wind is still going crazy. Everybody ate breakfast. And unfortunately the airport has cancelled every flight due to the weather. It even started raining like crazy. So everybody just did whatever they want to do.

Alex went to Emma to see how is she doing. She still has a headache from their last match.

Emma tells Alex that she couldn't sleep all night. Alex made her hot chocolate, and gave her some medicine of his own as well.

She slept for a few of hours and, finally calmed down once she woke up. She texted Alex that she's all good now.

2 minutes later, Alex knocked on the door of her room. Emma opens the door. Alex asked if she wants to explore the hotel with him. And so they bagan exploring the hotel together.

While they were exploring, both were amazed of how great the hotel is. Emma looks at Alex and apologises for snapping at him a few days ago.

Alex tells her that it's okay.

She then finally spoke up of why she was upset. Emma told Alex of what Coach said to her.

Alex tells her that he has his suspicion on Matthew. Emma asks him why would he suspect Matthew has something to do with her and Coach.

Alex shows her the evidence of Matthew using her phone. She opened her phone. She then saw the text message.

Both were running around looking for Coach together. When they found him, they showed him the evidence.

He was in shock. He looked at them and said
"I need time to think right now."

He then walked away.

After Coach walked away to think, Alex and Emma were hanging out and exploring more. They were having fun.

As they sat down together. She put her head on his shoulder while he's holding her around. They looked at each other and they kissed.

They smiled and hugged.

"Let's keep this between us, so we won't get distracted easily and the team won't get distracted." Said Emma.

And so Alex agreed.

During next day, the wind has calmed down a bit. The rain stopped for now, and they can finally travel to Poland.

They made it to the airport and Coach was still thinking, of what he saw Matthew do to Emma.

During the flight, Alex and Emma were holding hands. They were sitting next to each other.

Matthew was looking at them, and he was not very happy. However he didn't do anything for now.
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